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Star Trek Enterprise - Syfy: Season Two Marathon Jul 12 '11

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Enterprise 2

STAR TREK ENTERPRISE - SYFY: Season Two Marathon Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cast includes Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park and Connor Trinneer.

08:00 AM The Catwalk

After rescuing a group of stranded aliens, the Enterprise is caught in a perilous ion storm, compelling the crew to retire to the safety of the ship's reinforced---but cramped---catwalk.

Guest stars include Scott Burkholder, Zach Grenier, Danny Goldring, Aaron Lustig and Brian Cousins.

09:00 AM Dawn

Trip is marooned after his shuttle is downed by an Arkonian pilot whose ship crashes on the same moon, while Archer's search is stalled by the Arkonians' distrust of T'Pol. Directed by Roxann Dawson (“Star Trek: Voyager”).

Guest stars include Brad Greenquist and Gregg Henry.

10:00 AM Stigma

T'Pol's health is jeopardized by a rare illness associated with mind melders. Because that sect is ostracized by Vulcan society, she tries to keep her disease a secret, while Dr. Phlox researches methods of treatment. Also: Phlox reunites with one of his wives (Melinda Page Hamilton).

Guest stars include Melinda Page Hamilton, Michael Ensign, Bob Morrisey, Jeff Hayenga and Lee Spencer.

11:00 AM Cease Fire

he Enterprise is caught in the midst of an age-old feud when Archer is ordered to mediate a bloody planetary dispute between the Andorians and their long-time Vulcan nemeses.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Combs, Gary Graham, Vaughn Armstrong, Christopher Shea, Suzie Plakson, John Balma and Zane Cassidy.

12:00 PM Future Tense

Archer's interest in a human body recovered from a crashed spacecraft takes a backseat to threats posed by the Suliban and the Tholians, both of whom seek the craft.

Guest stars include Vaughn Armstrong and Cullen Douglas.Soldier

01:00 PM Canamar

Following a seemingly successful first contact mission, Archer and Trip are charged with smuggling and imprisoned aboard a penal vessel, where several inmates plot escape.

Guest stars include Mark Rolston, Holmes Osborne, Michael McGrady and Sean Whalen.

02:00 PM The Crossing

Trip and several other members of the Enterprise crew are possessed by ghostly beings after the ship is swallowed up by a massive alien vessel.

Guest stars include Joseph Will, Matt Kaminsky and Steven Allerick.

03:00 PM Judgement

Archer (Scott Bakula) is put on trial by the Klingons and accused by a disgraced Klingon officer of having his battle-cruiser crippled by the Enterprise in a firefight, and of aiding rebels of the Empire, but he finds a friend in his defender, Kolos.

Guest stars include J.G. Hertzler, John Vickery, Granville Van Dusen, Daniel Riordan, Victor Talmadge and Helen Cates.

04:00 PM Horizon

Mayweather is granted leave to visit his family after the sudden death of his father, a cargo-ship captain. But his return to the old vessel is complicated by family tension. Meanwhile, Archer and Trip invite a reluctant T'Pol to see a movie.

Guest stars include Joan Pringle, Corey Mendell Parker, Nicole Forester, Adam Paul, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and Ken Feinberg.

Syfy: Time Travel Movies Marathon Jul 11 '11

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SYFY: Time Travel Movies Marathon Monday, July 11, 2011

Sound of Thunder

09:00 AM A Sound Of Thunder

A time-travel expedition to hunt dinosaurs results in a disastrous alteration of history.

Cast includes Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley, Armin Rohde, Heike Makatsch, Jemima Rooper, David Oyelowo, Wilfried Hochholdinger and August Zirner.

100 Milliion BC

11:00 AM 100 Million BC

Soldiers go back in time to retrieve a team lost during the Philadelphia Experiment, and they inadvertently unleash a carnivorous dinosaur in modern Los Angeles.

Cast includes Michael Gross, Christopher Atkins, Greg Evigan, Marie Westbrook, Phil Burke, Wendy Carter, Geoff Meed and Stephen Blackehart.

Land Time Forgot

01:00 PM The Land That Time Forgot

C. Thomas Howell directs and stars in this adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale in which dinosaurs threaten shipwreck survivors who are stranded on a mysterious island.

Cast includes C. Thomas Howell, Timothy Bottoms, Lindsey McKeon, Darren Dalton, Stephen Blackehart, Christopher Showerman and Patrick Gorman.


03:00 PM Dungeons & Dragons

Two thieves (Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans) try to stop an evildoer (Jeremy Irons) from seizing control of an enchanted empire.

Cast includes Jeremy Irons, Bruce Payne, Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans, Thora Birch, Zoe McLellan and Doctor Who's Tom Baker.

National Treasure

05:30 PM National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

Nicolas Cage is off on another treasure hunt in this formulaic sequel involving a missing page from John Wilkes Booth's diary, which leads to a globe-trotting race to find an ancient city of gold.

Cast includes Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren, Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Greenwood and Ty Burrell.

Stargate TV Schedule Week July 11, 2011 - (US)


[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule. Please confirm with your local listings for correct times.]


STARGATE The Original Movie (1994)

Cast includes Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Leon Rippy, Djimon Hounsou, Erick Avari and French Stewart.

Tue. July 12 4:30 AM HBO2
Tue. July 12 7:30 AM HB2


STARGATE SG-1 (please check local listings to confirm Showtime time slot)

Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges.


9:30 AM Sacrifices

On the eve of his son's wedding, Teal'c is caught in the midst of a Jaffa uprising after Ishta (Jolene Blalock) is taken hostage by Moloc, the Goa'uld behind the rebellion.

Guest stars include Jolene Blalock, Tony Amendola, Neil Denis, Mercedes de la Zerda, Royston Innes, Jeff Judge, Noah Danby, Steve Lawlor, Dan Payne, Simone Bailly and Dan Shea.

10:30 AM End Game

The theft of the Stargate leads to SG-1's encounter with a devious cabal seeking to add the alien technology to its arsenal as assassins stalk the Jaffa.

Guest stars include Brandy Ledford, Jonathan Holmes, Mark Gibbon, Rob Lee, Peter Bryant, Lucas Wolf, Benita Ha, Scott Owen, Barclay Hope, Rob Hayter and Chelah Horsdal.

11:30 AM Gemini

Amanda Tapping has a dual role when Carter's Replicator clone seeks SG-1's help in thwarting the Fifth (Patrick Currie), who has discovered a method of nullifying the Asgard's latest weapon.

Guest stars include G. Patrick Currie, Jason Emanuel and Dan Shea.

12:30 PM Prometheus Unbound

Daniel tries to persuade the survivor (Claudia Black) of a Gou'ald bloodbath to release the Prometheus, which she hijacked as part of a mission to find a home for her people.

Guest stars include Claudia Black, Don S. Davis, Ellie Harvie, Gary Jones, Eric Breker, Morris Chapdelaine, Christopher Pearce and Dan Payne.

1:30 PM It's Good to Be King

Wayne Brady guest stars as the leader of a Goa'uld invasion force when SG-1 comes to the aid of a threatened civilization ruled by Earth's own Harry Maybourne (Tom McBeath).

Guest stars include Wayne Brady, Tom McBeath, Nancy Sorel, Melanie Blackwell, Robert Bruce and Zak Church.

2:30 PM Full Alert

Cold War tensions resurface when the Russians suspect aliens have infiltrated the U.S. government. Their evidence: a compromising video of Kinsey (Ronny Cox).

Guest stars include Fran├žoise Robertson, Garry Chalk, Ronny Cox, Lucas Wolf, Barclay Hope, Chelah Horsdal, Mike Dopud, Joey Aresco, Hiro Kanagawa, Allan Gray and Dmitry Chepovetsky.

3:30 PM Citizen Joe

A troubled barber (Dan Castellaneta) threatens to bleed O'Neill white unless the Stargate commander publicly acknowledges the existence of the portal and SG-1.

Guest stars include Dan Castellaneta, Deborah Theaker, Eric Keenleyside, Louis Chirillo, Chad Krowchuk, Alex Ferris, Mark Hansen, Andy Thompson and Beatrice Zeilanger.

4:30 PM Reckoning - Part 1

As Jaffa resistance forces gather for an all-out assault to retake the holy city of Ta'kara, the system lord Baal (Cliff Simon) warns SG-1 about the return of a mutual foe.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Carmen Argenziano, Cliff Simon, Samantha Kaine, Mel Harris, Isaac Hayes, Jeff Judge, Dean Aylesworth, Rik Kiviaho, Vince Crestejo and Kevan Ohtsji.

5:30 PM Reckoning - Part 2

Conclusion. SG-1 searches for the only weapon that can stop the Replicators as the battle against the Goa'uld escalates.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, Tony Amendola, Cliff Simon, Eric Breker, Isaac Hayes, Jeff Judge, Dan Shea and Emy Aneke.


Sat. July 16 8:00 PM Enemies

The crew loses a member and must battle Apophis on a ship far from Earth.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, Peter Williams, Jennifer Calvert, Thomas Milburn Jr. and Dean Moen.

Sat. July 16 8:45 PM Threshold

In an attempt to free his mind from Apophis, Teal'c must undergo a trying Jaffa ritual.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Brook Susan Parker, Peter Williams, David Lovgren, Teryl Rothery, Eric Schneider and Karen van Blankenstein.

Sun. July 17 10:00 AM Enemies
Sun. July 17 10:45 AM Threshold



Cast includes Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachell Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, Robert Picardo, Amanda Tapping, Kavan Smith, Christopher Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins.


Wed. July 13 2:00 AM Common Ground

Sheppard is captured by a Genii commander and imprisoned beside a Wraith, who becomes a tool in negotiations to release Sheppard, as well as an unlikely ally, for his escape.

Guest stars include Robert Davi, Christopher Heyerdahl, Ryan Robbins, Chuck Campbell, Paul Lazenby and Geoff Redknap.


Thur. July 14 5:00 PM Lifeline
Thur. July 14 8:00 PM Lifeline

McKay and Sheppard prepare to steal a ZPM from the Replicator home world; Col. Samantha Carter links up with the Apollo to search for Atlantis.

Guest stars include Torri Higginson, Michael Beach, David Nykl, Bill Dow, David Ogden Stiers and Sharon Taylor.


Weekend July 16/17 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Be All My Sins Remember'd

The team takes on Replicators in a two-pronged attack as the Apollo and the Daedalus face an armada, while McKay works with a Wraith scientist to thwart their common foe. Further complicating things, Larrin (Jill Wagner) resurfaces.

Guest stars include Michael Beach, Mitch Pileggi, David Nykl, Jill Wagner, Brendan Penny, Michelle Morgan, Martin Christopher, Niall Matter, Jason Coleman and Patricia Cullen.


Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.


Weekend July 9/10 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Divided

Dr. Nicholas Rush and Chloe suffer nightmares following their ordeal on the alien vessel, and Rush suspects that a tracking device may have been placed on the ship's hull. Later, a splinter group on Destiny executes a coup with life-threatening consequences.

Guest stars include Alisen Down, Anna Galvin and Darcy Laurie.

Outcasts - BBC America Video: Episode 5 Sneak Peek Airs Jul 16 '11

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OUTCASTS - BBC AMERICA VIDEO: Episode 5 Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 9/8C

Patrick Baxter, a Carpathian legend who was presumed to be dead, arrives in Forthaven. Meanwhile, Cass and Fleur venture into unexplored zones of the planet; and Tate deals with Berger's growing power base.

Guest stars include Gary Lewis and Juliet Aubrey.

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America Video: 'Flesh and Bone' Sneak Peek Airs Jul 16 '11

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - BBC AMERICA VIDEO: 'Flesh and Bone' Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 8/7C

Adama assigns Starbuck to interrogate a Cylon prisoner (Callum Keith Rennie) who claims to have planted a nuclear warhead somewhere within the fleet, leading to an intense battle of wits and wills; an uncertain Boomer asks Baltar to test his Cylon detection device on her; and Number Six schemes to keep Helo on Caprica.

Guest stars include Callum Keith Rennie, Matthew Bennett, Christina Schild, Eric Breker and Biski Gugushe.

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America Video: 'Six Degrees of Separation' Sneak Peek Airs Jul 16 '11

Source: BBC America


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - BBC AMERICA VIDEO: 'Six Degrees of Separation' Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 7/6C

A spat with Number Six over metaphysics sends Baltar into a panic when she appears on the Galactica in the persona of a woman who accuses him of treason. Meanwhile, the president has a collapse; Tyrol tinkers with the Cylon raider piloted by Starbuck as she struggles to recover from her injuries; and Boomer and Helo try to elude Cylon pursuers on Caprica.

Guest stars include Donnelly Rhodes, Nicki Clyne, Christina Schild and Biski Gugushe.

SciFi Daily - BBC America Schedule Week July 11 '11 - Star Trek: The Next Ge

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SciFi Daily schedule for week of July 11, 2011:

NOTE: SciFi Daily is pre-empted on July 12 for a Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape Marathon.


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.

Mon Jul 11 4:00 PM Imaginary Friend

The imaginary friend of a girl (Noley Thornton) comes to life when the Enterprise enters a section of space inhabited by a strange form of energy.

Guest stars include Noley Thornton, Shay Astar, Jeff Allin, Brian Bonsall, Patti Yasutake and Sheila Franklin.

Wed Jul 13 4:00 PM I, Borg

The Away Team discovers an injured adolescent Borg (Jonathan Del Arco), whom they bring aboard the ship and nurse back to health, creating mixed emotions among the crew.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco.

Thur Jul 14 4:00 PM The Next Phase

La Forge and Ro (LeVar Burton, Michelle Forbes) are assumed to be dead when they vanish during transport back to the Enterprise from a Romulan science ship.

Guest stars include Michelle Forbes, Thomas Kopache, Susanna Thompson, Shelby Leverington, Brian Cousins and Kenneth Meseroll.

Fri Jul 15 4:00 PM The Inner Light

After being hit by an emission from a primitive space probe, Picard finds himself living another man's life on a planet doomed by drought.

Guest stars include Margot Rose, Richard Riehle, Scott Jaeck, Jennifer Nash, Patti Yasutake and Daniel Stewart.

Doctor Who May 22

Doctor Who

Doctor Who season two cast includes David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Mon Jul 11 5:00 PM Tooth and Claw

The Doctor and Rose have to protect Queen Victoria, but can anything stop the Empire of the Wolf?

Guest stars include Pauline Collins, Ian Hanmore, Michelle Duncan, Derek Riddell, Jamie Sives and Ron Donachie.

Wed Jul 13 5:00 PM School Reunion

The Doctor investigates a contemporary London school which is being haunted by strange, bat-like creatures at night. While at the school, the Doctor finds his old friend, Sarah Jane Smith, already working undercover. Both have old scores they must settle.

Guest stars include Noel Clarke, Anthony Head, Elisabeth Sladen, Rod Arthur, Eugene Washington, Heather Cameron-McLintock, Joe Pickley, Ben Smith, Clem Tibber and Lucinda Dryzek.

Thur Jul 14 5:00 PM The Girl In The Fireplace

The Doctor finds love - and evil droids - in 18th-century France. Madame de Pompadour is being haunted by a stranger called the Doctor. Can he save her from the clockwork killers?

Guest stars include Noel Clarke, Sophia Myles, Ben Turner, Jessica Atkins, Angel Coulby, Gareth Griffiths, Paul Kasey and Ellen Thomas.

Fri Jul 15 5:00 PM Rise Of The Cybermen

Part 1 of a two-part story. The Tardis is trapped on a parallel Earth and Rose discovers that her father is still alive. But sinister forces are at work, and British society is being prepared for the Ultimate Upgrade.

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Shaun Dingwall, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Andrew Hayden Smith, Don Warrington, Mona Hammond, Helen Griffin, Colin Spaull, Paul Antony-Barber and Adam Shaw.

Eureka - Scifi Stream: Tembi Locke Interview

Source: SciFi Stream [follow link for complete interview]

Eureka July 11

EUREKA - SYFY STREAM: A Conversation with Eureka‘s Tembi Locke

July 5, 2011
By Chad Colvin

While the annual pilgrimage to Vancouver for the Creation Entertainment Official Stargate convention is always fun, I flew to British Columbia this spring with the knowledge that this year’s trip — intended to be my last for some time — was going to be especially awesome. Just a few scant days prior to the trip, I received an official invite to visit Vancouver Film Studios — home to series like Hellcats and Fringe. But the reason for my visit was to spend time on the sets of Syfy’s summer hit series Eureka.

Over the course of a day and a half, the production team at Eureka granted us amazing access … including tours of all the sets, the chance to sit behind the cameras watching dailies of next summer’s early Season Five episodes being filmed, and exclusive one-on-one sitdowns with the entire cast of the series. As we lead up to the premiere of Season 4.5 on July 11, SciFi Stream is proud to present this daily interview series for Eureka fans!

Our first chat is with Tembi Locke, who joined the series last summer (at the beginning of Season Four) as Dr. Grace Monroe. During our talk, Tembi talks about her acting roots, her experiences on another cult favorite sci-fi series, her time on Eureka thus far, and some tiny tidbits of what may be to come!

Special thanks go to the Syfy network, NBC Universal, Vancouver Film Studios, Jaime Paglia, Matt Hastings, Eric Wallace and the entire Eureka production team for their support and graciousness...


... SFS: What qualities does Eureka have in your mind that make it stand out from other genre series and why do you think some of the franchises that have been out there that were previously successful are having more trouble now? What do you think has changed?

TL: "You know, that’s a complex question. You know … to get into the mind of television execs and the audience and sort of where we are in the world right now. I can speak first to what I think people resonate with with Eureka, which is that balance of both the humor, the science and the heart. Its overall tone, and holding those in equal measure."

SFS: Do you think that part of it, too, is that there’s so much going on in the world today that the escapism ...

TL: "Absolutely! Absolutely. I think it’s important. And also the fact that this is a show that I feel like a family could sit down in front of. A 10-year-old kid is going to be totally hooked into the science and the gadgetry and the inventions that are coming up. The parents are connected to what the show is saying overall about where science is and how government fits into the role of science. You can just connect to the relationships that are involved. I mean, there is something for everyone. I think all shows have that, but Eureka finds that unique balance with it. It’s great..."

The Closer - Boston Herald: Kyra Sedgwick Interview

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THE CLOSER - BOSTON HERALD: Sedgwick closes in on end of ‘Closer’

By Amy Amatangelo
Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kyra Sedgwick took a year to decide that it was time to leave “The Closer.”

It was a really agonizing decision,” Sedgwick told the Herald in a recent telephone interview. Last year, the actress won an Emmy for her portrayal of Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. The series remains one of cable’s top-rated shows.

I just felt like, as an actor, I really wanted to do other things creatively, and I just felt like, ‘Let’s leave when everybody still wants us around,’ ” she said. “And I have been away from my family for six months out of every year for the last seven years. That’s a lot, and you miss a lot of things.


Kyra Sedgwick and Jon Tenney

"The Closer” begins its seventh and final season tomorrow at 9 p.m. on TNT. Ten episodes air this summer, five in the winter and the six final ones next summer. Though Sedgwick doesn’t know how the series will end, the premiere kicks off a story that finds Brenda at the center of an internal investigation.

This whole season is really about her come-uppance,” she said. “All the years in which she’s elicited confessions in a morally, legally ambiguous way comes back to kick her in the butt this year. She really comes up against the politics of the system. I don’t want her to leave on a bad note, but it needs to be something really compelling for her to think, ‘It’s time. I have to go.’ And we are leading up to that...

Alphas - Starry Constellation Magazine: Warren Christie and Zak Penn Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]


ALPHAS - STARRY CONSTELLATION MAGAZINE: Warren Christie and Zak Penn Interview

by: Jamie Steinberg

... Q) Zak, can you talk about the Alphas and how they’re a metaphor for tapping into your true potential as opposed to superheroes?

Zak Penn: "Well interestingly, I mean, obviously when you do a superhero movie usually that is working on a metaphorical level, right, because no matter how Jean Grey’s struggle with turning into Phoenix is obviously so extreme but it’s operating on a metaphorical level. I think with Alpha’s part of the point is these people’s abilities and problems are so close to reality that sometimes it’s not only not metaphorical, it allows us to actually tell the same human story. You look at Hicks’ story. It’s pretty close to the story that any of us would have who have a talent that kind of we have trouble managing. Even look, there’s a long history of writers who have an instrument that they can access occasionally but when they can’t they turn to drinking or turn to other things to manage that problem. And Warren can speak better to this but we really tried to keep both the upside and the downside of their problems so close to human that we end up writing stories that are, I mean, I don’t mean to get all semantic and a lecture about semantics versus metaphorical but it’s actually a real - it’s fun. I mean, on the X-Men it’s pretty hard to write a story about Wolverine’s problems, paying his rent and working in a grocery store, whereas with Hicks those are real issues."

Warren Christie: "And byproducts from what has led him up to this point in his life. Like Zak said, I think Hicks sees this as much more of a curse than a gift because he has known there has been something different about him but it seems to always have failed him at the biggest times. So because of that, like Zak pointed out, because Hicks is so agile you can have something like a professional athlete. Professional athletes go through a lot of different things where they have these highs and then because of that they have these very big lows. And I think it’s that fine line and that balancing at that is what makes each of the characters so rich in the show..."


Warehouse 13 - Starry Constellation Magazine: Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti and Saul Rubinek Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Warehouse 13 July 11

WAREHOUSE 13 - STARRY CONSTELLATION MAGAZINE: Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti and Saul Rubinek Interview

by: Jamie Steinberg

... Q) You’re well into Season 3 now, you’ve done a lot of episodes. Can you tell me what your favorite episode has been so far?


Allison Scagliotti: "My favorite happens right in the middle of the season, it’s episode six, called Don’t Hate the Player. And this episode has everything. It’s probably our most absurd, to date, I think in the history of Warehouse. There are sort of Tron-meets-Dungeons-and-Dragons episode with an amazing guest cast. We all plus get to do crazy things and play sort of heightened versions of ourselves and also very different versions of ourselves. And that’s the episode that heralds the return of Mr. (Neil Grayson) to Warehouse 13."


Eddie McClintock: "I would say Don’t Hate the Player is definitely one of my favorites in the - of the season. It’s things like that just start being - they just started being done on television. The fact that we got it by the network and they let us make the show, it speaks a lot towards the amount of confidence that they have in our writers and our show runner and Jack Kenny and us as actors to pull this off. It was so much fun and like Allison said, there’s really some absurd stuff but it’s actually funny. It’s not just silly and stupid. It’s stuff that will make you laugh which obviously is always very important. My other favorite would be, there’s an episode called Love Sick where I had to play being drunk and - and for quite a bit of it and it’s always - I’ve only had to maybe do that one other time. But it was really challenging for me to walk the line between someone playing drunk and someone who’s actually looks the part. So because that was a big challenge for me as an actor, I’ll be interested to see how it turned out. And I hear that it turned out okay. So I guess the payoff is that it’s always nice when you’re trying to convey something and you’re able to actually do that. So those were my two favorites, I’d say."


Saul Rubinek: And that episode, Love Sick, was one of my favorites too and the other one too that you mentioned, Don’t Hate the Player, I got to play a kind of Artie - you know, as if he were doing a Monty Python movie. And it was an offshoot of Artie. And in Love Sick, Artie’s bedroom is introduced and it’s an extraordinary set; gets used a couple of times during the season. Terrific times. But what - this is an opportunity and I think Allison and Eddie will join in is to talk about the unsung hero. We’ve sung praises of Jack Kenny and our co-stars and how well we get along and we have wonderful guest stars. But the unsung hero of our series is really Franco De Cotiis, who is our production designer who is a magician, who has created a look for this show that I will - I really believe he should be nominated for an Emmy..."

Torchwood: Miracle Day - New York Magazine: John Barrowman Interview

Source: New York Magazine [follow link for complete interview]


TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Torchwood’s John Barrowman on ‘Man Sex,’ Glee, and Closeted A-Listers

By: Gwynne Watkins

After six years as the Doctor Who universe's token Yankee, John Barrowman is coming to America. Torchwood: Miracle Day (a Starz/BBC co-production) brings the U.K. alien-investigation drama Stateside, with Barrowman's swaggering, omnisexual time-traveler Captain Jack Harkness engaged by the CIA to determine why people are no longer dying. In this fourth installment, Torchwood has evolved into something less Doctor Who and more Battlestar Galactica: a bleak, high-tension sci-fi thriller. For Barrowman, it's the role of a lifetime, not least of all because he's channeled his U.K. fame into a virtual one-man entertainment franchise. The actor-singer-dancer is a popular British-TV host, theatrical star, and cabaret performer, as well as an outspoken role model for handsome gay actors everywhere. Vulture spoke to Barrowman about Captain Jack's revitalized sex life, Torchwood's darker direction, the big gay secret of Hollywood, and whether the actor missed a golden opportunity by doing sci-fi in the age of Glee...


... Q: One thing I noticed about the new series is that it remains fairly earthbound. Are we going to see any pterodactyls?

John Barrowman: "You know, every year Torchwood has become something a little different than it was before. It's still sci-fi, but it doesn't just deal with spaceships and aliens all the time, because we've done that. Our science fiction is more psychological. Our sister show, Doctor Who, is the one that does that: talking cats and cybermen and Daleks. Which is brilliant. But we're something completely different now. That's not to say that it will never happen..."

Eureka - SciFi Stream: Neil Grayston Interview

Source: SciFi Stream [follow link for complete interview]

Eureka July 11

EUREKA - SCIFI STREAM: A Conversation with Eureka‘s Neil Grayston

July 7, 2011
By Chad Colvin

Today’s installment of SciFi Stream’s interview series with the full cast of Eureka — number three of seven — belongs to none other than actor Neil Grayston, who has portrayed Douglas Fargo on the series since its inception. In our chat with Neil he discusses his acting roots, how much Fargo has changed since the pilot, last summer’s crossover event with Warehouse 13, and much more!

Special thanks go to the Syfy network, NBC Universal, Vancouver Film Studios, Jaime Paglia, Matt Hastings, Eric Wallace and the entire Eureka production team for their support and graciousness...


... SFS: You’re already filming Season Five as we speak and you’ve lived with the character for years now. What aspects of Fargo would you still like to see explored going forward that haven’t been touched on yet?

NG: "It kind of has been touched on, but I’d like to see his family again. They had the grandparent but that was like Season One, I think. So it’d be nice to see that side of him now rather than just have him be alone.

You’re going to see a lot more, especially in the second half of Season Four. There’s a lot more interpersonal relationship kind of stuff where he really does actually connect with people on a more mature level. I liked seeing that going on. I mean, I would never want it to get into super soap opera territory or anything like that, because there’s still got to be the funny and the interesting and the pushing buttons, making things blow up...

Falling Skies - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jul 10 '11 - TNT 10/9C

Source: MSN TV [follow link for complete column]

Falling Skies

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Sunday, July 10, 2011

... Falling Skies

10:00 PM, TNT

Hal (Drew Roy) has a plan to rescue some teenagers who have been captured by the aliens, but implementing it could require him to put someone at risk. A sudden tragedy leads Anne (Moon Bloodgood) to a discovery that could be critical to Hal's plan. Noah Wyle and Will Patton also star in the new episode "Silent Kill."

The Closer - Video: 'Unknown Trouble' Preview Airs Jul 11 '11 - TNT 9/8C

Source: You Tube


THE CLOSER - VIDEO: 'Unknown Trouble' Preview Airs Monday, July 11, 2011 at 9/8C on TNT

The Closer cast includes Michael Paul Chan, Phillip P. Keene, Raymond Cruz, Corey Reynolds, Jon Tenney, Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Robert Gossett, G.W. Bailey and Anthony John Denison.

The seventh and final season kicks off with Brenda investigating the shootings of a rap star and six bystanders. Meanwhile, Delk (Courtney B. Vance) gets set to announce seismic organizational changes; and a civil suit targets Brenda and the department.

Guest stars include Courtney B. Vance, Sandi McCree and Ciera Payton.

Masterpiece Mystery - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jul 10 '11 - PBS 9/8C

Source: MSN TV [follow link for complete column]


MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Sunday, July 10, 2011

... Masterpiece Mystery!

9:00 PM, PBS

Julia McKenzie is back as Agatha Christie's detective in the new episode "Miss Marple, Series VI: The Pale Horse." Miss Marple's old friend (Nicholas Parsons) is found murdered, and when she receives a list of names sent by the victim before his death, she seeks justice. Lynda Baron, JJ Feild and Jodie Hay also star.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video: 'Rendition' Episode Trailer Airs Jul 15 '11

Source: Starz You Tube channel


TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - STARZ VIDEO: 'Rendition' Episode Trailer Airs Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10/9C

After the Torchwood team reunites, Jack comes to the realization that he may be the most vulnerable man on Earth. Meanwhile, a flight headed for the United States galvanizes into a pivotal battle for survival.

Guest stars include Lauren Ambrose, Veronica Diaz, Dollhouse's Dichen Lachman, Tom Price, Tug Coker, Amy Benedict, Ewan Chung, Jeffery Self, Marina Benedict and Ronobir Lahiri.