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Twilight Zone (1959) - Syfy: Marathon Jul 26 '11

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TWILIGHT ZONE (1959) - SYFY: Marathon Tuesday, July 25, 2011


Carol Burnett and Jesse White

8:00 AM Cavender Is Coming

In a Rod Serling teleplay, Carol Burnett plays a clumsy woman who meets her equally bumbling guardian angel (Jesse White). Inept guardian angel Harmon Cavender is given a chance to earn his wings by helping an unconventional big city woman, the young, awkward Agnes Grep.

Cast includes Carol Burnett, Jesse White, Howard Smith, Sandra Gould, Donna Douglas, Albert Carrier and Jack Younger.


Lee Marvin (far right)

08:30 AM Steel

Lee Marvin plays a boxing promoter trying to get the most out of his obsolete robot boxer. In the near future boxing has been outlawed and is performed by mechanical robots. To replace his broken client, the manager decides to enter the ring and replace him.

Cast includes Lee Marvin, Joe Mantell, Merritt Bohn, Frank Landon and Chuck Hicks.


Wally Cox

09:00 AM From Agnes With Love

Wally Cox plays a computer programmer (in 1964) who takes advice on his love life from a computer named Agnes.

Cast includes Wally Cox, Ralph Taeger, Sue Randall, Raymond Bailey, Don Keefer, Byron Kane and Nan Peterson.


John McGiver (right)

09:30 AM Sounds And Silences

A man's obsession with loud noises prompts his wife's departure, which is followed by a radical change within himself.

Cast includes John McGiver, Michael Fox, Renee Aubry, William 'Billy' Benedict and Penny Singleton.


Jackie Cooper and Stafford Repp

10:00 AM Caesar And Me

Jackie Cooper plays a struggling ventriloquist who turns to crime, on advice from his suddenly vociferous dummy.

Cast includes Jackie Cooper, Morgan Brittany, Sarah Selby, Don Gazzaniga and Stafford Repp.


Richard Deacon

10:30 AM The Brain Center At Whipple's

Richard Deacon (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”) plays a factory owner determined to replace men with machines.

Cast includes Richard Deacon, Paul Newlan, Ted de Corsia, Thalmus Rasulala, Shawn Michaels and Bert Conroy.


Bonnie Beecher and Gary Crosby

11:00 AM Come Wander With Me

Gary Crosby plays a singing star who looks for an authentic folk tune in the hinterland, where he runs afoul of some locals.

Cast includes Gary Crosby, Bonnie Beecher, John Bolt and Hank Patterson.


John Van Dreelen and Martin Landau

11:30 AM The Jeopardy Room

Martin Landau plays a political refugee in a cat-and-mouse game with an assassin, whose penchant for artistry proves ill-advised.

Cast includes Martin Landau, John Van Dreelen and Bob Kelljan.


Gary Merrill and Vaughn Taylor

12:00 PM Still Valley

A Confederate scout (Gary Merrill) searching for Yankee soldiers finds them---frozen like statues.

Cast includes Gary Merrill, Vaughn Taylor, Mark Tapscott, Jack Mann and Ben Cooper.


Trevor Bardette, Gage Clarke, Katherine Squire and Joseph Wiseman

12:30 PM One More Pallbearer

A millionaire (Joseph Wiseman) offers three personal enemies shelter from an atomic war.

Cast includes Joseph Wiseman, Katherine Squire, Trevor Bardette and Gage Clarke.


Bill McLean, Robert Stevenson and Larry Blyden

01:00 PM Showdown With Rance McGrew

Larry Blyden as an impudent cowboy star whose self-assurance vanishes when he encounters the real Jesse James (Arch Johnson).

Cast includes Larry Blyden, Arch Johnson, Robert Cornthwaite, Robert Stevenson, Bill McLean, Troy Melton, Jay Overholts, Hal K. Dawson, Bob Kline and James Turley.


Richard Long

01:30 PM Person Or Persons Unknown

A man awakens to find no one---including his wife---knows him, and all evidence of his identity has disappeared.

Cast includes Richard Long, Frank Silvera, Shirley Ballard, Julie Van Zandt, Betty Harford, Edmund Glover, Michael Keep, Joe Higgins and John Newton.


Mickey Rooney

02:00 PM The Last Night Of A Jockey

Mickey Rooney delivers a solo performance as a disgraced jockey granted his greatest wish, but not without repercussions.


Constance Ford and Cedric Hardwicke

02:30 PM Uncle Simon

Cedric Hardwicke plays a discordant inventor, and Constance Ford his long-suffering niece, who finds no solace in his passing.

Cast includes Cedric Hardwicke, Constance Ford and Ian Wolfe.


Lee Kinsolving and Shelly Fabares

03:00 PM Black Leather Jackets

Shelley Fabares plays a romantic interest who's unaware that her fella is really part of an alien invasion force.

Cast includes Shelley Fabares, Lee Kinsolving, Michael Forest, Denver Pyle, Tom Gilleran, Michael Conrad and Irene Hervey.


Peter Falk

03:30 PM The Long Mirror

A deposed dictator warns his successor (Peter Falk) that the faces of his enemies will appear in the palace mirror.

Cast includes Peter Falk, Will Kuluva, Antony Carbone, Arthur Batanides, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Vladimir Sokoloff and Richard Karlan.


Gail Kobe and Don Gordon

04:00 PM The Self-improvement Of Salvadore Ross

An angry, spurned suitor (Don Gordon) finds that he can trade his physical assets for others', including years of their lives

Cast includes Don Gordon, Gail Kobe, Vaughn Taylor, J. Pat O'Malley, Douglass Dumbrille and Douglas Lambert.

Alphas - Syfy Video: 'Anger Management' Episode Trailer Airs Jul 25 '11

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Anger Management

ALPHAS - SYFY VIDEO: 'Anger Management' Episode Trailer Airs Monday, July 25, 2011 at 10/9C

An out of control Alpha puts the team's abilities to the ultimate test. Alphas Monday at 10/9c.

The team moves to new offices following the attack on Rosen; violent riots break out on the east coast, which are linked to a runaway teen.

Guest stars include Matt Bois, James Byron, Devon Graye, Deborah Odell, Joe Pingue, Callum Keith Rennie, Jimi Shlag and Saad Siddiqui.

'Cowboys & Aliens' - Access Hollywood Video Featurette: Harrison Ford Interview

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'COWBOYS & ALIENS' - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD VIDEO FEATURETTE: Which Stunts Did Harrison Ford Do For ‘Cowboys & Aliens’?

Harrison Ford chats with Access’ Maria Menounos about which of his stunts he did on “Cowboys & Aliens.” Did he get hurt at all? Plus, what does he think about the CGI in the film? Was it used too much or was it just right?

Torchwood: Miracle Day - What's On TV (UK): A quick chat with Eve Myles

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Torchwood 2

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - WHAT'S ON TV (UK): A quick chat with Torchwood star Eve Myles

Jul 21, 2011

The new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day, has brought some major changes, not least a move to America and a slew of big-budget action scenes. As always, at the centre of the drama alongside Captain Jack (John Barowman) is kick-ass former cop Gwen Cooper, played by Eve Myles.

TV&Satellite Week magazine caught up with the 33-year-old to find out what it was like taking Torchwood (BBC1, Thursday) to Hollywood...


... John Barrowman and I got up to a lot of fun on set... We did things like stealing golf buggies and going round the studio, beeping their horns - just having fun.

John also likes to prank me... We were filming in the desert in California and he hid in my trailer shower. I kept having conversations with people outside, so he was in there for about 45 minutes, getting cramp. When it came to jumping out at me and screaming like a banshee, he was sweating and looked a bit ill...

Torchwood: Miracle Day airs on Fridays at 10/9C on Starz in the US.

Supernatural - My Fanbase: Exclusive Interview with Matt Cohen

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SUPERNATURAL - MY FANBASE: Exclusive Interview with Matt Cohen

As a man in his mid 20s Matt Cohen played the father of the Winchester boys, John Winchester no less, on "Supernatural". Together with Amy Gumenick he portrayed the Winchester parents at young age. Here Matt talks about the good chemistry between the "Supernatural" actors and also tells us a little bit his other projects at one of which he met his wife...


... Q: You played the young John Winchester on "Supernatural". Did you study the way Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the older version of the character before shooting your scenes?

Matt Cohen: "I did study and watch Jeffrey's work on "Supernatural" before playing the role. Even more importantly I studied his portrayal of Denny on "Grey's Anatomy". The reason for this, is I play John before is really thrust into the dark side of demon hunting and I wanted him to have a naive innocence about him. I wanted him to be a real guy, that was experiencing the demon world for the first time..."

Eureka: Papermag: Neil Grayston Q and A

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Eureka season 4.5

EUREKA - PAPERMAG: Geek Peek: A Q&A With the Syfy Channel's Neil Grayston

By J. Everette Perry
Jul. 21, 2011

Canadian actor Neil Grayston plays the accident-prone, tech-a-holic scientist that crosses over on two wildly popular Syfy Channel shows: Eureka and Warehouse 13. Here, he shares with us his penchant for "rusty things," his thoughts on Comic Con and his favorite way to spend 50 cents...


... Q: What are your favorite classic sci-fi TV show and movie?

Neil Grayston: "Because it's no longer on the air, I'm going to say the Battlestar Galactica reboot is a classic, and it is my favorite. There's a lot of crossover between sci-fi and fantasy, so while not particularly sci-fi, Labyrinth is my favorite fantasy movie..."

Eureka season 4.5 airs Mondays at 8/7C on Syfy.

Game of Thrones - HBO Video: Comic Con Season One Recap

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Game 2

GAME OF THRONES - HBO VIDEO: Comic Con Season One Recap

The Closer - Paley Center for Media: An Evening with The Closer - Aug 10 '11

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The Closer 2

THE CLOSER - PALEY CENTER FOR MEDIA: An Evening with The Closer - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Evening with The Closer

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

In Person

Scheduled to Appear:

Kyra Sedgwick, "Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson”/Executive Producer
James Duff, Executive Producer

Phillip P. Keene, "Buzz Watson"

Anthony Denison, "Lt. Andy Flynn"

Corey Reynolds, "Sgt. David Gabriel"

Robert Gossett, "Commander Taylor"
Michael Paul Chan, "Lt. Mike Tao"

Jon Tenney, "Agent Fritz Howard"

Mary McDonnell, "Captain Sharon Raydor"

JK Simmons, "Asst. Chief Will Pope"

Plus additional members of the cast and creative team

TNT’s The Closer, cable’s reigning high-rated drama series, is finally drawing to a close itself (voluntary, that is), after this, its seventh and final season. Rest assured the show will leave its mark not only on the police genre, but on television in general, thanks largely to Kyra Sedwick’s Emmy-winning portrayal of Deputy LAPD Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, an idiosyncratic but supremely capable Georgia transplant who is part Blanche DuBois and part Jane Tennison. Sedgwick is backed by an impressive ensemble cast and creative team that have deftly blended mystery, character drama, and humor, making The Closer a longtime favorite of viewers and critics alike. Join us for a preview screening of an episode of the series, followed by a discussion with the cast and creative team.

Tickets for This Event:

Members: $15
General Public: $20

Torchwood: Miracle Day - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jul 22 '11 - Starz 10/9C

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Torchwood 2

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Friday, July 22, 2011

... Torchwood: Miracle Day

10:00 PM, STARZ

An angry Rex (Mekhi Phifer) searches for clues to the people behind the plot against Torchwood. A cult wearing eerie masks takes to the streets. Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) gives a provocative TV interview. Jack (John Barrowman) wonders what consciousness is driving the "miracle." Eve Myles also stars in the new episode "Dead of Night."

Warehouse 13 - Syfy Video: 'Of Monsters and Men' Episode 8

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WAREHOUSE 13 - SYFY VIDEO: 'Of Monsters and Men' Episode 8

Pete's confrontation ends badly while Artie cracks the secret to the rack's power.