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Sanctuary - The SciFi Guys: Robin Dunne Audio Interview Wed Feb 2 '11 8pm (GMT)

Source: The SciFi Guys

Sanctuary April


THE SCIFI GUYS - Robin Dunne Audio Interview Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 8pm (GMT)

Following on from the anarchy of last week’s Sci Fi Guys Awards show (now available to download free here), the guys return this week with special guest (courtesy of Robin Dunne!

Best known for his current role on the hit SyFy series Sanctuary as Doctor Will Zimmerman, Robin returns to the show and talks to Stuart about the death of Ashley Magnus, the now infamous Kali dance, the changes to Sanctuary’s episode number and he also apologies to a whole English county.

The guys will also bring you all the latest weeks happenings in the world of Sci Fi, Cult TV, Movies, Video Games, Anime and more. The anarchy begins at the usual time of 8pm (For those in the UK) on Wednesday 2nd February live from and listeners can also interact with the team during the show using twitter ( or they can join the forums and use all the new features which include a chat function, at or they can email the show via the following address


Fairly Legal - New York Post: Sarah Shahi Interview

Source: New York Post [follow link for complete article]

Fairly 2

NEW YORK POST: Sarah Shahi: I can not run in six inch Louboutins

January 21, 2011 by Jarett Wieselman

Millions of American's [have] met Kate Reed -- a zippy, zany court mediator who runs around San Francisco with the bounciest of hair and highest of heels. And while only one of those things will change in the episodes to come, I think star Sarah Shahi has found the perfect character for her special brand of exuberance.

But we had a couple questions base on the series premiere, so we rang up the equally perky star to talk about her new show, those heels and where both are going in the weeks to come...!

... PW: The first episode set up Kate's world nicely -- but in the weeks to come Richard Dean Anderson arrives to literally blow it up, right?

Sarah: Yes, he enters Kate’s life in a very mysterious way and he exits in the same way. But the information that he gives her sets up a lot of mystery – lots about Kate’s life that he didn’t know about before. And he definitely shakes her world up in a big way.


Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith and Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed

PW: Does that provide the episodes with a season-long throughline?

Sarah: Yea, that’s exactly what it does. To be honest, I don’t know if the network knew what they wanted at first. Don’t know if I’m supposed to say that, but … I’ll just be honest. At first it was something they wanted to address in every episodes, but then we realized we could hold some stuff back. So what his character brings does come up in every episode. It’s a mystery the audience will be teased with...

"Fairly Legal" airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA

Talk Show Appearances Schedule Week Jan 31 '11

Source: The Late Night TV Page [follow link for complete column] [appearances subject to change - check your local listings to confirm date, time, channel and guests]


Pauley Perrette guests on Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, January 31 on CBS. (Also: Justin Bieber and Best Coast)


Timothy Olyphant guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, February 1 on NBC. (Also: Helena Bonham Carter and One eskimO)

Fairly 2

Sarah Shahi guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, February 1 on ABC. (Also: Jamie Foxx)

Big Bang

Johnny Galecki guests on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, January 31 (syndicated). (Also: Barbara Walters, Leo Laporte, guest co-host Joy Philbin)

Jim Parsons guests on Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday, February 2 on CBS.


Stephanie Powers guests on The Talk on Monday, January 31 on CBS.

Vampire Diaries - Boston Herald: Michael Trevino Interview

Source: Boston Herald [follow link for complete interview]

Vampire Diaries

BOSTON HERALD: Howling at the moon

Michael Trevino gets a hairy shot at fame on CW’s ‘Vampire Diaries’

By Amy Amatangelo
Sunday, January 30, 2011

One werewolf transformation may be enough for Michael Trevino.

As Tyler on CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” (Thursday at 9 p.m. on WLVI [website], Ch. 56), Trevino became the mythological creature for the first time in a December episode. The grueling and explicit scenes took two days to shoot.

“That’s probably the hardest I’ve ever been pushed as an actor,” Trevino told the Herald in a telephone interview last week from Los Angeles.

There will be another full moon in Mystic Falls before the second season of the hit series is over. “As far as the transformation goes, I’m hoping it’s not anything like our first one. Let’s make some noises, cut to the moon, and cut down to wolf,” he said and then laughed...

Justified - NPR: Walter Goggins Audio Interview

Source: NPR [follow link for companion text article]


NPR: Walter Goggins: Playing Brother Boyd On 'Justified'

January 28, 2011

This interview was originally broadcast on May 26, 2010. Justified returns for a second season on Fx on February 9, 2011 at 10pm EST.

One of actor Walton Goggins' earliest moments on stage came at a Georgia hog-calling competition when he was just 10 years old.

"I walked up onstage, and they had to adjust the mike for sure, and just leaned up on my tiptoes and just let out the biggest hog call that has ever been heard in my family, certainly," he tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "And I won — I got a big trophy with a large hog on top. I have it in my office..."


Morenan Baccarin - V: 'Unholy Alliance' - Sneak Peek # 5

Source: SeriesUS You Tube channel


V: 'Unholy Alliance' Sneak Peek # 5 - Airs Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 9/8C on ABC

Erica tracks a former Mossad agent who leads the violent faction of the Fifth Column; Jack and priests from across the world speak out against the Visitors; Anna visits the Vatican to try to win over religious leaders.

Guest stars include Oded Fehr, Jane Badler, Teach Grant, Jay Karnes and Jonathan Walker.

Smallville - Collider - Erica Durance Interview

Source: Collider [follow link for complete interview}


COLLIDER: Erica Durance Interview SMALLVILLE

by Christina Radish Posted: January 30th, 2011

In its 10th and final season, the CW drama series Smallville is pulling out all the stops, as it concludes its modern retelling of a hero’s legendary origins. Throughout its popular run, it has continued to blend realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent (Tom Welling) soars toward claiming his birthright as Superman. With just half of the season remaining, fans of the show and its lead actors are starting to speculate about what they will get to see their beloved characters do before the show’s conclusion.

During a recent interview to promote the February 4th return of all-new episodes, actress Erica Durance talked about what she would like to see Lois Lane do before the end of the season, what she’s brought to the iconic role, the feedback she’s gotten from fellow Lois Lane actress Margot Kidder, what she loves most about Lois, the storylines and the superheroes she’s most enjoyed seeing on the show, being directed by Tom Welling, and what she’d like to keep from the set...


... Q: What do you most love about Lois, and is there anything about her that you wish you could change?

DURANCE: I don’t feel that I want to change anything about her. I think she just happened the way she was supposed to. I can’t go back and change it. But, I love that she’s flawed. I love that she’s human. You need that juxtaposed to the perfection of Superman. I think that’s part of why she’s written the way she’s written, and why she’s there. She just has this absolute loyalty for what is good and right and just, and it parallels what Superman is and what he embodies. I think that that’s why it works so well.

Stargate: TV Schedule Week January 31, 2011

Stargate TV schedule for the week of January 24, 2011:

[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule. Please confirm with your local listings for correct times.]


STARGATE The Original Movie (1994)

Cast includes Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Leon Rippy, Djimon Hounsou, Erick Avari and French Stewart.

Mon. Jan. 31 1:00 AM THMAX
Mon. Jan. 31 5:20 PM OMAX
Tue. Feb. 1 1:05 AM OMAX
Tue. Feb. 1 3:00 AM HBOLAT
Tue. Feb. 1 3:00 AM HBO
Thur. Feb. 3 11:30 AM HBOZ


STARGATE SG-1 (please check local listings to confirm Showtime time slot)

Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges.

Feb 1 05:00 PM Syfy Deadman Switch
Feb 2 05:00 PM Syfy Demons
Feb 3 05:00 PM Syfy Rules Of Engagement
Feb 5 01:00 AM Syfy Bad Guys

Fri. Feb. 4 8:00 PM SHOWX Politics
Fri. Feb. 4 8:45 PM SHOWX Within the Serpent's Grasp
Sat. Feb. 5 8:00 PM SHOWB 1969
Sat. Feb. 5 8:45 PM SHOWB Out of Mind
Sun. Feb. 6 10:00 AM SHOWB 1969
Sun. Feb. 6 10:45 AM SHOWB Out of Mind



Cast includes Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachell Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, Robert Picardo, Amanda Tapping, Kavan Smith, Christopher Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins.

Feb 1 02:00 AM Tabula Rasa
Feb 2 02:00 AM Missing
Feb 3 02:00 AM The Seer
Feb 4 02:00 AM Miller's Crossing

Weekend February 5/6 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Search and Rescue


Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Weekend of February 5/6 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Space

SciFi Daily - BBC America: Schedule Week Jan 31 '11 - Torchwood, The X-Files & Doctor Who

Source: BBC America

On BBC America, SciFi Daily beams in Torchwood at 3/2C, The X-Files at 4/3C and Doctor Who at 5/4C.

Schedule for week of January 31, 2011:



Season Two cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori and Gareth David-Lloyd.

Mon. Jan. 31 3:00 PM Dead Man Walking

The team faces their darkest hour as a deadly force wreaks havoc across the planet.

Guest cast includes Freema Agyeman, Skye Bennett, Paul Kasey, Joanna Griffiths and Ben Walker.

Tue. Feb. 1 3:00 PM A Day in the Death

Owen feels he needs an absolution following recent events and embarks upon a dangerous mission to retrieve a mysterious alien device.

Guest cast includes Freema Agyeman, Richard Briers, Christine Bottomley, Louis Decosta Johnson and Brett Allen.

Wed. Feb. 2 3:00 PM Something Borrowed

An alien shape shifter shows up in Cardiff the night before Gwen's wedding, threatening to ruin her big day.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, Nerys Hughes, Sharon Morgan, William Thomas and Robin Griffith.

Thur. Feb. 3 3:00 PM From Out of the Rain

Soon after an old movie theater reopens, bodies trapped between life and death emerge in the streets of Cardiff.

Guest cast includes Julian Bleach, Camilla Power, Craig Gallivan and Stephen Marzella.

Fri. Feb. 4 3:00 PM Adrift

Gwen makes a shocking discovery that reveals the darker side of Torchwood while investigating the disappearance of a local teen.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, Tom Price, Ruth Jones and Robert Pugh.


The X-Files

Season one cast includes David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Mon. Jan. 31 4:00 PM Darkness Falls

The agents investigate the fate of a group of loggers who've fallen victim to a swarm of deadly insects.

Guest stars include Jason Beghe, Tom O'Rourke, Titus Welliver and David Hay.

Tue. Feb. 1 4:00 PM Squeeze II (Tooms [original title])

Mutant cannibal Eugene Tooms (Doug Hutchison) is released from the mental institution. NOTE: Mitch Pileggi joins the series in this episode as Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner.

Guest stars include Doug Hutchison, Paul Ben-Victor, Mitch Pileggi, Henry Beckman, Jerry Wasserman, Glynis Davies and William B. Davis.

Wed. Feb. 2 4:00 PM Born Again

The soul of a murdered cop now resides in the body of a girl (Andrea Libman) and seeks revenge.

Guest stars include Brian Markinson, Mimi Lieber, Maggie Wheeler and Dey Young.

Thur. Feb. 3 4:00 PM Roland

The agents investigate the deaths of a group of jet-engine scientists.

Guest stars include Zeljko Ivanek, Micole Mercurio, Kerry Sandomirsky, James Sloyan and Suleka Mathew.

Fri. Feb. 4 4:00 PM The Erlenmeyer Flask

The agents learn of a Government experiment in which humans are being injected with alien DNA.

Guest stars include Lindsey Ginter, Anne De Salvo, Jerry Hardin and William B. Davis.


Doctor Who

Fifth season cast includes Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

Mon. Jan. 31 5:00 PM Waters of Mars

The Doctor lands on the planet Mars, at a base in peril. A creeping infection beneath the Martian surface threatens not only the human race but also the Doctor's most fundamental beliefs.

Cast includes David Tennant, Lindsay Duncan, Peter O'Brien, Aleksandar Mikic and Gemma Chan.

Tue. Feb. 1 5:00 PM The Eleventh Hour

The new regenerated Doctor has twenty minutes to save the world - and only Amy Pond can help him.

Guest stars include Nina Wadia, Marcello Magni, Annette Crosbie and Arthur Cox.

Wed. Feb. 2 5:00 PM The Beast Below

The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future where she finds all of Britain in a giant spaceship.

Guest stars include Sophie Okonedo, Terrence Hardiman, Hannah Sharp, Alfie Field and Christopher Good.

Thur. Feb. 3 5:00 PM Victory of the Daleks

The Doctor is summoned to blitz torn London by Winston Churchill - and the Daleks are waiting for him!

Guest stars include Ian McNeice, Bill Paterson, Nina De Cosimo, Tim Wallers and Nicholas Pegg.

Fri. Feb. 4 5:00 PM The Time of Angels

Don't blink - the Doctor hunts the last of the Weeping Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead.

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Simon Dutton, Mike Skinner, Iain Glen and Mark Springer.

Pioneers of Television - PBS: "Crime Dramas" Feb 1 '11

Source: PBS


PBS: Pioneers of Television - "Crime Dramas" Airs Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 8/7C

Preview: Crime Dramas

Pioneers of TV crime dramas, including Jack Webb ("Dragnet"), Desi Arnaz ("The Untouchables"), Bruce Geller ("Mannix" and "Mission: Impossible"), Bill Cosby, Angie Dickinson, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau and James Garner.

Pioneering television crime dramas established new rules for viewers, amping up the violence and the flash-quick dialogue; and delivering reluctant, but likeable, heroes who solve complex crimes in an hour of delicious television. Today, the genre has never been more popular, but it owes much of its winning formula to industry innovations developed in the 1950s and 1960s. For instance, the invention of the teleprompter helped actors deliver dialogue in quick, clipped sentences. New ways of shooting scenes, including the close-up and quick edits, ushered in new and exciting storytelling elements. Unlike Westerns, which tended to shoot panoramic scenes using wide shots that took in an entire landscape, crime dramas began to produce scenes that drew viewers close into an actor’s face, thus increasing the dramatic arc of the story. Several groundbreaking crime dramas also challenged stereotypes of the day, casting women and minorities in key roles.


Jack Webb’s popular radio drama, which dispassionately played out real-life crimes taken from the records of the Los Angeles Police Department, made the leap to television in 1951. This unusual show did away with fisticuffs and dramatic acting in favor of a documentary-like style that relied on authenticity for its street credibility. Unlike other crime dramas, “Dragnet” didn’t focus so much on the crime, but instead showed the after-effects of crime on victims and family members. Webb was an innovator, using teleprompters to help his actors deliver deadpan dialogue, and using close camera angles to break the barrier between viewer and actor. The show ratings were initially dismal, but NBC kept “Dragnet” on the air, and viewers eventually warmed to Webb’s approach.

"I Spy"

One of the first popular series in the “buddy genre,” the popular “I Spy” espionage crime drama relied heavily on the on-screen and real-life friendship between actors Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. This groundbreaking series debuted in 1965, just as America’s battle for civil rights was at a boiling point. “I Spy” made a splash by casting the first African-American actor, Cosby, in a lead role. Culp and Cosby decided the best way to handle the controversial casting, however, was to say nothing. They would portray a world where race was a non-issue. “[Cosby] came in and he said, ‘Listen, our television series is a statement by being a non-statement.’ I said, ‘Done,’ and we shook hands on it,” recalls Culp. “We never talked about it again.” Unlike many taut crime dramas before it, “I Spy” ventured into new territory by shooting in exotic locations and using famous landmarks as backgrounds for the duo’s crime-fighting adventures. Despite a rough start, in which comedian-turned-actor Cosby was nearly fired by the series producer, Sheldon Leonard, the fledgling actor turned in gifted performances, and he earned three Emmy Awards for his work on the series.

"Police Woman"

Actress Angie Dickinson starred in this crime drama series that successfully cast the first woman in a lead role. Dickinson portrayed tough-minded Pepper Anderson, a sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department, who often went undercover to nab the criminals. “Police Woman” was an immediate hit when it debuted in 1974, and its success paved the way for other female-lead crime dramas that followed, such as “Charlie’s Angels” and “Cagney & Lacey.” “I was a heroine. I loved being a heroine,” says Dickinson. “And I loved that [Pepper Anderson] was allowed to be sexy and still a hero. It’s not an easy combination.”

Watch the full episode. See more Pioneers of Television.

Being Human - Syfy Video Featurette: "Perfect Fit" Promo

Source: Syfy

Being Human

SYFY: Perfect Fit - Being Human

Being Human fits perfectly with Syfy because it puts real people in supernatural circumstances.

The Cape - NBC Video: "Dice" Sneak Peek Airs Jan 31 '11

Source: NBCTHECAPE You Tube channel

The Cape

THE CAPE - "Dice" Sneak Peek Airs Monday, January 31, 2011 at 9/8C on NBC

A savant (Mena Suvari) seeking revenge for her father's death targets Chess, who is preparing to reveal a device that may determine Palm City's fate. Vince sets out to defend Chess, realizing he must keep his nemesis alive to completely destroy him.

Guest stars include James Frain, Mena Suvari, Boris Kievsky and Izabella Miko.

First Wave - Syfy (US): Season One Marathon Feb 15 '11

Source: Syfy schedulebot


Banner courtesy of Online TV Database

FIRST WAVE - Season One Marathon Tuesday, February 15, 2011 on Syfy (US)

Synopsis: A reformed thief framed for his wife's murder discovers sinister aliens who plan to conquer Earth in the guise of humans in this sci-fi series executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

Cast includes Sebastian Spence, Rob LaBelle and Roger R. Cross.

08:00 AM Elixir

Cade suspects alien involvement when he poses as a relative of a woman who died after taking a potion that temporarily reverses the aging process.

Guest stars include Garwin Sanford, Mar Andersons, Tom Butler, Doris Chillcott and Ellen Dubin.

09:00 AM Speaking In Tongues

Cade becomes involved with the followers of a charismatic cult leader (Gordon Currie), who has conceived a twisted plan to save his people from the alien invaders.

Guest stars include George Buza, Kendall Cross, Gordon Currie and Mark Gibbon.

10:00 AM Lungfish

In rural Indiana, the discovery of bass that can breathe out of water leads Cade to suspect alien involvement---a theory that's reinforced when the fish begin to mutate into mammals.

Guest stars include Dana Brooks, Lorena Gale, Mitchell Kosterman, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion.

11:00 AM Book Of Shadows

In Salem, Ore., Cade poses as an investigator for the defense team in a murder case implicating a self-described witch, whose "powers" and testimony suggest an alien involvement.

Guest stars include Rob Lee, Camille Sullivan, William S. Taylor, Katharine Isabelle and Nicole Oliver.

12:00 PM Joshua

In forested Montana, Cade's on the run from law enforcers---and an intriguing alien (Roger Cross), who's posing as a U.S. marshal and is homing in on his quarry.

Guest stars include Christina Cox, Ben Derrick, Allan Franz, Tim Henry, Steve Makaj and Stephen E. Miller.

01:00 PM Marker 262

Outside a rural Missouri town, Cade and Crazy Eddie hurtle into a "quantum pocket"---similar to the Bermuda Triangle---where an alien posing as a teenage bully lures townspeople.

Guest stars include Brennan Elliott, Leigh Rachel Faith, Ingrid Kavelaars, Tobias Mehler and Stargate Atlantis' Kavan Smith.

02:00 PM Motel California

At a fashionable inn in a small California town, Cade investigates a hallucination case that's linked to Nostradamus writings---and to alien experiments to control human minds.

Guest stars include Ty Olsson, Sean Campbell, Robert A. Duncan and Peter Hanlon.

03:00 PM Breeding Ground

Posing as a track coach at a private school, Cade explores a probable tie between aliens and an orphaned teenage girl who's suddenly imbued with superhuman strength and speed.

Guest stars include Margot Finley, Susan Hogan, Tyron Leitso and Carolyne Maraghi.

Vampire Diaries - Zap2It Video: Michael Trevino talks love triangle

Source: Zap2It [follow link for companion text article]

Vampire Diaries

ZAP2IT: 'The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino talks love triangle: 'There's going to be awesome awkwardness'

By Carina Adly MacKenzie
January 27, 2011

In the final "The Vampire Diaries" episode of 2010, Michael Trevino gave us a powerful performance as Tyler endured the agony of transforming into a werewolf. When he stopped by our offices on Thursday morning, we had to ask him what he thought of the scene when all was said and done...