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Simon Baker - The Mentalist - Video: "Bloodhounds" Episode Trailer Airs Jan 20

Source: CBS You Tube channel

The Mentalist - Bloodhounds Airs Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 10/9C on CBS.

When Patrick Jane and the CBI must work with a criminal profiler, Dr. Montague, to solve a double murder, it becomes a competition for Jane to prove that his methods are superior on the next episode of the Mentalist.

Guest stars include Patricia Rae, James McCauley, Alejandro Furth, Silas Weir Mitchell, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Linda Park, Richard Gunn and David Kelsey.

Patricia Arquette - Medium - Video: "Me Without You" Episode Trailer

Source: CBS You Tube channel

Medium - Me Without You

In the series finale, Allison begins a new career as a lawyer and Joe lands a new job. These developments lead the couple in opposing directions and have a lasting impact on the DuBois family.

Guest stars include Jacob Vargas, Roger Bart, Lily Knight and Charlie Koznick.

The Big Bang Theory - Video: "The Love Car Displacement" Airs Jan 20 '11

Source: CBS You Tube channel

The Big Bang Theory - The Love Car Displacement

Tension runs high when everyone is staying at the same hotel for a science event and Bernadette runs into her ex-boyfriend on the next episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Guest stars include Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and Rick Fox.

Law & Order: UK - NPR: Jamie Bamber and Bradley Walsh Audio Interview

Source: NPR [follow link for complete text article]


Bamber, Walsh Still Imposing 'Order' On BBC America

by NPR Staff

January 15, 2011

When Dick Wolf's original Law and Order didn't return for a 21st season, fans of the show were bereft. There's still plenty in the way of spin-offs — Law and Order: L.A., anyone? — and knock-offs, of course. But the heart of Law and Order lies in the screech of subways, sausage and falafel carts, all the din and clatter of street life.

Which is why Wolf took his show across the pond to London last year.

Law and Order: UK began its second season on BBC America this week. Like the original, it has stories ripped from the headlines and wisecracking cops in trench coats walking into the squad room and debating the minutiae of everyday life. But there are cultural differences: the barristers — lawyers, to us ex-colonists — still wear powdered wigs in the queen's courts. They don't talk directly to the jury, or not much; they're not allowed to pace dramatically before the bench as they make their case.

"There are certain little things about our system that are particular," actor Jamie Bamber tells NPR's Scott Simon. "We have to sort of celebrate them, because that's what makes our show worth doing, as opposed to airing reruns of the original..."


Law & Order: UK airs Friday at 9pm on BBC America.

Fringe - Video: NEW Promo

Source: You Tube

Fringe new promo

NEW Fringe episode airs on a NEW night, Friday, January 21 at 9pm on FOX.

Warehouse 13 - Syfy: Audio Podcasts

Source: Syfy [follow link for more download options]


WAREHOUSE 13 - Season Two Audio Podcasts

NOTE: Updated October 19, 2011

With the Warehouse 13 podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by the cast and crew about each episode, while you're watching it.

Beware of spoilers! Although the commentary is provided before you watch the episode, it is meant to be listened to while watching the episode. Listening to it beforehand might ruin certain dramatic surprises.

Also, commentary by the cast is presented unedited and uncensored, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 201 - Time Will Tell

Episode 202 - Mild Mannered

Episode 203 - Beyond Our Control

Episode 204 - Age Before Beauty

Episode 205 - 13.1

Episode 206 - Around the Bend

Episode 207 - For the Team

Episode 208 - Merge with Caution

Episode 209 - Vendetta

Episode 210 - Where and When

Episode 211 - Buried

Episode 212 - Reset


Queen 2

DOWNLOAD - Episode 304 - QUEEN FOR A DAY - With Jack Kenny, Allison Scagliotti and episode writer Holly Harold.

321 a

DOWNLOAD - Episode 305 - 3... 2... 1 - with Jack Kenny, episode writer Bob Goodman, Allison Scagliotti and Eddie McClintock

Zachary Levi - Chuck: Video - "Chuck's Back!" New episode Jan 17 '11

Source: NBC

Chuck - Chuck's Back!

The world's greatest nerd-spy returns with new episodes starting Monday at 8/7c, with "Chuck Versus the Balcony." Chuck and Sarah try to combine a romantic French getaway with a mission to find a specialized microchip. Meanwhile, Lester pesters Big Mike to help him sort out his troubled love life.

Guest cast includes Eddie Davenport, Jean-Christophe Febbrari and Patrick Weil.

Morena Baccarin - V: Video - 'Laid Bare" Episode Trailer

Source: ABC

V: Laid Bare - Airs Tuesday, January 18 at 9pm on ABC

Lisa's body undergoes changes; Anna dispatches Ryan to find Agent Malik after she goes missing.

Guest stars include Jane Badler, Michael Patric and Christopher Rosamond.

SciFi Daily - BBC America: Week Jan 18 '11 - Torchwood, The X-Files and Doctor Who

Source: BBC America

On BBC America, SciFi Daily beams in Torchwood at 3/2C, The X-Files at 4/3C and Doctor Who at 5/4C.

Schedule for week of January 18, 2011: [NOTE: No Monday SciFi Daily programming due to The Tudors marathon.]



Season one cast includes John Barrowman, Naoko Mori, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman and Gareth David-Lloyd.

Tue. Jan. 18 3:00 PM Combat

Owen goes undercover to investigate a series of weevil kidnappings and he comes across a shocking subculture.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, Alex Hassell and Paul Kasey.

Wed. Jan. 19 3:00 PM Captain Jack Harkness

Jack and Tosh investigate a possible breach in time that leads them to a dance hall in 1941, where Jack encounters a secret from his past.

Guest cast includes Matt Rippy, Murray Melvin, Elen Rhys and Nadine Beaton.

Thur. Jan. 20 3:00 PM End of Days

Season 1 concludes as the space-time rift opens and fragments of the past and future splinter all over the world.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, Murray Melvin, Tom Price and Caroline Chikezie.

Fri. Jan. 21 3:00 PM Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

The team have plenty of questions for Jack when he returns from a mysterious absence in the Season 2 opener, but first they must deal with a more pressing issue---the arrival of Jack's old partner, Capt. John Hart (James Marsters), whose agenda is unclear.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, James Marsters, Menna Trussler and Paul Kasey.


The X-Files

Season one cast includes David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Tue. Jan. 18 4:00 PM Eve

The probe of two deaths leads Mulder and Scully to their source: a genetic experiment gone wrong.

Guest cast includes Harriet Sansom Harris, Jerry Hardin, George Touliatos, Tasha Simms and Janet Hodgkinson.

Wed. Jan. 19 4:00 PM Fire

Mulder's old flame enlists his aid in tracking an arsonist who's able to set fire to things by touching them.

Guest cast includes Amanda Pays, Mark Sheppard, Dan Lett, Laurie Paton.

Thur. Jan. 20 4:00 PM Beyond the Sea

A death-row inmate claims his psychic powers can help Scully and Mulder rescue two kidnapped teens.

Guest cast includes Brad Dourif, Sheila Larken, Lawrence King-Phillips, Fred Henderson and Stargate SG-1's Don S. Davis.

Fri. Jan. 21 4:00 PM Genderbender

A person who can switch genders is committing murders that have ties to a religious community known as the Kindred.

Guest cast includes Brent Hinkley, Michele Goodger, Peter Stebbings, Kate Twa and Nicholas Lea.


Doctor Who

Tue. Jan. 18 5:00 PM The Unicorn and the Wasp

Donna and the Doctor travel to 1926, where they meet the revered crime novelist Agatha Christie (Fenella Woolgar) and stumble into a murder mystery.

Guest stars include Fenella Woolgar, Felicity Kendal, Tom Goodman-Hill, Christopher Benjamin, Felicity Jones and Adam Rayner.

Wed. Jan. 19 5:00 PM Silence in the Library

Mysterious shadows menace an abandoned library, the latest destination for Donna and the Doctor. [NOTE: The introduction of River Song's character.]

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon, Eve Newton, Jessika Williams, Steve Pemberton, Talulah Riley, O.T. Fagbenle and Harry Peacock.

Thur. Jan. 20 5:00 PM Forest of the Dead

With the library darkening, the Doctor takes on the Vashta Nerada while figuring out what links River Song to his future. Meanwhile, Donna finds out the mystery of Dr. Moon and the Girl.

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon, Harry Peacock and Steve Pemberton.

Fri. Jan. 21 5:00 PM Midnight

As part of a well-deserved holiday, the Doctor takes a bus tour on the planet Midnight. Little does he know that something is knocking on that bus' wall...

Guest stars include Billie Piper, Lesley Sharp, Rakie Ayola and Merlin's Colin Morgan.

Stargate: TV Schedule Week January 17, 2011

Stargate TV schedule for the week of January 17, 2011:

[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule]


STARGATE The Original Movie (1994)

Cast includes Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Leon Rippy, Djimon Hounsou, Erick Avari and French Stewart.

Mon. Jan. 17 1:35 AM THMAXP
Tue. Jan. 18 5:30 AM MOMAX
Tue. Jan. 18 8:30 AM MOMAXP
Wed. Jan. 19 3:10 PM THMAX
Wed. Jan. 19 6:10 PM THMAXP
Fri. Jan. 21 1:45 PM OMAX
Fri. Jan. 21 9:00 PM OMAX
Sat. Jan. 22 8:45 PM THMAX
Sat. Jan. 22 11:45 PM THMAXP


STARGATE SG-1 (please check local listing to confirm Showtime time slot)

Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. David, Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges.

Tue. Jan. 18 5:00 PM SYFY Holiday
Wed. Jan. 19 5:00 PM SYFY Show and Tell
Thur. Jan. 20 5:00 PM SYFY 1969
Fri. Jan. 21 5:00 PM SHOWX Enigma
Fri. Jan. 21 5:00 PM SYFY Seth
Fri. Jan. 21 5:45 PM SHOWX Solitudes
Sat. Jan. 22 1:00 AM SYFY Camelot
Sat. Jan. 22 5:00 PM SHOWB Holiday
Sat. Jan. 22 5:45 PM SHOWB Serpent's Song
Sun. Jan. 23 7:00 AM SHOWB Holiday
Sun. Jan. 23 7:45 AM SHOWB Serpent's Song



Cast includes Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachell Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, Robert Picardo, Amanda Tapping, Kavan Smith, Christopher Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins.

Tue. Jan. 18 2:05 AM SYFY Vengeance
Wed. Jan. 19 2:00 AM SYFY First Strike
Thur. Jan. 20 2:01 AM SYFY Adrift
Thur. Jan. 20 5:00 PM UHD Allies
Thur. Jan. 20 8:00 PM UHD Allies
Fri. Jan. 21 2:00 AM SYFY Lifeline

[NOTE: Syndicated episodes may vary. Some markets are a week behind in scheduling.]

Weekend of January 22/23 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Phantoms



Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Weekend of January 22/23 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Justice

Supernatural : Paley Fest 2011

Source: Paley Center for Media



The 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival

In addition to the previous announcement for Paley Fest 2011 (which included The Walking Dead, True Blood, Freaks & Geeks / Undeclared Reunion and American Idol), Supernatural has been added to the line up, according to a paleycenter tweet on January 14.

Full lineup to be announced January 19, 2011, with Premium Packages on sale.

Individual tickets on sale to Members: January 21.
General Public Tickets: January 23.

Holiday Gift Idea: Premium Festival Pass—on sale now.

This is a great gift opportunity for the media enthusiast in your life!

Premium Festival Pass includes:
One (1) guaranteed admission ticket to each star-studded PALEYFEST2011 event Premium seating for each Festival event Priority admission to each Festival event Exclusive invitation for one (1) person to attend select PALEYFEST2011 after-parties with surprise guests in attendance Free parking voucher for one (1) vehicle for each Festival event Voucher for concessions for each Festival event Limited edition PALEYFEST2011 Premium Festival Pass Souvenir Lanyard Deluxe PALEYFEST2011 Souvenir Program Complimentary one-year General Membership to The Paley Center for Media including free admission to our LA and NY facilities, discounts on tickets to Paley Center Public Programs, and more! BUY NOW

The Cape - Access Hollywood Video: Summer Glau & David Lyons Interview

Source: Access Hollywood

Access Extended: Summer Glau & David Lyons Discuss NBC’s ‘The Cape’

Summer Glau and David Lyons chat with Access at the 2011 NBC Winter TCAs about the fan response they have gotten to “The Cape.” Plus, how difficult has it been for David to lose the Australian accent? Lastly, do they both do their own stunts?

NEW episode of The Cape airs Monday, January 17 at 9pm on NBC.

Star Trek - Tavis Smiley: Video - Nichelle Nichols Interview

Source: PBS

Tavis Smiley Nichelle Nichols: Tuesday, 1/11

Tavis talks with actress Nichelle Nichols regarding her upcoming participation in PBS' "Pioneers of Television" special on SciFi on TV, airing January 18, and her attendance in New York at a special seminar for Pioneer Women of Television.

Click here for more information on Pioneers of Television.

Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley.

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Syfy Video: Making Of: Fight Scenes

Source: Syfy

Making Of: Fight Scenes

See how the cast and crew of Riese prepared for their action-packed fight scenes.

Stunt coordinator Kirk Jaques provides behind the scenes glimpses of Riese cast members, including Ryan Robbins, Emilie Ullerup, Alessandro Juliani, Stargate Universe's Patrick Gilmore and Stargate Atlantis' Sharon Taylor.

Watch the Riese: Kingdom Falling series online at Syfy.

Being Human - Syfy Video: "Crepes & Stakes"

Source: Syfy

Crepes & Stakes - Being Human : Sam Huntington's Video Blog

Sam takes you thru the beginning of his day on the "Being Human" set in Montreal.

Merlin - Syfy Video: "Goblin's Gold" Sneak Peek

Source: Syfy

Goblin's Gold - Sneak Peek - Merlin

Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Merlin. Friday January 21 at 10/9c.

Gaius is possessed by a Goblin and unleashes a trail of mayhem.

Guest cast includes Michael Cronin, Mark Williams, Duncan Meadows, Simon Nehan and Rupert Young.

Fringe - Video: Who is "He"?

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube channel

FRINGE - Who is "He"?

All-new episodes of FRINGE return FRI 1/21 at 9/8c!

Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and John Noble discuss who the "he" is the Observer was referring to in "Marionette" as being "still alive."

Eric Close - Chaos - Video: Behind the Scenes

Source: CBS You Tube channel

CHAOS - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of 'CHAOS' a new show about a group of rogue CIA operatives who have their own special way of doing things. Your mission: check out 'CHAOS' starting Friday April 1 on CBS!

Cast includes Eric Close, Christina Cole, Carmen Ejogo, James Murray, Tim Blake Nelson, Freddy Rodriguez and Kurtwood Smith.

Official CBS site.

CSI - Video: "A Kiss Before Frying" Episode Trailer

Source: CBS You Tube channel

CSI: - A Kiss Before Frying

The CSIs link a body with severe burn marks to possible execution by electric chair - and to a legendary Vegas murder on the next episode of CSI.

Guest stars include Dita Von Teese, Michael Adam Hamilton, Andrew Howard, Jim Pirri and Jon Wellner.

Behemoth - TV Guide: Tonight's TV Hot List: Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete column]

Tonight's TV Hot List: Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011



9/8c Syfy

Attention Eureka fans who have been missing that Nathan Stark guy: Ed Quinn, who reprised the role for a lone fourth-season episode last year, stars in this made-for-TV flick about a group of scientists who investigate volcanic activity only to discover a subterranean monster that becomes bent on wreaking havoc in a small town. William B. Davis (The X-Files) also appears.

— Michael Chant

View trailers here and here.

Merlin - Syfy Video: "Goblin's Gold" Episode Trailer

Source: Syfy

Goblin's Gold - Merlin

Gaius is possessed by a Goblin and unleashes a trail of mayhem.

Guest cast includes Michael Cronin, Mark Williams, Duncan Meadows, Simon Nehan and Rupert Young.

Syfy: Tooth and Nail Marathon Sunday, Jan 16 '11 PLUS: Being Human Previews

Source: Syfy schedulebot

Syfy has scheduled a vampire and werewolf movie marathon for Sunday, January 15, 2011. During the marathon, behind the scenes clips from their new series, "Being Human," will air.

SYFY - Tooth and Nail Marathon - Sunday, January 16, 2011


09:00 AM Dog Soldiers

In Neil Marshal's directorial debut, a squad of soldiers is sent out on what should have been a routine military exercise in the wilds of Scotland. But the excursion turns into a waking nightmare when Sgt. Harry Wells (Sean Pertwee) and his men discover the bloody corpses of Capt. Richard Ryan's (Liam Cunningham) battalion. As the sun goes down, the soldiers are tracked by a pack of werewolves determined to feast on their flesh.

11:00 AM Ginger Snaps Unleashed

This is sequel to Ginger Snaps, which picks up the story of high-school outcast Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins) after she's forced to kill her werewolf sister, Ginger (Katharine Isabelle).

Forced to flee her suburban home after killing Ginger, Brigitte is living in rundown motels, hiding her identity and dosing herself regularly with wolfsbane to counteract the werewolf curse she contracted from Ginger's blood. But wolfsbane isn't a cure; it only delays the onset of transformation, and Brigitte needs ever more frequent doses to keep from becoming a lethal she-bitch. Ginger is stalking Brigitte from beyond the grave.

Cast includes Emily Perkins, Brendan Fletcher, Katharine Isabelle, Tatiana Maslany and Susan Adam.

01:00 PM Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

The orphaned Fitzgerald sisters (Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins) trek across the Canadian wilderness during the 19th century. After visiting an Indian campsite and receiving a prophetic warning, the girls take refuge at a trading fort populated only by men. Soon, they learn of werewolves outside the walls. When Ginger is bitten and starts slowly changing, the sisters realize they must work to decipher the prophecy before it's too late.

Cast includes Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, Nathaniel Arcand, Hugh Dillon and Stargate SG-1's JR Bourne.

03:00 PM Never Cry Werewolf

A television-hunting-show host (Kevin Sorbo) helps a young woman (Nina Dobrev) take on a lycanthropic killer after locals start vanishing.

Cast includes Nina Dobrev, Kevin Sorbo, Peter Stebbings, Spencer Van Wyck and Melanie Leishman.


05:00 PM Red: Werewolf Hunter

Red (Felicia Day), a descendant of "Little Red Riding Hood," brings her fiancé home to meet the family, where he learns that they hunt werewolves. When a werewolf bites her betrothed, it's up to Red to save his life.

Cast includes Felicia Day, Stephen McHattie, Greg Bryk, Rosemary Dunsmore, David Reale and Stargate Atlantis' Kavan Smith.

07:00 PM Underworld

Toothless fantasy about a centuries-old war between vampires and werewolves.

Cast includes Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Sophia Myles and Wentworth Miller.

09:30 PM Underworld: Evolution

Gory sequel finds the bloodsucking heroine (Kate Beckinsale) tracing the origins of the ancient feud between the tribes of vampires and werewolves.

Cast includes Kate Beckinsale, Tony Curran, Derek Jacobi, Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen and Sophia Myles.

11:30 PM Skinwalkers

A pack of biker werewolves try to get their claws on a half-boy, half-wolf 12-year-old (Matthew Knight) who is destined to end their lineage when he turns 13.

Cast includes Jason Behr, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Natassia Malthe and Kim Coates.

01:30 AM Bloodrayne Deliverance

Rayne, the half-human/half-vampire warrior, ventures to America's 1880's Wild West to stop the vampired Billy the Kid and his posse of vampire cowboys.

Cast includes Natassia Malthe, Zack Ward, Michael Paré, Chris Coppola, Brendan Fletcher, Jodelle Ferland, Mike Dopud and Vincent Gale.


03:30 AM Ghouls

Kristen Renton plays a college student who uncovers a dark family secret after she accompanies her father on a trip to his home country.

Cast includes William Atherton, Erin Gray, James DeBello, Kristen Renton and Dan Badarau.