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Haven - Haven Writers Answer Questions on Season Two (and More)

Source: havensam (Sam Ernst - Haven's creator)

Haven July 15

HAVEN - Haven Writers Answer Questions on Season Two (and More)

Haven season two premieres on Syfy on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10/9C

@queensally19 "and here I thought the only way to fit in here was to squint a lot and leave out half my words."

havensam @queensally19 :) I wrote that because, a) it's true, and B) it was my way of giving Lucas Bryant a little grief, which is always fun.


havensam RT @irisblackburn:How many people are on the #Haven writing staff? A)7. busy every second too.

havensam RT @thetelevixen: @katelinnea The #Haven opening music makes me want to teleport to Nova Scotia! A)THANKS to Andre fratto!

havensam RT @kriziag: Any chance Audrey will discover that Nathan can feel her touch this season? A) she did in last year's finale.

havensam RT @firko Are there rules to the powers of the 'troubled'? A) yes. Jim and I agree, But we talk about them in the writers room.

havensam RT @ChristinaDOlsen Haven is a sea side town. Any mermaids appearing soon?A) no, but check out episode 7. You'll see what I mean... :)

havensam RT @mjay931979 Will This season explain more of the past? A) tons more than last season.

havensam RT @SenorGranados Q: When do you feel you've broken a story correctly?A) sometimes right away, or when drafting. Usually get a feeling

havensam RT @blueduranie I'm dying to know why Nathan knew the money was counterfeit by feeling it.A) he didn't. Hope it didn't look that way.

havensam RT @wolfgalchazz would you let a fan write an episode? A)wish I could, but it's too complicated. Plus, we like writing them! Mostly.

havensam RT @coryBasil When does the next season start? July 15 (all day marathon that day too.)

havensam RT @GaryHauger Is this all going to be revealed as a twisted gov't time travel experiment? A) No way! Total cop out.

havensam RT @twr0110 Q)will there be anymore revelations from the past concerning the characters. A)Huge revelations,starting with 1st episode.

havensam RT @CherylHeuton No question, just best wishes. So happy for you. Thanks!

havensam RT @ajinnashville will everyone from last season be back this summer? And how long is show signed on for? A) not saying, and 13 eps.

havensam RT @sherama9260 Enjoying the show, most classic Stephen King. Where do you film the on-location spots? A) thanks, nova scotia.

havensam RT @snarkylicious Will things get creepier? and the romance? A) yes, a lot creepier.and yes, duke and Nathan will make out a lot.


havensam RT @TheSamWicked will the show actually have an ending? A) Jim and I know the last scene of the series, hopefully in 2017.

havensam RT @rocza @ Will you guys be doing live chats w/us during showtime/after, again? A) I want to do live tweeting this year.

havensam RT @ThUrbanNinja : How do you guys come up with the "troubled" afflictions? A) smoked pot in college. lots.

havensam RT @debsnm Is Stephen King involved at all in the production?A) not directly, but I'm told he watches.

havensam RT @cjducky Did the writers put the Stephen King references in the main credits (Reverend Flagg)? A) we did. We loves our SK refs!

havensam RT @Ax_20 will the coming season move more into the bigger mythology or more procedural? A)Both, but more mythology this year.

havensam RT @silkysoul Will viewers learn how Audrey's boss is tied to "The Troubles" in Haven this season? A) he is in first episode, 201.

havensam RT @Galahir950 what was your favorite project? A) Haven so far, but plenty more brewing....

havensam RT @greenleo1 Will we be seeing some Nathan and Audrey romance soon? :) A) huge reveal about that this season.


havensam RT @badbackbig #Haven who is playing the other Audrey Parker? A) the awesome Kathleen Munroe

havensam RT @JacquiLFidlar Love Haven! Will the 'Chief' be back - in some form? A) I can neither confirm nor deny....:)

havensam RT @WaddyisOsvaldo which character causes the most disagreement about which direction to take? A) We already know where they're going.

havensam RT @nancye_2000 what can we expect for Nathan this season? he's my fave! A) Nathan probably wouldn't get out of bed if he knew...

havensam RT @jennyjib any resolutions this season from last year? A) tons. Hate it when scifi shows don't have answers just more questions.

havensam RT @Lenscapper1 Is @ERICBALFOUR as sweet in person as he is online? A)Yes. just as passionate, too. No BS. See him at comic con.

havensam RT @girlygirl1714 is Jason Priestley going to b in the first episode of season 2? A) no, a few in. Directing ep nine, too

havensam RT @chrisfortin42 is edge going to be a regular on the show?A) Not initially, but he's so good we wrote a part for him. Serious.

havensam RT @RatedRAngel1 What can you tell us about the old friend of Nathan's shows up in season two? A)Who? You know something I don't?

havensam RT @starcharming #Haven Any notable guests joining Haven This season? a) Jason priestly. Edge. Christian de la Fuente. Loads more.

havensam RT @FidelisMaximus @ERICBALFOUR " How would u describe Haven in a nutshell? A) X-Files meets Northern Exposure. What I hope for, anyway.

havensam RT @menuki How long does it take to write one episode? Will the Chief be back? A) depends on notes, but roughly 4 weeks. chief?;)

havensam RT @LiljasLibrary Any good King references this season? A) yes, very first minute.

havensam RT @LiljasLibrary Can you come to Sweden to promote the show? A) Absolutely, just need an invite and ticket or two.

havensam RT @Hawaiianpixie will we learn more about Duke's past? a) Duke's past is a big issue this year. For us and him. Get ready.

havensam RT @perrantai Is there anything in Season 1 that you wished you could do over? A)Would have revealed more earlier. Other stuff too.

havensam RT @Aunty_Chr1st what exactly is coming out of the sprinkler when it is spraying blood on the ppl? A) lots of digital effects on Haven

havensam RT @Gwynyvyr I would love to see a 2 hour episode for the opener of the season. A) actually tried it last year, didn't work.

havensam RT @vanlj Okay serious question now. Why is Haven so freakin' awesome?! A) passionate, dedicated fans. And Emily, Lucas and Eric.


havensam RT @ryan_curtis are those ghosts in windows of hotel in opening credits? A) opening credits are full of stuff. Sorry, a non answer.

havensam RT @twr0110 Q) will we see Audrey learn more about her past and connections to the town A) absolutely. one of e main questions.

havensam RT @notmydayjob Can all the kings horses and men put the Chief back together again? A)wouldn't need them if we did. we have writers :)

havensam RT @cheezitrain How will the Christmas episode work within the timeline? A) it'll be stand alone, out of time.

havensam RT @Janeen_FluffyJ Does Duke have a 'trouble' secret he's hiding from the others? A)duke has lots of secrets. Ok, I officially suck.

havensam RT @ImThinkingOnIt With shows like #TerraNova, you scared about losing viewership? A)always, but only care about fri at 10pm.

havensam RT @Emalyth #Haven #TeamAudreyDuke here - pls say we get more of them together this season :) A) duke is in every ep this year.

havensam RT @ilionblaze Will Nathan and Duke be making any trips to New York? A) they don't hang much without Audrey around. Yet.

havensam RT @FictionAddictn Enjoyed Dukes almost-full Monty last season. Any chance of a repeat? A) if it was up to Eric, yes. He ain't shy.

havensam RT @trevorjjones i posted a discussion on fb about season three and you havent replied on it yet. A) illl get back on Facebook soon.

havensam RT @LuvJonasBJasonDdo you know when 2nd season of Haven will be premiered in Asia?? I love it so much! A) sorry, I don't. No one does, yet.

havensam RT @KiddDizz Q:) how would one go about getting hired to write on such an amazing show? A) write 50 scripts.Toss in garbage. Repeat

havensam RT @Norlinda Are there people in Haven who aren't Troubled? A) sure, most people. It's regular town, except for the troubled.

Looks like Jim [Dunn] and I will be joining Eric Balfour at Comic Con this year. Screening, signings, hanging out. Hope to see you there!

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - InnerSPACE: Damian Kindler Video - 'Into The Black' Discussion

Source: You Tube


SANCTUARY - INNERSPACE: Damian Kindler Video - 'Into The Black' Discussion

InnerSpace is on the move! The guys from InnerSpace talk about each episode of Sanctuary after it airs, giving us some really cool things to know about. The InnerSpace guys talk about about what they liked about Into The Black, how it was very interesting to see the season end on such high stakes for everyone not just the Sanctuary team, but for the whole world as well. They talk about several elements of the episode, how this episode could effect next season or possibly, the rest of the series. Damian talks about the big finale of this season is much bigger than last seasons finale, and little hints as to how the team will get out of this latest situation. ;) Also, the guys give great feedback from fans on what where they'd like to see the story of the team go next season. ;)

Every week InnerSpace hosts Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson will follow each episode of Sanctuary after it airs on the Space channel. They'll be chatting about the making of the series, including in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - John Barrowman Video Interview


Torchwood Miracle Day July 11

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - TV.COM: John Barrowman Video Interview

John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) talks about filming in America, why he loves Miracle Day...

Torchwood airs in the U.S. July 8th on Starz.

Being Human - My San Antonio: Sam Witwer Interview

Source: My San Antonio [follow link for complete interview]

Being Human

MY SAN ANTONIO: Texas Comicon preview: Sam Witwer is the luckiest geek star on the planet

by René A. Guzman

Sure, Sam Witwer owes plenty of his career to the Force. After all, he is the face and voice of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games. And he’s voiced what’s practically the very embodiment of the dark side as the evil Son in the Mortis trilogy story from last season’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And he’ll return to the animated series next season in an as yet undisclosed role.

But Witwer has the Force of luck on his side, too. That luck, and of course talent, has helped him land not only his animated place in the Star Wars franchise but also some plum live-action roles, too — most recently that of the vampire nurse Aidan on Syfy’s Being Human.

A lot of things that I’ve only dreamed of happening have been happening to me recently,” says Witwer, 33. “So I’ve just been having a hell of a lot of fun...

Sam Witwer is a guest at Texas Comicon 2011, scheduled for June 24-26, 2011, at the San Antonio Event Center, San Antonio, Texas. Other media guests include Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner, Superman's Margo Kidder and The Walking Dead's Anthony Guajardo.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video Featurette: Starz Studios

Source: Daily Motion

Torchwood Miracle Day July 11

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - Starz Video Featurette: Starz Studios

Starz Studios takes you behind the scenes as the cast talks about the latest original series by Starz, 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'.

Torchwood airs in the U.S. July 8th on Starz.

Starz Studios - Torchwood by pfyrestorm

Warehouse 13 - SciFi and TV Talk: Jack Kenny Interview

Source: SciFi and TV Talk [follow link for complete interview]

Warehouse 13 July 11

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Warehouse 13 Executive Producer & Show Runner Jack Kenny Talks About Season Three

by Steve Eramo

It is a hot, hazy and humid day in suburban Toronto, and the cast and crew of Warehouse 13 are on-location at a two-story apartment complex working on the upcoming third season episode Shadows. In one of the scenes being shot this afternoon, two of our heroes have arrived at the block of flats to check out a mysterious disappearance. Not too far away at what is nicknamed “The Circus,” a small group of people, among them series executive producer/show runner Jack Kenny, are sitting under a large black tarp and watching a trio of monitors as the scene unfolds in front of the camera. Despite today’s warm and sticky conditions, this episode has, in fact, been a bit of a respite filming-wise for the show’s cast and crew.

This is an easy one,” notes Kenny, during a break in filming. “I mean, it’s shockingly easy, including the special effects {SFX], which are relatively straightforward, so we’ll be able to shoot this episode in eight days for a change.

If you include the third season premiere, we’ve had four ‘killer’ episodes so far this year. The premiere is always a killer, though, because we fit a ton into it and everyone is getting back on their feet and so forth. There’s a story this season that takes place in three time periods – the 1890s, the 60s and the current day. That was tough just from a production standpoint. We did another episode where Pete and Claudia get pulled into a video game and that kept us really busy. We also did an episode – it’s sort of our Die Hard one – where all this stuff is going on inside a building, and there’s a big chase, too. That was another very challenging story to shoot..."

Warehouse 13 premieres on a new night, Monday, July 11 at 9/8C on Syfy.