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Lost Girl - Paranormal Pop Culture: Anna Silk and Ksenio Solo Audio Interview

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Lost Girl Monday

PARANORMAL POP CULTURE: 'Lost Girl' actresses open up about show's same-sex love triangle

The dark fantasy fae soap Lost Girl has become a fairy tale hit since Syfy imported the series from Canadian network Showcase. Beginning with its U.S. debut on Jan. 16, the show picked up about 1.5 million total viewer, and experienced a 14 percent growth the following week. But in addition to the impressive numbers the show has been pulling, Lost Girl is notable for how it handles the issue of same-sex relationships.

... Paranormal Pop Culture recently discussed the topic with [Anna] Silk and [Ksenia] Solo, as well as discussing how life has changed for them since the show has aired in the U.S., and about the type of fans "Lost Girl" attracts.

Lost Girl - Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, 1-25-2012 by ParanormalPopCulture

Lost Girl airs Monday at 10/9C on Syfy.


Being Human - Paranormal Pop Culture: Kristen Hager Interview

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Being Human Season 2 Monday

PARANORMAL POP CULTURE: Kristen Hager talks non-monstrous job of 'Being Human'

by Aaron Sagers

So you think transforming into a werewolf is ugly business? Try joining a new series as a recurring love interest/lycanthropic character originated by another actor on the British source material. As if that's not quite enough of a challenge for an actor, add in the fact that the showrunners for this re-imagined series plan to go in a completely different direction than the original show, and your character could get a silver bullet in any episode.

Still, as tough as that seems, Kristen Hager isn't concerned. Already an accomplished actor with film and TV credits including I'm Not There, AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem, Wanted and the MTV vampire show Valemont, Hager is loving her new digs on the Syfy network's Being Human - werewolf changes, threat-of-death and all. Though she hasn't quite moved in and begun paying rent on the house of werewolf boyfriend Josh (Sam Huntington), vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer) and ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath), she is the show's fourth roommate as nurse Nora.

Similar to actress Sinead Keenan, Hager's counterpart on the British version of the show, Hager plays Nina as a suffer-no-fools smart-ass who manages to fit in with the menagerie of monsters quite well as a formidable foil. But Hager ups the level of sexy toughness with Nora, and her character arc in Season Two appears to focus on her anger and reluctance to join the crowd of the cursed - while also dealing with the joys of a supernatural pregnancy.

Paranormal Pop Culture caught up with Hager to talk about her role as Nora and joining the trio of actors for a second season filled with beastly action, as well as how she has managed to spend so much time in the paranormal world with aliens, zombies and cute vampires...


Kristen Hager as Nora from Being Human's 'All Out of Blood,' photo courtesy of Syfy

... PPC: With Sam Huntington, he can tear off his shirt and then kinda do the incredible hulk thing and writhe on the ground. But you, as a woman on TV, have to cover things up a little bit more. So whose transformation is more difficult?

Kristen Hager: "The best man, Sam, hands down. He wins because of the fact that you can't really have me busting out of my shirt or ripping my shirt off all of the sudden, so even though I literally spent four hours with a prosthetic - with the prosthetic people ahead of time doing all the casting - I actually have the chest cast, and the back, and the face, etc. but because it's less exciting without my clothes ripping off, I really didn't have to wear as many of the prosthetic pieces as I got made. So he has it worse than me because he had to spend hours and hours and hours. Whereas I just really had cheeks, claws, and then the dots on my face when they do the CGI. That was pretty much the extent. I don't even know if I'm allowed to be saying this, but that's the extent of my transformation - which is great for me, but a lot of waking up in the nude in the forest. They definitely compensated by there being many, many wake-ups [after changing back]. Which is something they can show because you can place appropriate leaves in appropriate places..."

Being Human season two airs Monday at 9/8C on Syfy.

Castle - i am Rogue: Exclusive Tamala Jones Interview

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I AM ROGUE: EXCLUSIVE: Actress Tamala Jones Talks 'Castle'

by Dana Feldman
Sunday, 05 February 2012

ABC’s Castle keeps getting it right by constantly keeping it fresh and [last] week’s ... film noir episode that takes us back in a time machine to the 1940’s is no exception. Entitled The Blue Butterfly, fans get to follow novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), as they investigate the killing of a treasure hunter. In true Castle-style, there is an ominous twist when they discover that the current case is linked to a mysterious homicide from 1947 that involved a hard-nosed private detective. Of course with Castle on the case, all involved are lured into his theory that the only way in which to solve this present-day murder is to solve the mystery from the past. Through stylized flashbacks with Castle as the private eye and Beckett as a femme fatale, the 1947 case is resurrected...


Cast member Tamala Jones (Medical Examiner, Lanie Parish) speaks about her character’s 1947 alter-ego as well as this most special of episodes that she is calling her all-time favorite.

We had the best time ever making this one! This is my personal favorite and everyone is just going to love it!” Excited that Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural, The Closer) is guest starring as Tom Dempsey, she says of his performance, “He plays a mean gangster that owns the nightclub that my character, Betsy, sings in...

... When asked where she would like to see her character’s story go, her reply, “I want to see Lanie and Esposito get back together. Thankfully, things were left open between the two of them.” Wanting to further delve into her character, she questions Lanie’s back story, “Why is she so closed off and why doesn’t she want to marry Esposito?” So will they get back together? “I don’t know! [writer] Andrew [Marlowe] keeps everything a secret!

Castle airs Monday at 10/9C on ABC.

Torchwood - Cult Box: Eve Myles Interview

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by Will Martin
Thursday, 26 January 2012

Welsh actress Eve Myles returns to the stage next month alongside Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State) in his new play, All New People.

Last seen in BBC One’s Torchwood: Miracle Day, Myles stars as Emma in the play, which opens at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London on 22nd February.

Before arriving in London for 10 weeks, audiences in Manchester and Glasgow can see the play at the Manchester Opera House between 8–11 February and the King’s Theatre in Glasgow between 14–18 February.

CultBox caught up with Eve for a chat...


... Q: With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming up next year, would you be up for returning as Gwen for that?

Eve Myles: "Um, I said something at one of these conventions and the press kinda jumped on it: “EVE MYLES THINKS BEING INVOLVED IN THE 50TH ANNINVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO IS INAPPROPRIATE.”

"Now, this has come across wrong and I want to get this out that I didn’t mean it like that! What I meant was that the direction we were taking with Torchwood was very violent kind of storylines. The characters were going through certain narratives that are pretty hefty and adult. What I meant was that it’s difficult for a character to do those kind of scenes then do Doctor Who, which my niece and my nephews watch. And I would never let them watch Torchwood!

"It’s a difficult crossover. It works with Captain Jack because John does it beautifully. If I was asked it would be an absolute honour to be involved with something as huge as Doctor Who again.

"We were born from Doctor Who and we will be eternally grateful to the mothership. And I always say that and that never gets printed! If I was involved, I’m sure it’d be a wonderful thing but there’s been no phone call or no talk about it so I doubt very much that I will be involved, but I’d be honoured...

Eureka - The Indianapolis Star: Trevor Jackson Interview

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Eureka 2012

EUREKA - THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR: Former resident Trevor Jackson takes a shine to performing

Feb. 12, 2012
by Keianna Rae Harrison

When he was 3, Trevor Jackson couldn't understand why other little kids were on TV and he wasn't. So his mom, Cam Baxter, enrolled him in tumbling and tap-dancing classes, which ultimately paved the way for a professional acting career.

Now 15, his credits include appearances on "Cold Case" and "Harry's Law," and a role as young Simba in the touring Broadway musical "The Lion King."

In June, Trevor will star in "Let It Shine," an original television musical airing on the Disney Channel. He plays Kris McDuffy, who enters a songwriting contest with his best friend...


Colin Ferguson and Trevor Jackson from Eureka's 'Up in the Air,' photo courtesy of Syfy

... Trevor Jackson: "My older brother is my role model. He plays basketball for Trine University in Angola (Ind.). I also look up to my dad and godfather. They have each taught me how to be a man in their own ways. They always share pointers and give guidance...."

... Trevor Jackson: Where you've seen him:

... * A recurring role as Kevin Blake on the Syfy series "Eureka." The last season airs this year.

Up next:

* Acting in "A Beautiful Soul," an upcoming spiritual drama directed by Jeffrey W. Byrd.

* Starring as Kris McDuffy on "Let It Shine," an original musical/teen romance premiering in June on the Disney Channel.

Grimm - SciFi and TV Talk: Russell Hornsby Interview

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Grimm 2

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Partner in Crime: Interview with Grimm's Russell Hornsby

by Steve Eramo

When it comes to playing TV cops, Russell Hornsby definitely has what it takes, and then some. In addition to his role of police officer Eddie Sutton in Lincoln Heights, he also starred opposite Matthew Fox as Officer Marcus Bradshaw in the 2002 short-lived UPN supernatural show Haunted. Nowadays, the actor is once again policing the streets, this time in Portland, Oregon, as Hank Griffin in the hit NBC fantasy drama Grimm. His character is partners with police homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, and together the two investigate crimes of a somewhat unusual nature.

Nick is especially well-suited for the task at hand, given that he is descended from the “Grimms,” a group of hunters who over the centuries have kept humans safe from supernatural creatures living amongst them. For Hornsby, it was the combination of the real and fantasy worlds that first attracted him to the show.

I love procedurals and playing police officers,” notes the actor. “One of my favorite shows of all-time is Homicide: Life on the Street, and the idea of taking something like that and marrying it with a fairytale interested me. I wasn’t necessarily a Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel fan in their heyday, but I was always a fan of movies like The Wizard of Oz and books like Alice in Wonderland and just the whole idea of being young at heart. I also love the sheer imagination of the worlds that such movies and books create. Grimm is very much a fairytale and the magic really is in the storytelling..."


... At the time of this interview (February 1st), Hornsby had just finished shooting a Grimm episode that should appeal to his fans and Hank Griffin fans alike. “It’s a nice love story for Hank, and just for the sake of argument I’ll call it Spell Number Seven,” reveals the actor. “I think it’ll be a fun one for the audience. Other than that, I honestly don’t know what else is in store for my character this season. I think the writers are still trying to figure out how to keep Hank in the game as well as interesting and, above all, believable. I look forward to seeing what they come up with,” enthuses Hornsby...

Grimm airs Friday at 9/8C on NBC.

Supernatural - Video: 'Repo Man' Sneak Peek Airs Feb 17 '12

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Supernatural 5


Four years ago, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) helped a woman named Nora (guest star Nicole Oliver) exorcise a demon that was systematically killing women in a small town. They managed to save the postal worker, Jeffrey (guest star Russell Sams), while vanquishing the demon but now it seems the black-eyed monster has reared his ugly head and returned for a second helping. The brothers visit Jeffrey, who has been locked in a psych ward since the incident, to see if he can remember any of the demon's plans while he was possessed.

Guest stars include Russell Sams, Nicole Oliver, Mark Pellegrino and Jeffrey Ballard.

Once Upon A Time - Huff Post TV: What's On TV Feb 12 '12 - ABC 8/7C

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Once Upon A Time 4


by Laura Prudom
02/ 5/2012

... "Once Upon a Time"

(8 p.m. EST on ABC)

The fantasy drama takes on the story of "Beauty and the Beast." After Mr. Gold's house is robbed, Emma keeps a close eye on him when it looks like he wants to track down the criminal and dole out some vigilante justice as payback, and Valentine's Day finds Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley (guest star Jessy Schram) having a girls' night out. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Belle (guest star Emilie de Ravin) agrees to a fateful deal to give up her freedom in order to save her town from the horrors of the Ogre war.

The Vampire Diaries - CW Video: 'All My Children' Sneak Peek Airs Feb 16 '12

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Vampire Diaries


How will the Salvatore brothers decide who's responsible for Elena? You can't miss The Vampire Diaries, all new Thursday 8/7c.

Elena learns about a startling indiscretion by Damon. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Abby take part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature; and Elijah gives Damon and Stefan a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger.

Guest stars include Daniel Gillies, Persia White, Torrey DeVitto, Claire Holt, and Alice Evans.

Once Upon A Time - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Feb 12 '12 - ABC 8/7C

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Once Upon A Time 3


... Once Upon a Time

8:00 PM, ABC

Mr. Gold's (Robert Carlyle) house is robbed, and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is concerned that he might take the law into his own hands. Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley (Ginnifer Goodwin, Meghan Ory, Jessy Schram) celebrate Valentine's Day with a girls night out. In the fairy-tale realm, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) agrees to give up her freedom to save her town in the new episode "Skin Deep." Lana Parrilla also stars.

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Video: French Season 3 Finale Trailer

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Sanctuary Generic


Sanctuary Season 3: Final Wednesday February 15 with 20:35 On NRJ12 (BA)