Friday, February 4, 2011

Outcasts - BBC Video: Episode Two Preview - Airs Feb 8 '11

Source: BBC You Tube channel


OUTCASTS: BBC Video - Episode Two Preview - Airs February 8, 2011 21:00 on BBC One

There are more questions than answers when Tate (Liam Cunningham) and Fleur (Amy Manson) exchange views with Rudi (Langley Kirkwood).

BBC's new series, "Outcasts," premieres on Monday, February 7 at 21:00 on BBCOne, and will also air in the US on BBC America [premiere date pending].

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: FX Video Featurette: Go Behind The Scenes - All New Season

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JUSTIFIED: FX Video Featurette - Go Behind The Scenes - All New Season

Join Elmore Leonard (author), Graham Yost (executive producer), Timothy Olyphant (Raylan Givens) and Walter Goggins (Boyd Crowder) go behind the scenes of Justified's second season.

Justified, All New Season, Premieres Wednesday, February 9 at 10PM ET/PT only on FX.

Outcasts - BBC Video: Episode One Preview

Source: BBC You Tube Channel


BBC VIDEO: Episode One Preview

President Richard Tate and CT9's Captain Kellerman make contact as the people of Forthaven anxiously await the safe arrival of what could be the last transporter from Earth.

BBC's new series, "Outcasts," premieres on Monday, February 7 at 21:00 on BBCOne, and will also air in the US on BBC America [premiere date pending].

Mark Valley - Human Target - FOX Video: "Marshall Pucci" Sneak Peek - Season Finale! Airs Feb 9 '11

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube channel

Human Target

HUMAN TARGET: "Marshall Pucci" Sneak Peek Airs Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 9/8C on FOX

Executive Producer Matt Miller discusses the Human Target second season finale and their attempt to provide satisfying emotional conclusions for the characters.

In the second-season finale, Chance digs into the past of Ilsa's deceased husband, but the unsavory details of lies and deceit he discovers may cause irreparable damage to the team.

Guest stars include Steven Brand, Emily Foxler and Medium's Jake Weber.

Fringe - FOX Video Featurette: "Peter's Destiny"

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube channel


FRINGE: Video Featurette - "Peter's Destiny"

Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole, John Noble, Blair Brown discuss Peter's fate in conjunction with the Machine.

Catch FRINGE on FRI at 9/8c!

NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS Video: "Tin Soldiers" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 8 '11

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NCIS: LOS ANGELES: "Tin Soldiers" Episode Trailer Airs February 8, 2011 at 9/8C on CBS

After Callen catches a man breaking into his house, a former KGB operative leads the NCIS team to a shipment of counterfeit computer chips entering the United States on the next episode of NCIS Los Angeles.

Guest stars include Pej Vahdat, Marcuis Harris and Vyto Ruginis.

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii Five-0 - Video: Scene from Pilot Episode - Repeats Sun Feb 6 '11

Source: CBS

Hawaii Five-O

HAWAII FIVE-0: "Life for a Life" Scene from Pilot Episode Repeated Sunday, February 6, 2011 10/9C on CBS

Terrorists try to trade Steve's father for the freedom of one of their own but things go terribly wrong.

Guest stars include James Marsters, William Sadler, Allison Chu, Patrick Crowley and Teilor Grubbs.

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii Five-0: Video - "E Malama" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 7 '11

Source: CBS

Hawaii Five-O

HAWAII FIVE-0: "E Malama" Episode Trailer Airs February 7, 2011 at 10/9C on CBS

When the sole witness in a high-profile murder case disappears, Five-0 must head into the jungle to locate and protect her from assassins who are closing in fast on the next episode of Hawaii Five-0.

Guest stars include David Brainard, Steve Chapman, Teilor Grubbs, Sebastian Siegel and Claire van der Boom.

Fairly Legal - USA Video: "Bo Me Once" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '11

Source: USA

Fairly 2

FAIRLY LEGAL: "Bo Me Once" Episode Trailer Airs Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 10/9C on USA

A cooking-show star (Eddie McClintock) clashes with the company that's releasing his barbecue sauce, but Sarah discovers that the chef's assistant (Camille Sullivan) is the true talent behind the operation. The situation becomes more complicated when a person from the assistant's past also wants a piece of the pie.

Guest stars include Esai Morales, Camille Sullivan and Warehouse 13's Eddie McClintock.

Stargate Universe - SciFi Mania: Exclusive Alaina Huffman Interview

Source: SciFi Mania [follow link for complete interview]


SCIFI MANIA: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Alaina Huffman: SMALLVILLE, SGU & Her Graphic Novel AGENT MOM

Thursday, February 03rd, 2011
BY Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to sit down with the lovely Alaina Huffman, who plays Lt. Tamara “T.J.” Johansen on Stargate Universe and Black Canary on Smallville at the Women of Sci-Fi edition of the Sci-Fi Expo this past weekend. This was a homecoming of sorts as Huffman got her start in acting in Dallas, Texas. We chatted about Smallville (minor spoilers here!), closing thoughts on Stargate Universe, and her new graphic novel project, Agent Mom...


... SFM: What are your closing thoughts on Stargate Universe and what do you take away from it?

Alaina Huffman: Oh God, it was such a great experience. I made a ton of new friends and was tapped into a really beautiful family. And I’m exposed that much more to this science fiction fan base that is so loyal and so charismatic. You see all these people dressed up and they come out and they want to shake your hand to say ‘Thanks for depicting the characters that I love and being in a show that I really love.’ So I’m grateful for all of that...

The Cape - SciFi Pulse Now: David Lyons Audio Interview

Source: SciFi Pulse Now

The Cape


For this packed 90 minute show we feature two interviews, with Sarah Butler of ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ and David Lyons who plays the lead in NBC’s ‘The Cape.’

Also featured is a discussion about The CW’s awful decision to bump the premier of Supernatural and Smallville back a week in order to get more eyeballs watching Nikita and Vampire Diaries.

Also included is a discussion between editor, April MacIntyre and I about the critical response to ‘The Cape.’


Mark Valley - Human Target - G4TV Attack of Show: Video Interview

Source: G4TV Attack of The Show

Human Target

G4TV ATTACK OF THE SHOW: Human Target's Mark Valley In Studio

Mark Valley swings by the studio to talk about his starring role in the Fox drama, Human Target. Find out what he shares with Kevin Pereira, from the pranks on set, driving a Corvette for the show and what's coming up in the show's second season.

Being Human - Syfy Video Featurette: Spacey in Toronto - Meaghan Rath's Video Blog

Source: Syfy

Being Human

Spacey in Toronto - Being Human : Meaghan Rath's Video Blog

Meaghan and the guys show you what it takes to get through a long day: naps and a sense or humor.

Fringe - Video Featurette: 'Fringe' Decoded by Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick

Source: Hollywood Outbreak You Tube channel


HOLLYWOOD OUTBREAK: 'Fringe' Decoded by Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick

For those of us out there who were laboring over the dual universe storyline on "Fringe" last season, there is good news.

Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid Farnsworth on the sci-fi thriller, tells us that worlds really are beginning to collide and it'll be up to the residents of each universe to stop their conflict and work to save the Earth.

Meanwhile, Lance Reddick, Agent Phillip Broyals on the series, is captivated by the nature of people at war and he believes that "Fringe" does an excellent job of demonstrating what the average person will do under duress.