Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hollywood Treasure - Video: Joe Maddalena Interview - Original Disney Haunted Mansion portrait

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Auction interview Hollywood Treasure's Joe Maddalena: Original Disney Haunted Mansion portrait

CEO and President of auction house Profiles in History, Joe Maddalena, recently did a series of interview presentations previewing some very special Hollywood Treasures (Joe also hosts the hit SyFy show, Hollywood Treasure, Wed at 10/9c, 10:30/9:30c), to be auctioned at his December Hollywood Auction #43 to be held @December 17 &18 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Merlin - Season 3 Premiere on Syfy (US) Jan 7 '11 - Season 2 Marathon

Source: Syfy


The Merlin season 1 marathon that had been scheduled for December 13 has been cancelled by Syfy.

Merlin's cast includes Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Arthur, Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Angel Coulby as Gwen, Katie McGrath as Morgana and John Hurt as the voice of The Dragon.

Prior to the premiere, there will be a season two mini-marathon from 8:30am through 4:30pm:


08:30 AM Beauty And The Beast - Part 1

Uther is besotted by Lady Catrina (Sarah Parish), who claims to be the lone survivor of a destroyed city but, in reality, is a filthy troll up to no good.

Guest stars include Sarah Parish, Rhys Rusbatch and Michael Cronin.


09:30 AM Beauty And The Beast - Part 2

Merlin spies on the troll and steals the potion she uses to make her resemble Catrina, replacing it with a fake one made by Gaius. Consequently she turns back into a troll, in view of everybody, but Pendragon, still bewitched by her, fails to see this.

Guest stars include Sarah Parish, Adam Godley, Rupert Young, Rhys Rusbatch, Brian Peck and Michael Cronin.


10:30 AM The Witchfinder

Uther arranges for a dreaded witchfinder (Charles Dance) to root out witches in Camelot.

Guest stars include Victoria Finney, Charles Dance, Kate Foster-Barnes, Amanda Fairbank-Hynes, Samara MacLaren, Rupert Young and David Sterne.


11:30 AM The Sins Of The Father

Arthur is challenged to a duel by a mysterious warrior, an event that leads the prince and Merlin on a trek that unveils a secret that could lead to the end of Camelot.

Guest stars include Emilia Fox, Michael Cronin, Alice Patten, Rhys Rusbatch and Rupert Young.


12:30 PM The Lady Of The Lake

Merlin rescues a beautiful druid girl from a bounty hunter and hides her in the tunnels beneath Camelot.

Guest stars include Richard Ridings and Laura Donnelly.


01:30 PM Sweet Dreams

Camelot hosts a peace conference that one attendee, King Alined, hopes to use to spur hostilities between kings Uther and Olaf by having his jester cast a spell that causes Arthur to fall for Olaf's daughter, which doesn't sit well with Olaf.

Guest stars include David Schofield, Kevin Eldon, Mark Lewis Jones and Georgia Moffett.


02:30 PM The Witch's Quickening

A ruthless warlock and the druid boy Mordred ask Morgana for help in stealing a magical relic from the vaults of Camelot.

Guest stars include Jonathan Bryan, Joseph Mawle, Emily Beecham and Asa Butterfield.


03:30 PM The Fires Of Idirsholas

In an effort to end Uther's reign, the sorcerer Morgause revives the formidable Knights of Medhir and convinces her half sister Morgana to cast a sleeping spell on the people of Camelot.

Guest stars include Emilia Fox, Jem Wall and Rupert Young.


04:30 PM The Last Dragonlord

In the Season 2 finale, the freed dragon attacks Camelot with a fury that cannot be defeated except by a dragonlord, all but one of whom were killed years earlier at Uther's behest. So Merlin and Arthur set out to locate the last dragonlord (John Lynch), who holds the key not only to the kingdom's future but to Merlin's past.

Guest stars include Rupert Young, Jonathan Coyne, Alexander Delamere and John Lynch.


Merlin Season 3 premieres on Friday, January 7, 2011 at 10pm.

Warehouse 13 - Video: Saul Rubinek Interview on Holiday Special

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'Warehouse 13' Star Reveals Holiday Special

Actor Saul Rubinek talks about his and guest star Judd Hirsch's storyline in a 'Warehouse 13' holiday special that airs Tues., Dec. 7 on Syfy.

Episode repeats on Syfy:

Dec 21 01:00 AM
Dec 21 08:00 AM
Dec 24 04:30 AM
Dec 24 07:00 PM

Star Trek: Video Clip - "Patterns of Force" - Kirk and Spock Escape

Source: CBS

Star Trek - Kirk and Spock Escape

Spock fashions a crude laser which he uses to cut the lock off the cell he and Kirk are imprisoned in (Patterns of Force)

Haven - Sky 1: Lucas Bryant Video Interview

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Lucas Bryant Interview: Haven