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Stargate Universe - 2011 Emmys - 'Awakening' Nominated for 2011 Emmy Award

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STARGATE UNIVERSE - 2011 EMMYS - 'Awakening' Nominated for 2011 Emmy Award

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Stargate Universe (and to all the nominees) for their 2011 Emmy Awards nomination for 'Awakening' in the Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series category.

Nominees include;

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

Boardwalk Empire
Boardwalk Empire (Pilot)

The Borgias
The Poisoned Chalice/The Assassin

The Walking Dead
Days Gone Bye

Game Of Thrones
Fire And Blood


Stargate Universe



Mark David Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor; Krista McLean, Digital Effects Supervisor; Craig VandenBiggelaar, Digital Effects Supervisor; Adam de Bosch Kemper, Lead Animator; Erica Henderson, Lead Compositor; Michael Lowes, Lead 3D Artists; Wes Sargent, Key 3D Artist; Luke Vallee, Key Visual Effects Compositor; Kodie MacKenzie, Key Visual Effects Compositor


Haven - Syfy Video Featurette: Cats in Trees

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Haven July 15


Every Friday the supernatural has a home. Haven at 10/9c.

Haven season two premieres on Syfy on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10/9C.

Alphas - Syfy Video: 'Cause and Effect' Episode Trailer Airs Jul 18 '11

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ALPHAS - SYFY VIDEO: 'Cause and Effect' Episode Trailer Airs Monday, July 18, 2011 at 10/9C

A former patient of Dr. Rosen's sets off a chain reaction of events. Alphas Monday at 10/9c.

A problematic former patient of Rosen's escapes as Rosen is getting acquainted with his Department of Defense liaison, and the rest of the team tries to balance their normal lives with their work as Alphas.

Guest stars include Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Raoul Bhaneja.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - What's On TV (UK): Eve Myles Interview

Source: What's on TV (UK) [follow link for complete interview]

Torchwood 2

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - WHAT'S ON TV (UK): Torchwood's Eve: 'Gwen's a kick-ass mum!'

Jul 13, 2011

As Torchwood: Miracle Day continues on BBC1, Eve Myles tells What’s On TV what more to expect from her character Gwen, how she’s loving motherhood and what it was like to film Torchwood in Hollywood...


... Q: Gwen’s now a mum, yet we’ve seen her get caught up in the dramatic events of the latest series of Torchwood. Couldn’t she have plumped for the quieter life with her family?

Eve Myles: “Being a new mum has meant massive complications for Gwen, and she’s more feisty than ever because of it. The goings on with Torchwood are her adrenalin rush, but she and Rhys are trying to be the best parents to Anwen as possible. Getting drawn into the latest events of the Miracle Day goes against her maternal instincts, but she’s probably secretly excited about it, too. She just loves being a warrior, running about firing guns and bazookas and karate-kicking people - and there’s a lot of her being a kick-ass mum in this series!

Haven - NBCU: Emily Rose Video Interview

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Haven July 15

HAVEN - NNBCU: Emily Rose Video Interview

Falling Skies - G4 TV: Sarah Sanguin Carter Video Interview

Source: G4 TV's Attack of the Show

Falling Skies

FALLING SKIES - G4 TV'S ATTACK OF THE SHOW: Sarah Sanguin Carter Video Interview

What would you do during an alien invasion? We're no experts but that's why Kevin Pereira sits down with Sarah Sanguin Carter from TNT's Falling Skies where she plays a motorcycle gang member. She tells us all about how she learned how to shoot guns, wearing fake tattoos and her new album.

Eureka - The Morton Report: Colin Ferguson Interview

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EUREKA - THE MORTON REPORT: Sheriff's Department: Interview With Eureka's Colin Ferguson

By Steve Eramo
July 13, 2011

... Production on season 4.5 of Eureka wrapped in October 2010 and even before it began airing this month on Syfy, the cameras began rolling again this past April on the fifth season. When it comes to Ferguson’s character, viewers can look forward to seeing Jack Carter become more comfortable with his Eureka surroundings as well as with those around him, especially Allison [Blake].

I think it is part of the longer progression for my character,” muses the actor. “Back in the first season Jack was nervous about being a part of anything. He’d been burned by his previous relationship and was bad at being a father. From there we watched him embrace his daughter as the greatest woman in his life and she eventually goes off to university. We also watched as Jack decided that he really wanted to be a part of this community and the lives of those around him in a profound way.

The next logical step, which is what we’re focusing on right now, is that my character wants someone to share his life with. He seriously wants to open up and be a part of a relationship, and that’s what I’m playing in season five. Jack is opening up the boundaries of protectionism, or should I say lowering them, and embracing the future and what will hopefully be a lovely marriage and a lovely life...


Torchwood: Miracle Day - The Telegraph (UK): Bill Pullman Interview

Source: The Telegraph (UK) [follow link for complete interview]

Torchwood 2

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - THE TELEGRAPH (UK): Bill Pullman: Torchwood's surprising new villain

Hollywood star Bill Pullman and Torchwood hero John Barrowman tell Catherine Gee about the new series of the Doctor Who spin-off.

By Catherine Gee
13 Jul 2011

Bill Pullman is sitting beside three large boxes of exotic fruit. After an early morning trip to Shepherd’s Bush market, he has spent the day proudly feeding mangoes to journalists. This certainly makes for an unconventional interview – as I ask him questions, Pullman is busy delighting in his brightly coloured fruit and licking the juice from his fingers.

But unconventional seems to be Pullman’s style these days. The actor, 57, who’s best known for playing the American president in the sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day is reaching into darker depths to play a murderous paedophile in the new series of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, which begins on BBC One tonight. When it came to casting such a macabre role, the likeable Pullman doesn’t strike you as an obvious choice.

I didn’t even think about it until halfway into shooting,” he recalls. “I said to [executive producer] Julie Gardner, ‘Why did you cast me? Is there something about me I don’t know?’ She said, ‘Because you’re kind of America’s sweetheart.’ They were looking to destabilise viewers...


Stargate Atlantis - Syfy Germany: Kate Hewlett Video Interview # 2

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STARGATE ATLANTIS - SYFY GERMANY: Kate Hewlett Video Interview # 2

From Germany's FEDCON XX, Kate Hewlett answers questions from Syfy Germany.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video Featurette: Miracle Day - Gwen Cooper

Source: Starz You Tube channel

Torchwood 2


Gwen once lived the ultimate double life -- the funny, salty, earthy woman who loves home and family, combined with the tough, ruthless warrior, who loves the thrill of the fight.

Russell T. Davies, Eve Myles, Jane Tranter (executive producer) and John Barrowman discuss Eve Myles' character, Gwen Cooper. Several behind the scenes clips included.

Conan The Barbarian - Lionsgate Films: Jason Momoa Video Interview Part 1

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CONAN THE BARBARIAN - LIONSGATE FILMS: Jason Momoa Video Interview Part One

Jason Momoa answers questions about the new theatrical movie, "Conan the Barbarian."

Cowboys & Aliens - Access Hollywood Video Featurette: On The Set

Source: Access Hollywood



Harrison Ford is returning to familiar territory, westerns and science fiction, all wrapped into one bundle in his new movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” — and only Access can take you behind the scenes of the closed set with Harrison, Daniel Craig & Olivia Wilde!

Cowboys & Aliens has a July 29 release date in Theaters.

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary: Tapping Tuesday Twitter July 13, 2011

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Sanctuary 4

AMANDA TAPPING - SANCTUARY: Tapping Tuesday Twitter July 13, 2011

#TappingTuesday (or Wednesday...) we go with Twitter questions

Q1 - @ElleDris - When you are shooting, is each episode random (not chronological order), then merge scenes to make it in order? Thx, Elle

A1 - We shoot scenes according to locations. Eg. all Magnus’ office on same day. Then the episode is edited together.


Q2 - @ephinyzon- In honor of Astronaut Sandra Magnus & the Atlantis crew, has our Dr. Magnus ever had a dealing with anything space related?

A2 - I actually don't think so. I think she's concentrated on Earth based endeavors.


STS-135 Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus

Q3 - @imac_van - Read the article about your driving the Tesla, and it made me wonder, what was your first car?

A3 - A very beat up 1971 Mercury Comet.

[NOTE: click here for the Tesla car article.]


Q4 - @borntorun1075 - What are you most looking forward to at #ComicCon next week?

A4 - Fan questions!!!! And seeing old friends.

Thanks again for all your questions! xox

Hi again! Here is the Q+A from the Sanctuary Facebook page too. More questions from you, more answers...!

Q1 - Taylor Craig - What do you like to do on set when you're not filming?

A1 a - I like to hang out with my fellow actors and laugh and sing songs and generally figure out how we can drive each other nuts...

A1 b - ...which by the way, is a very short drive.

Q2 - Darren Logsdon - I was wondering if we will see anymore of the super abnormals? And also is ryan robbins as funny ouside the camera?

A2 - Yes, I hope so! And Ryan is a big goofball. He's nuttier than squirrel poo.


Q3 - Andrea Beyer - Is there something specific you wish would be invented to make your everyday life easier? :)

A3 - Small portals through which we could get from point A to point B quickly.....hmmm... reminds me of something... :)


Q4- Jenn Scheffler - If Magnus were to have a bumper sticker on the back of her car what do you think it would say?!

A4 - Honk if you're fabulously abnormal!


Thanks again everyone! xox