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Being Human (Syfy) - Season One Repeats August 2011 Schedule

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Being Human 2012


Season one cast includes Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington, Gianpaolo Venuta, Mark Pellegrino, Vincent Leclerc and Sarah Allen.


Aug 6 01:00 AM Wouldn't It Be Nice (if We Were Human)

Josh befriends a werewolf who doesn't like vampires; Rebecca seeks out Aidan's help to evade the vampire clan; Sally learns a new trick.

Guest stars include Andreas Apergis, Kristen Hager, Angela Galuppo and Dalia Marom.

Watch a clip from Episode 104 'Wouldn't it Be Nice (If We Were Human)'.


Aug 9 03:00 AM The End Of The World As We Knew It
Aug 13 01:00 AM The End Of The World As We Knew It

A dead patient wakes up in the hospital's morgue; Aidan tells Ray he has to leave; Sally has a disturbing flashback about Danny; Josh and Ray transform together.

Guest stars include Sarah Allen and Gianpaolo Venuta.

Watch a clip from Episode 105 'The End of the World As We Knew It'.


Aug 16 03:00 AM It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong
Aug 20 01:00 AM It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong

Rebecca shoots a grisly video in a seedy motel room; Danny parts with Sally's ring; Josh schedules a date with a nurse; Sally has a revenge fantasy.

Guest stars include Gianpaolo Venuta.

Watch a clip from Episode 106 'It Takes Two To Make a Thing Go Wrong'.


Aug 23 03:00 AM I See Your True Colors . . . And That's Why I Hate You
Aug 27 01:00 AM I See Your True Colors . . . And That's Why I Hate You

Emily and Josh return to their parents' house; Aidan confronts Bishop over the attack on Emily; Sally tries to reach out to Bridget.

Guest stars include Vincent Leclerc, Gianpaolo Venuta and Angela Galuppo.

Watch a clip from Episode 107 'I See Your True Colors...And That's Why I Hate You'.


Aug 30 03:00 AM Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things

Sally meets some ghosts in an old, vacant part of the hospital; Aidan helps a boy who's being bullied; Nora and Josh continue their awkward courtship; Rebecca resurfaces.

Guest stars include Kristen Hager, Cindy Sampson and Jason Spevack.

Watch a clip from Episode 108 'Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things'.

Eureka - Syfy Video Featurette: 'Stunts-A-Palooza' with Neil Grayston

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Eureka season 4.5

EUREKA - SYFY VIDEO FEATURETTE: 'Stunts-A-Palooza' with Neil Grayston

Neil hangs around set, literally, to show you what it takes to pull off a stunt on "Eureka."

Jewel Staite - 'Doomsday Prophecy' Airs Aug 13 '11 on Syfy

Premiering on Syfy on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 9/8C, "Doomsday Prophecy," starring Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite.

Doomsday Prophecy Syfy

"Doomsday Prophecy" - Airs on Syfy Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 9/8C

An archaeologist and a book editor try to save the world from a looming geological nightmare.

When a sudden rash of worldwide geological disturbances threatens the planet, a desperate search begins for a vanished author who is believed to hold the key in predicting future disasters. But the author is soon discovered dead and in his possession is an ancient Divining Rod - a device that bestows visions of the future upon those who hold it

As the Divining Rod paints a bleak vision for Earth’s future, it’s a race against time to find the whereabouts of ancient devices that can counteract the devastating geological disturbances that are literally splitting the planet apart...

Cast includes Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite, A.J. Buckley, Gordon Tootoosis, Fernando Lara, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Rick Ravanello, David Richmond-Peck, Bruce Ramsay, Hiro Kanagawa, Jerry Wasserman, Phillip Mitchell, Roseanne Supernault and Alan Dale.

Syfy: Fantasy Flicks Marathon Sunday, Aug 7 '11

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09:30 AM Witchville

A prince returns home and finds that his father is dead and the kingdom has been overrun by witches.

Cast includes Luke Goss, Ed Speleers, Andrew Pleavin, Simon Thorp, Sarah Douglas, MyAnna Buring and Ian Virgo.


11:30 AM Dragon Sword

A knight returning from the Crusades takes on a dragon and becomes a legend.

Cast includes James Purefoy, Patrick Swayze, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bill Treacher and Covert Affair's Piper Perabo.

Fire and Ice

01:30 PM Fire And Ice

An ice dragon is summoned to save a kingdom from a fire dragon in this fantasy tale.

Cast includes Amy Acker, Tom Wisdom, John Rhys-Davies, Arnold Vosloo, Razvan Vasilescu, Oana Pellea, Cabral Ibacka and Ovidiu Niculescu.


03:30 PM Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath Of The Dragon God

Five heroic individuals attempt to halt the rise to power of a dragon god and an evil sorcerer.

Cast includes Bruce Payne, Mark Dymond, Clemency Burton-Hill, Ellie Chidzey, Tim Stern, Steven Elder and Lucy Gaskell.


06:00 PM Age of the Dragons

Danny Glover stars as an obsessed Ahab who seeks revenge on the fire-breathing dragon that killed his family and left him horribly scarred in this re-imagining of the classic novel "Moby Dick."

Cast includes Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Corey Sevier, Sofia Pernas, Larry Bagby, Kepa Kruse and David Morgan.

You Cannot Leave - Age of Dragons

Watch a sneak peek from the Syfy Original Movie "Age of Dragons."


08:00 PM Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves

Kevin Costner plays Sherwood Forest's straight arrow, battling the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman).

Cast includes Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, Geraldine McEwan, Michael McShane, Brian Blessed and Michael Wincott.

Beyond Sherwood

11:00 PM Beyond Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood (Robin Dunne) must find a cure for a woman cursed to turn into a murderous beast during the daytime, as well as keep Maid Marian (Erica Durance) safe from harm.

Cast includes Sanctuary's Robin Dunne, Smallville's Erica Durance, Julian Sands, Katharine Isabelle, Mark Gibbon, Cainan Wiebe, Richard de Klerk, Bill Dow, Brent Stait, John Novak, Robert Lawrenson, David Richmond-Peck, Paul Lazenby and David Palffy.


01:00 AM Merlin - Part One

The legendary wizard tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot.

Cast includes Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, John Gielgud, Rutger Hauer, James Earl Jones, Miranda Richardson, Isabella Rossellini, Martin Short, Paul Curran, Lena Headey, Jeremy Sheffield, Mark Jax, John McEnery and Sebastian Roché.

03:00 AM Merlin - Part Two

Syfy: Horror Flicks Marathon Saturday, Aug 6 '11

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Stay Alive

09:00 AM Stay Alive

For a group of teens, the answer to the mysterious death of their old friend lies within the world of an online video game based on the true story of an ancient noblewoman known as the Blood Countess.

Cast includes Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz, Jimmi Simpson, Wendell Pierce, Milo Ventimiglia, Sophia Bush and Alice Krige.

See No Evil

10:30 AM See No Evil

A group of juvenile delinquents are assigned the task to clean up an abandoned hotel, but a recluse psychopath, who was once shot in the head and left for dead by a local police officer, lurks in the darkness of its hallways plotting his revenge.

Cast includes Glenn Jacobs, Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan, Samantha Noble, Steven Vidler and Cecily Polson.


12:30 PM Skinwalkers

A pack of biker werewolves try to get their claws on a half-boy, half-wolf 12-year-old (Matthew Knight) who is destined to end their lineage when he turns 13.

Cast includes Jason Behr, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Natassia Malthe and Kim Coates.


02:30 PM Goblin

Halloween spawns a goblin that is bent on taking a baby from an unsuspecting family, and it's up to their teenage daughter to save her little brother from becoming the creature's meal.

Cast includes Gil Bellows, Tracy Spiridakos, Camille Sullivan, Reilly Dolman, Andrew Wheeler, Stargate SG-1's Colin Cunningham and Battlestar Galactica's Donnelly Rhodes.


04:30 PM Mothman

A tragic prank and its subsequent cover-up come back to haunt five childhood friends when they reunite a decade later in their hometown.

Cast includes Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite, Connor Fox, Susie Abromeit, Michael Aills, Matty Ferraro, Jerry Leggio, T.W. Leshner, Jessica Erin Sylvia, Monica Acosta, Alex Hardee and Sam Medina.

Dawn of the Dead2

06:30 PM Dawn Of The Dead

A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.

Cast includes Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Torchwood: Miracle Day's Mekhi Phifer, Ty Burrell, Michael Kelly, Kevin Zegers and Stargate Universe's Louis Ferreira.

Hills Have Eyes 2

09:00 PM The Hills Have Eyes 2

A group of National Guard trainees find themselves battling against a vicious group of mutants on their last day of training in the desert.

Cast includes Michael McMillian, Jessica Stroup, Jacob Vargas, Flex Alexander, Lee Thompson Young, Daniella Alonso, Eric Edelstein, Jeff Kober, Jay Acovone and Archie Kao.


11:00 PM House Of Bones

Paranormal investigators from a syndicated television series get more than they bargained for when they probe a notorious New Orleans house.

Cast includes Angel's Charisma Carpenter, Marcus Lyle Brown, Rick Robinson Jr., Collin Galyean, Kyle Russell Clements, Stephanie Honore and Stargate SG-1's Corin Nemec.


01:00 AM Mortuary

Denise Crosby, Dan Byrd and Tarah Paige star in this horror flick directed by Tobe Hooper about a family that takes over a decrepit funeral home.

Cast includes Dan Byrd, Denise Crosby, Rocky Marquette, Stephanie Patton, Alexandra Adi, Courtney Peldon, Bug Hall and Tarah Paige.


03:00 AM Death Tunnel

Dreary horror yarn about five women spending the night at a supposedly haunted asylum as part of a college initiation rite

Cast includes Steffany Huckaby, Melanie Lewis, Yolanda Pecoraro, Kristin Novak, Annie Burgstede, Jason Lasater and Gary Wolf.

The Mercury Men - Syfy Video: Episode 6: 'The Men of Tomorrow'

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THE MERCURY MEN - SYFY VIDEO: Episode 6: 'The Men of Tomorrow'

Alone and afraid, Edward is contacted by the mysterious commander of the League.

Falling Skies - TNT: Season 1 Marathon Sunday, Aug 7 '11

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Falling Skies 2

FALLING SKIES - TNT: Season One Marathon Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cast includes Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Stargate SG-1's Colin Cunningham, Maxim Knight, Mpho Koaho, Sarah Carter, Connor Jessup, Bruce Gray, Dale Dye, Drew Roy, Seychelle Gabriel, Peter Shinkoda, Dylan Authors and James Collins.

1:00 PM Live and Learn

Ragtag survivors and resistance fighters struggle to endure following a catastrophic alien attack in this drama executive produced by Steven Spielberg. First up: Bookish Boston professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) helps lead a regiment of citizen soldiers against the extraterrestrial invaders, whose purpose remains a mystery. Yet Mason's primary objective is to protect his three sons, one of whom is taken captive by the aliens.

Guest stars include Brent Jones, Lynne Deragon, Wesley Morgan, Adam Butcher, Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Elias Edraki, Melissa Kramer, Nick Alachiotis and Avery Kadish.

2:00 PM The Armory

om leads the charge to gather more weapons at an armory, only to have a close encounter of the alien kind and come face-to-face with a band of dangerous renegades overseen by a magnetic leader named Pope.

Guest stars include Bruce Gray, Martin Roach, Dylan Authors, Brent Jones, Dan Petronijevic, Brian Frank and James Collins.

3:00 PM Prisoner of War

A doctor (Steven Weber) who shares a history with Tom arrives at camp, and he may hold the key to saving the kids who've been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, the ragtag crew has nightmarish encounters with skitters and mechs.

Guest stars include Martin Roach, Steven Weber, Daniyah Ysrayl, Lynne Deragon, Robert Lee and Mya Michaels.

4:00 PM Grace

Tom and his crew undertake a mission to retrieve motorcycles and cautiously allow Pope to join them. While on the task, they're attacked by a harrowing entity that may be even more formidable than aliens. Elsewhere, Anne and Harris hit upon a crucial discovery.

Guest stars include Steven Webber, Dylan Authors and Daniyah Ysrayl.

5:00 PM Silent Kill

Hal orchestrates a shadowy and perilous plan to slip into an alien lair to rescue Ben and other ensnared kids.

Guest stars include Mpho Koaho, Dylan Authors, Daniyah Ysrayl, Wes Berger, James Collins, Jaclyn Forbes, Melissa Kramer, Nathan Mitchell, Paulino Nunes and Joe Vercillo.

6:00 PM Sanctuary Pt. 1

Another resistance leader appears at the camp, sounding an alert that the aliens will soon attack and offering to take the children to safe shelter. With time running out, Tom and the others must weigh his proposal.

Guest stars include James Collins, Jaclyn Forbes, Maxim Knight, Melissa Kramer, Dylan Authors and Daniyah Ysrayl.

7:00 PM Sanctuary Pt. 2

Suspicions arise that danger may indeed lurk at the children's safe haven. Before long, Mike happens upon a harrowing truth and an unanticipated enemy emerges.

Guest stars include Henry Czerny, Mpho Koaho, Bruce Gray, Dale Dye, Dylan Authors, Daniyah Ysrayl, James Collins, Jaclyn Forbes, Will Patton, Jessy Schram and Sarah Stunt.

8:00 PM What Hides Beneath

Weaver turns more and more erratic, stirring up trouble while on a reconnaissance mission with Tom and Hal. Meanwhile, Pope constructs a potent weapon; and Anne makes a startling discovery while performing an autopsy on a skitter cadaver.

Guest stars include Fringe's Blair Brown, James Collins, Jessy Schram, Dylan Authors and Daniyah Ysrayl.

9:00 PM Mutiny

Growing tension divides the 2nd Massachusetts just as their ambitious assault on an alien base draws near. Meanwhile, Tom has trouble coming to grips with Annie's profound discovery and its implications.

Guest stars include Wes Berger, Melissa Kramer, Yulia Lukin and Randy Triggs.

10:00 PM Eight Hours

In the season finale, the resistance fighters launch a bold attack against the aliens as Tom remains at the camp to protect the civilians. Twisting developments lead Tom to a close encounter of the harrowing kind, and mysteries about the aliens' motives might finally be answered.

10:58 PM Mutiny
11:58 PM Eight Hours

Sanctuary - Syfy Australia: Amanda Tapping Video Interview

Source: Syfy Australia You Tube channel

Sanctuary 4

SANCTUARY - SYFY AUSTRALIA: Amanda Tapping Video Interview

For more cool interviews with the cast of Sanctuary, check out Amanda Tapping stars as Dr Helen Magnus on SCI FI's hit show, Sanctuary. She also produces, and directs, making her one of the hardest working people on the planet. Season 3 has just premiered on SCI FI (and around the globe) and we got her take on the journey so far, and a few hints of what's to come.

Supernatural - Daemon's TV: Mark Sheppard Video Interview

Source: Daemon's TV


SUPERNATURAL - DAEMON'S TV: Mark Sheppard Comic-Con 2011 Video Interview

by Mokibobolink
August 1, 2011

Mark Sheppard, star of the CW’s hit series SUPERNATURAL, was at Comic-Con 2011 to do a panel about the show. Before taking the stage with some of the cast, Mark sat down to answer a few questions.

In the interview Mark doesn’t believe it when he’s told that Crowley will be back in season 7 and decides to get confirmation for himself from the source, gives us a little more insight into Crowley, his opinions of the show as a fan himself and how much he loves working on it, what he loves most about his fans, and much more! (plus, he also noticed my ‘Church of Castiel’ shirt, which made me extremely happy.)

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video: 'The Categories of Life' Episode Trailer Airs Aug 5 '11

Source: Starz You Tube channel

Torchwood 2

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - STARZ VIDEO: 'The Categories of Life' Episode Trailer Airs Friday, August 5, 2011 at 10/9C

After going undercover, the unit learns what is really going on with the Miracle. And as the enemy draws nearer, mortality is about to make a comeback in a most unnerving way.

Guest stars include Olivia Hallinan, Teddy Sears, Tom Price, Randa Walker, Giovanni V. Giusti, Mary Czerwinski, G. Lane Hillman, Jonathan Dane, Tracy Pfau, Marty Ryan, Vito Viscuso and Maria Zambrana.

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America Video: 'Kobol's Last Gleaming - Part 2' Sneak Peek Airs Aug 6 '11

Source: BBC America


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - BBC AMERICA: 'Kobol's Last Gleaming - Part 2' Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 7/6C

After President Roslin interferes with his plan to attack the Cylons, Adama considers a coup. Meanwhile, Starbuck uses the Cylon raider to retrieve a mystical talisman on Caprica; and Boomer embarks on a desperate mission to destroy the Cylon basestar near Kobol.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Lorena Gale, Alonso Oyarzun, Nicki Clyne, Jim Shield, Alpha's Warren Christie, Jen Halley and Leah Cairns.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video Featurete: Mekhi Phifer Video Interview

Source: Starz You Tube channel

Torchwood 2


SDCC Insider interviews Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson).

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America: Season 1 Marathon Aug 6 '11

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - BBC AMERICA: Season One Marathon Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cast includes Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett, Alessandro Juliani and Kandyse McClure.

7:00 AM 33

Galactica is on the run and the crew is put to the test as sleep deprivation mixes with the already gloomy reality of dealing with a Cylon-apocalypse. The ship has 33 minutes to make a Jump, elude the Cylons and survive another day.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Alonso Oyarzun and Nicki Clyne.

8:00 AM Water

A main water reserve ruptures aboard the Galactica and millions of gallons of fresh water are lost. Upon further inspection however, it appears as if the ship was sabotaged… perhaps from a Cylon agent from within.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer and Nicki Clyne.

9:00 AM Bastille Day

Lee Adama goes to the Astral Queen, a prison ship, to try and persuade the prisoners to help pump water onto Galactica. However, while aboard, the prisoners take control of the ship, and Lee and his crew are taken hostage by a notorious prisoner.

Guest stars include Connor Widdows, Richard Hatch, Alonso Oyarzun, Nicki Clyne, Adrien Dorval, Ron Selmour, Matthew Bennett and Brent Stait.

10:00 AM Act of Contrition

A crisis forces Commander Adama, Lee Adama, and Kara Thrace to finally face a ghost from their past - Zak Adama. Their inability to come to grips with Zak’s death has tragic consequences for them all.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Lorena Gale, Donnelly Rhodes, Jill Teed, Tobias Mehler, Colby Johannson, Bodie Olmos and Combat Hospital's Terry Chen.

11:00 AM You Can't Go Home Again

Commander Adama and Lee Adama risk the welfare of the entire fleet to conduct a search for Kara Thrace, missing and presumed dead after a tumultuous battle with a Cylon Raider.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Donnelly Rhodes, Alonso Oyarzun and Bodie Olmos.

12:00 PM Litmus

A suicide bomber detonates himself aboard Galactica but when the insurgent is revealed to be a human-like Cylon, rumor of such a thing becomes hard reality.

Guest stars include Jill Teed, Being Human's Sam Witwer, Donnelly Rhodes, Dominic Zamprogna, Alonso Oyarzun, Nicki Clyne, Bodie Olmos, Matthew Bennett, Christina Schild, Raahul Singh, Biski Gugushe and Morris Chapdelaine.

1:00 PM Six Degrees of Separation

Gauis Baltar is accused of treason by none other than Number Six (posing as someone named Shelly Godfrey). As the Galactica crew investigates the matter, Baltar is left to ponder his fate... and his own place in the world.

Guest stars include Donnelly Rhodes, Nicki Clyne, Christina Schild and Biski Gugushe.

2:00 PM Flesh and Bone

"Are Cylons man or machine?" Kara Thrace discovers her own humanity in a most ironic place after she’s ordered to torture a Cylon who claims he’s put a bomb aboard Galactica.

Guest stars include Callum Keith Rennie, Matthew Bennett, Christina Schild, Eric Breker and Biski Gugushe.

3:00 PM Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

When Commander Adama finds Saul Tigh’s (presumed dead) wife Ellen and brings her to Galactica, it feeds off the Cylon paranoia already running rampant throughout the fleet and before long, everyone is pointing fingers at each other.

Guest stars include Kate Vernon, Matthew Bennett and Alex Green.

4:00 PM The Hand of God

After months of fleeing from the Cylons, Adama decides to take the fight to the enemy. Kara Thrace and Capt Lee Adama are integral to this fight as they’re forced to draw upon inner resources they never knew they had.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Lorena Gale, Nicki Clyne, Cailin Stadnyk, Bodie Olmos, Luciana Carro, Combat Hospital's Terry Chen, Christina Schild and Biski Gugushe.

5:00 PM Colonial Day

President Laura Roslin finds herself pitted against her old nemesis, Tom Zarek, when she organizes a grand event to announce her choice for Vice President. The situation takes a turn for the worse when Zarek makes a play to become Vice President himself.

Guest stars include Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon, Robert Wisden, Alex Zahara, Patrick Gallagher, Malcolm Stewart, Nicki Clyne, Christina Schild and Biski Gugushe.

6:00 PM Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1

Colonial Raptors locate the planet Kobol, the legendary birthplace of mankind. Laura, cloaked in religious zeal, recognizes a scriptural link to Kobol, but Adama battles with her over the benefits and dangers in unlocking the planet’s ancient mysteries.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Lorena Gale, Donnelly Rhodes, Alonso Oyarzun, Bodie Olmos and Stephen Spender.

7:00 PM Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

While Adama makes plans to destroy the Cylon base ship over Kobol, Laura focuses on ancient prophecy to find a path to Earth. Her actions betray Adama’s plan and lead to treachery among the crew members and chaos in the fleet.

Guest stars include Being Human's Sam Witwer, Lorena Gale, Alonso Oyarzun, Nicki Clyne, Jim Shield, Alpha's Warren Christie, Jen Halley and Leah Cairns.

8:00 PM Scattered

Chaos is rampant as paramedics try to save Commander Adama's life after he is shot, and the Galactica is separated from the fleet.

Guest stars include Paul Campbell, Nicki Clyne, Being Human's Sam Witwer, Kate Vernon, Alonso Oyarzun, Kerry Norton, Kurt Evans, Chris Shields, Luciana Carro, Bodie Olmos, Jen Halley, Alphas's Warren Christie, Ty Olsson, Nicholas Treeshin, Leah Cairns and Aleks Paunovic.

The Closer - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Aug 1 '11 - TNT 9/8C

Source: MSN TV [follow link for complete column]

Closer 2

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Monday, August 1, 2011

... The Closer

9:00 PM, TNT

A boy who attended the summer camp where Tao's (Michael Paul Chan) son works goes missing. As the team investigates, Raydor's (Mary McDonnell) probe of the unit leads her to make a disturbing suggestion to Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) in the new episode "Under Control." J.K. Simmons also stars.

Outcasts- BBC America: Episode 8 - Sneak Peek Airs Aug 6 '11

Source: BBC America


OUTCASTS - BBC AMERICA: Episode 8 - Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 9/8C

A deadly virus hits Forthaven and Berger puts the blame on the ACs; and attempts to topple Tate's government and bring about a new order.

Guest stars include Langley Kirkwood, Michael Legge, Jeanne Kietzmann and Moshidi Motshegwa.

Alphas - Boston Herald: Malik Yoba Interview

Source: Boston Herald [follow link for complete interview]

Alphas Monday

ALPHAS - BOSTON HERALD: Yoba drawn to strengths of Syfy’s ‘Alphas’

By Amy Amatangelo
Monday, August 1, 2011

When Malik Yoba heard about “Alphas,” he didn’t want any part of it.

The New York native had just finished filming “Defying Gravity,” which was his 10th TV series. “I was more interested in doing my own thing,” Yoba told the Herald from the show’s Toronto set. “I was very concerned that the show would be squandered.

He changed his mind after talking with Syfy representatives and Jack Bender (“Lost”), who directed the pilot. “There are a lot of reasons why things work and don’t work. I think Syfy really understands its audience. They really understand how to mass-market something. I think they did an incredible job at getting the word out on our show.

In the series (tonight at 10), Yoba stars as Bill Harken, an ex-FBI agent who has superhuman strength. “I just think the episodes get better and better,” he said. “The relationships are going to get stronger. I just got handed the script for episode 10, which is a crazy cliffhanger. People might even cry at the end of the episode...


Falling Skies - Yahoo! TV: Weekly Top 10 Picks Aug 7 '11 - TNT 9/8C

Source: Yahoo! TV [follow link for complete column]

Falling Skies 2

YAHOO TV - What To Watch - Weekly Top 10 Picks - Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yahoo TV picks the week's top 10 must-watch shows

... Falling Skies

Season Finale: Sunday at 9pm on TNT

TNT's grim sci-fi drama wraps up its first season this week with a two-hour finale. First, internal tensions rip the human resistance apart just as they're about to attempt a risky assault on an alien base. Then as the last-ditch assault gets underway, Tom remains back at base camp to guard the civilians -- and has a close encounter with the enemy.

SciFi Daily - BBC America Schedule Week Aug 1 '11 - STTNG & Doctor Who

Source: BBC America


NOTE: An additional episode of Doctor Who has been added in the 6pm time slot!


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.

Mon Aug 1 4:00 PM The Defector

A Romulan defector seeking refuge warns Picard that a major offensive to regain the Neutral Zone will be launched in 48 hours.

Guest stars include James Sloyan, Andreas Katsulas, John Hancock and Simon Templeman.

Tue Aug 2 4:00 PM The Hunted

On the planet Angosia, the crew aids in the capture of a prison escapee, whose reputation is belied when Troi interviews him.

Guest stars include Jeff McCarthy, James Cromwell, Colm Meaney, J. Michael Flynn and Andrew Bicknell.

Wed Aug 3 4:00 PM The High Ground

Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and the leader of the Rutian police (Kerrie Keane) is determined not to negotiate for her release.

Guest stars include Kerrie Keane, Richard Cox, Marc Buckland, Fred G. Smith and Christopher Pettiet.

Thur Aug 4 4:00 PM Deja Q

Q, once all-powerful mischief-maker of the universe, is condemned to life as a mortal and seeks sanctuary aboard the Enterprise.

Guest stars include John de Lancie, Whoopi Goldberg and Richard Cansino.

Fri Aug 5 4:00 PM A Matter of Perspective

Riker is accused of murdering a research scientist (Mark Margolis), and the Enterprise holodeck is programmed to re-create the events according to each witness's testimony.

Guest stars include Craig Richard Nelson, Gina Hecht, Mark Margolis, Colm Meaney and Juliana Donald.

Doctor Who 6.5

Doctor Who

Season four cast includes David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Mon Aug 1

5:00 PM The Fires of Pompeii

The Doctor and Donna travel back in time to 79AD. They discover psychic powers and beasts of stone rioting in the streets of old Pompeii and face their greatest challenge yet – can history be changed, or must the Doctor let everyone die?

Guest stars include Phil Cornwell, Karen Gillan, Sasha Behar, Lorraine Burroughs, Peter Capaldi, Tracey Childs, Francesca Fowler, François Pandolfo, Victoria Wicks, Gerard Bell and Philip Davis.

6:00 PM Planet of the Ood

The Doctor takes Donna to her first alien world, but the Ood-Sphere reveals some terrible truths about the Human Race.

Guest stars include Tim McInnerny, Ayesha Dharker, Adrian Rawlins and Roger Griffiths.

Tue Aug 2

5:00 PM The Sontaran Strategem

Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to modern-day Earth, but an old enemy awaits. With the mysterious ATMOS devices spreading across the world, Donna discovers that even her own family is not safe from the alien threat – but is it too late to save them?

Guest stars include Freema Agyeman, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King, Ryan Sampson and Christopher Ryan.

6:00 PM The Poison Sky

The Sontarans activate their master plan and begin to choke the entire planet Earth. As interplanetary war edges closer, the Doctor has to fight to keep both Martha and Donna alive – but will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Guest stars include Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King and Ryan Sampson.

Wed Aug 3

5:00 PM The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor meets the most important woman of his life on the distant planet Messaline, in the middle of an endless war. But as genocide looms and Martha is kidnapped, the Doctor faces an even greater battle – can he find peace with his own child?

Guest stars include Freema Agyeman, Georgia Moffett, Nigel Terry and Joseph Dempsie.

6:00 PM The Unicorn and The Wasp

The Doctor and Donna arrive in 1926 on the day before Agatha Christie went missing for 10 days. At a dinner party, they join forces with Christie and encounter a body in the library, poisoned cocktails and a Vespiform seeking revenge.

Guest stars include Fenella Woolgar, Felicity Kendal, Tom Goodman-Hill, Christopher Benjamin, Felicity Jones and Adam Rayner.

Thur Aug 4

5:00 PM Silence in the Library

One hundred years ago, the Universe’s greatest library was sealed off with only a cryptic warning as explanation: “Count the shadows.” It now appears that the shadows are on the move again. The Doctor and Donna work to uncover the Library’s secret. This episode introduces the character River Song (Alex Kingston).

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon, Eve Newton, Jessika Williams, Steve Pemberton, Talulah Riley, O.T. Fagbenle and Harry Peacock.

6:00 PM Forest of the Dead

As the shadows rise, the Doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song. But can anyone stop the Vashta Nerada? While the Doctor discovers secrets and revelations about his own future, the sinister Nodes declare that Donna is doomed.

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon, Harry Peacock and Steve Pemberton.

Fri Aug 5

5:00 PM Midnight

The Doctor is alone, powerless and terrified, on the leisure planet Midnight. Soon, the knocking on the wall begins. As paranoia turns into a witch-hunt, the Doctor’s greatest strengths are turned against him, and a sacrifice must be made…

Guest stars include Billie Piper, Lesley Sharp, Rakie Ayola and Merlin's Colin Morgan.

6:00 PM Turn Left

Donna’s entire world collapses, but there’s no sign of the Doctor. She finds help from a mysterious blonde woman from a parallel universe. But as Donna and Rose Tyler combine forces, are they too late to save the universe from the approaching darkness?

Guest stars include Billie Piper, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King and Chipo Chung.

Stargate TV Schedule Week August 1, 2011 - (US)


[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule. Please confirm with your local listings for correct times.]


STARGATE The Original Movie (1994)

Cast includes Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Leon Rippy, Djimon Hounsou, Erick Avari and French Stewart.

Tue. Aug. 2 9:30 PM 5MAX
Wed. Aug. 3 1:00 PM MAX
Thur. Aug. 4 9:30 AM ACMAX


STARGATE SG-1 (please check local listings to confirm Showtime time slot)

Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges.


Wed. Aug. 3 1:00 AM Descent

A salvage operation goes wrong, leaving O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and his team trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in an alien mothership.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, Colin Cunningham, John Shaw and Peter DeLuise.

Wed. Aug. 3 5:00 PM Redemption - Part One

O'Neill is ordered to replace a teammate, and alien Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) wants the job; tragedy strikes Teal'c (Christopher Judge); an unidentified power source disrupts the portal.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Christopher Kennedy, David Hewlett, Garry Chalk, Neil Denis, Tobias Mehler, David Palffy, Aleks Paunovic and Ivan Cermak.

Thur. Aug. 4 1:00 AM Redemption - Part One

Thur. Aug. 4 5:00 PM Redemption - Part Two

O'Neill and his team concoct a desperate plan to thwart an alien scheme to turn the Stargate into a doomsday weapon.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Christopher Kennedy, David Hewlett, Garry Chalk, Neil Denis, Aleks Paunovic and Aaron Douglas.

Fri. Aug. 5 1:00 AM Redemption - Part Two


Sat. Aug. 6 8:00 PM Beast of Burden

Daniel undertakes a rescue mission when his Unas friend Chaka is abducted by slave traders.

Guest stars include Larry Drake, Dion Johnstone, Alex Zahara, Vincent Hammond, Noel Callahan, Dean Paul Gibson, Herbert Duncanson and Finn Michael.

Sat. Aug. 6 8:45 PM The Tomb

When some soldiers get lost in an alien temple, the crew teams with a Russian Stargate squad in a rescue mission.

Guest stars include Earl Pastko, Alexander Kalugin, Jen Halley, Vitaly Kravchenko and Garry Chalk.

Sun. Aug. 7 10:00 AM Beast of Burden
Sun. Aug. 7 10:45 AM The Tomb



Cast includes Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachell Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, Robert Picardo and Amanda Tapping.


Mon. Aug. 1 5:00 PM Travelers
Mon. Aug. 1 8:00 PM Travelers

On a return flight to Atlantis, a jumper is seized and its pilot, Lt. Col. Sheppard, is taken prisoner by Larrin (Jill Wagner), the commander of a rogue human ship.

Guest stars include Jill Wagner, Kavan Smith, Sean Rogerson, Michael Cram, Scott Heindl and Chris Kalhoon.


Wed. Aug. 3 2:00 AM The Game

Sheppard and McKay compete in a real-time strategy game they've discovered on Atlantis, which may be more than a game.

Guest stars include Laura Harris, David Dayan Fisher, Kavan Smith, David Nykl, James Long and John Shaw.

Thur. Aug. 4 2:00 AM The Ark

Survivors are revived from suspended animation in a space station, but problems from their past come back to haunt the team.

Guest stars include Kenneth Welsh, Joris Jarsky, Kavan Smith, Chuck Campbell and Gerry Durand.

Fri. Aug. 5 2:00 AM Sunday

Dr. Weir has an admirer in the form of a young scientist, which becomes awkward as an emergency situation unfolds on Atlantis.

Guest stars include Matthew Del Negro, Kavan Smith, David Nykl, Brenda James, Caroline Cave, Lara Gilchrist, Daniel Bacon, Lindsay Collins and Linda Ko.

Sat. Aug. 6 2:00 AM Submersion

An underwater mission has the team searching for an alternate power source in the Atlantean ocean.

Guest stars include David Nykl, Andee Frizzell, Michael Tayles, Noel Johansen and Donna Soares.


Weekend August 6/7 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - The Daedalus Variations

The team becomes trapped on a runaway duplicate of the Daedalus, which takes them to numerous alternate realities.

Guest stars include Kavan Smith, David Nykl, Tracy Waterhouse and Annalise MacCulloch.


Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.


Weekend August 6/7 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Lost

The Destiny takes off and leaves Lt. Scott, Eli, Chloe and Greer trapped in the ruins of an underground maze, prompting Dr. Rush and Col. Young to devise a recovery plan to save the stranded away team before the ship leaves the galaxy.

Guest stars include Sean Blakemore, Shang Forbes, William MacDonald, Haig Sutherland and Stefanie Samuels.