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Fringe - Video: "Firefly" Sneak Peek

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Fringe: "Firefly" Sneak Peek

Walter devises a way to help him think like Walternate.

Fringe moves to Friday on January 21, 2011.

Guest cast includes Rhys Williams, Olivia Cheng, Marci T. House and David Quinlan.

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Stargate Universe - Ming Na, Louis Ferreira & Lou Diamond Phillips Interview

Source: Stargate Planet [follow link for complete interview in German]

Interview was originally published in the German magazine, TV Serien Highlights #189 07-08/2010


Coffee gossip on the Destiny

A discussion with Ming well, Louis Ferreira and Lou Diamond Phillips

Source: TV series highlight 07-10
Author: Robert Vogel

[NOTE: Translated using Yahoo Babelfish]

TV SERIES HIGHLIGHTS: How did the first year for you pass?

Ming Na: Well, SG-1 ran ten years long, ATLANTIS five, said to me already at the beginning that Stargate Universe could likewise offer a good condition to spend there some years with my colleagues. There it actually is for the advantage for everyone, if one gets along with one another and fun has to divide this experience with the others.

Lou Diamond Phillips: With the shootings of a TV-series one is a long time away from the family and spends many hours per day at the set with the same people. We grew together very fast, because we have all a fundamental respect before each other as persons, independently of how we bring along much experience as actors. Everyone of us bring along also an enthusiasm for the work, which the work atmosphere does not only revalue, but also our achievement, because it comes from the heart… and that is it, which constitutes this oft-quoted "chemistry."

Louis Ferreira: Many of us have a vocational background in the theatre, and there this Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl [kinship?] develops quite fast during the time of the samples. The beautiful is here the fact that I can rely on the fact that with the rotation the crew of everything prepared exemplary, everyone of the actors its part controlled and to can contribute something interesting even if the day is perhaps tired long and one. Much time for rehearsing before the actual trick does not remain. I must worry only about the fact that I mean part control. It is a genuine reward for me, if one looks at oneself and in the total output of our group so much more finds the scene later, than in the script is located.

MN: Robert, I gives you times a practical example, how runs in such a way with us with the daily rotation: Many scenes are most dramatic, and often it concerns life-threatening situations. It that during the trick irgindwas it happens is it happened sometimes that to something broken goes, falls down or e.g. which behind one down-dripped. Because one however in the theatre - where all live runs - is trained to continue nevertheless to remain focused and to nothing your looking plaything stop has to laugh continue to make we nevertheless, until the CUT comes, and then only begin we. We are already so far the fact that we supply ourselves with quasi a competition who “in” the scene remains longest, even if actually already lengthens died...


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Stargate Universe - Tygh Runyan Interview

Source: Stargate Planet [follow link for complete interview] Interview also available in German

Interview with Tygh Runyan (Dr. Caine, SGU)

We know Tygh Runyan as "Dr. Caine" in Stargate Universe. When he presented his new movie "Road To Nowhere" at the annual Whistler Film Festival, we had the opportunity to ask him some question.

... Regarding stunt scenes, how far would you go or where would a stunt person would have to take over?

TR: I love fight scenes! I'll do everything regarding fights. I usually become good friends with the stunt coordinators on set. I think I annoy some of them though. I'm a black belt in aikido and have some mma experience, so I like to incorporate some of my own style into things. But mainly, the physicality and back-story of the character is paramount. So, if my character isn't trained in martial arts, but is a tough brawler it needs to look a certain way. Also, if I'm playing someone who doesn't know how to fight, but finds themselves in one, I want it to look messy and realistic, which can involve some risks that most stunt men aren't willing to take. For safety reasons, and because it's their job, they need it to be choreographed, but sometimes it just looks too planned out. I don't think I'd ever want to do a high fall or anything life threatening. I'll leave that stuff to the pros...


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Ice Quake - TV Talk: Brendan Fehr Audio Interview

Source: Blog Talk Radio's TV Talk

TV TALK - Brendan Fehr "Ice Quake" Audio Interview

TV news and discussion then Kenn Gold brings Brendan Fehr to the show.


Ice Quake

Premieres Saturday, December 11 at 9/8c on Syfy (US).

A Christmas vacation turns into a fight for survival.

Ice Quake repeats on Syfy on Monday, December 27 at 10:00pm.


Text interviews also available at:

Media Blvd Magazine - Brendan Fehr Stars in SyFy's Ice Quake

Right Celebrity - Brendan Fehr Ice Quake Interview

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Syfy: Christmas Eve Marathon Dec. 24 '10

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STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - Season Seven - Christmas Eve Marathon - December 24, 2010


08:00 AM Dark Page

Troi must probe her mother's psyche when a traumatic secret causes a psychic breakdown that threatens Lwaxana's life.

Guest stars include Majel Barrett, Kirsten Dunst and Amick Byram,

09:00 AM Attached

Imprisoned and telepathically joined by an alien race, Picard and Beverly are forced to face the feelings they have always had for each other.

Guest stars include Robin Gammell, Lenore Kasdorf and James Castle Stevens.

10:00 AM Force Of Nature

An alien brother and sister resort to desperate measures to prove their theory that warp drive is destroying the universe.

Guest stars include Michael Corbett, Margaret Reed and Lee Arenberg.

11:00 AM Inheritance

A routine mission to save an endangered planet brings Data face to face with a woman who claims to be his mother.

Guest stars include Fionnula Flanagan and Bill Lithgow.


12:00 PM Parallels

Returning to the Enterprise from a competition, Worf finds reality changing, and is troubled when no one else seems to notice.

Guest stars include Patti Yasutake and Mark Bramhall.

01:00 PM The Pegasus

Riker is torn when his former commander, now an admiral, orders him to hide the real purpose of a risky mission from Picard.

Guest stars include Terry O'Quinn, Nancy Vawter and Michael Mack.

02:00 PM Homeward

Worf's foster brother violates the Prime Directive in an effort to save a doomed alien race.

Guest stars include Paul Sorvino, Penny Johnson, Brian Markinson, Edward Penn and Susan T. Collins.


03:00 PM Sub Rosa

Shortly after her grandmother's death, Beverly falls under the spell of a ghost lover who has been in her family for generations.

Guest stars include Michael Keenan, Shay Duffin, Duncan Regehr and Ellen Albertini Dow.

04:00 PM Lower Decks

While enduring the Enterprise's promotion evaluation process, four junior officers find themselves involved in a top-secret mission.

Guest stars include Dan Gauthier, Shannon Fill, Alexander Enberg, Bruce Beatty, Patti Yasutake and Don Reilly.

05:00 PM Thine Own Self

Having completely lost his memory, Data is stranded on a primitive planet where the inhabitants fear he is carrying a deadly plague.

Guest stars include Ronnie Claire Edwards, Michael Rothhaar, Mike Hagerty, Andrew Benne and Richard Miro.


10:00 PM Masks

While an alien archive transforms the Enterprise into its ancient society, Data is taken over by several different personalities from the extinct civilization.

Guest stars include Rickey D'Shon Collins.

11:00 PM Eye Of The Beholder

While experiencing empathic visions after an officer's mysterious suicide, Troi becomes romantically involved with Worf.

Guest stars include Mark Rolston, Nancy Harewood, Tim Lounibos and Johanna McCloy.


12:00 AM Genesis

Picard and Data return to the Enterprise to discover that the entire crew has de-evolved into prehistoric beings.

Guest stars include Patti Yasutake, Dwight Schultz and Carlos Ferro.

01:00 AM Journey's End

Picard is forced to relocate American Indians from a planet they have settled, while a colonist causes Wesley to re-examine his future.

Guest stars include Wil Wheaton, Tom Jackson, Natalia Nogulich, Ned Romero, George Aguilar, Richard Poe, Eric Menyuk and Doug Wert.

02:00 AM Firstborn

A mysterious family friend arrives to help transform Worf's reluctant son Alexander into a warrior.

Guest stars include James Sloyan, Brian Bonsall, Gwynyth Walsh, Barbara March, Joel Swetow and Armin Shimerman.

03:00 AM Bloodlines

Picard learns that he has a son, and that the young man has been targeted for murder by an old enemy in search of revenge.

Guest stars include Ken Olandt, Lee Arenberg, Peter Marx, Amy Pietz and Michelan Sisti.

04:00 AM Emergence

The lives of the Enterprise crew are endangered when the ship suddenly develops its own intelligence.

Guest stars include David Huddleston, Vinny Argiro, Thomas Kopache and Arlee Reed.


05:00 AM Pre-emptive Strike

Ro Laren is forced to choose between her loyalty to Picard and her hatred toward Cardassia when she accepts an assignment to infiltrate the Maquis.

Guest stars include Michelle Forbes, John Franklyn-Robbins, Natalia Nogulich, William Thomas Jr., Shannon Cochran and Richard Poe.

The Vampire Diaries - Video: "Wolf" Extended Trailer

Source: The CW You Tube channel

The Vampire Diaries - Wolf Extended Trailer

Check out an extended preview of the next all new episode of The Vampire Diaries! Thursday, Jan. 27!

Emily Deschanel - Bones: Starry Constellation Magazine: Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]



by: Lisa Steinberg


... Q. Now, playing this character for as long as you have, does anything about her still surprise you?

E. Deschanel: Yes, yes. I think I was surprised as she started to open up more. What I just love, this was a couple of seasons ago, but there was a scene where she asked Sweets to help her learn facial expressions because she’s kind
almost on the autistic spectrum, almost Aspbergery—not quite, but has some characteristics that fit into that. She doesn’t really understand how to read peoples’ emotions. I just love that she recognized that she didn’t know how to do this and she wanted to get better at it. I just love that.

I loved the Jersey Shore episode. That surprised me just how much Brennan had studied this culture of the guidos and how seriously she took it. In a way, things surprise me and in a way, things don’t. Because of course, she studied these guidos. Of course, she takes it very seriously as an anthropological study. She’s going to throw a guy the crab, doing a body building pose to scare someone away. It’s a lot of fun.

Supernatural - Video: Preview of January 2011 Episodes

Souce: CW Supernatural TwitVid

Supernatural - January Preview

EDIT: Jan 27: NOTE: This episode has been rescheduled to air on Friday, February 4, 2011

Save yourself for new episodes. Supernatural returns Friday, February 4, 2011!

Amanda Tapping | Sanctuary - Video: "The Hollow Men" Sneak Peek

Source: Syfy

The Hollow Men - Sneak Peek - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming mid-season finale of Sanctuary! This Friday at 10/9C!

Guest stars include Polly Walker, Ian Tracey and Jonathon Young.

For information on the December 17 marathon please click here.

Source: You Tube