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Star Trek - TV Schedule Week Feb 28 '11

Source: IMDB

(Please confirm the time slots with your local listings. Schedule does not reflect HD scheduling.)



Cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.

BBC AMERICA (Episodes repeat at 11pm)

Tue. Mar. 1 8:00 PM Power Play

Troi, Data and O'Brien stage a mutiny on board the Enterprise after investigating a distress signal originating from an apparently uninhabited moon.

Guest cast includes Rosalind Chao, Colm Meaney and Michelle Forbes.

Wed. Mar. 2 8:00 PM Ethics

After Worf (Michael Dorn) is paralyzed in an accident, he is forced to choose between ritual suicide or experimental surgery.

Guest cast includes Caroline Kava, Brian Bonsall and Patti Yasutake.

Thur. Mar. 3 8:00 PM The Outcast

Riker becomes romantically involved with a member (Melinda Culea) of the J'naii---an androgynous race that prohibits male-female relationships.

Guest cast includes Melinda Culea, Callan White and Megan Cole.

Fri. Mar. 4 8:00 PM Cause and Effect

The Enterprise becomes trapped in a time warp, causing it to repeatedly experience the same fatal collision with another ship.

Guest cast includes Michelle Forbes, Patti Yasutake and Kelsey Grammer.

Sat. Mar. 5 6:00 PM Hollow Pursuits

A crew member (Dwight Schultz) acts out his frustrations in the holodeck and endangers the Enterprise by neglecting his engineering duties.

Guest cast includes Dwight Schultz, Charley Lang, Colm Meaney and Whoopi Goldberg.

Sat. Mar. 5 7:00 PM The Most Toys

Data's shuttlecraft explodes, but the crew is forced to proceed on its mission to aid a colony with a contaminated water supply.

Guest cast includes Nehemiah Persoff, Jane Daly, Colm Meaney and Wareouse 13's Saul Rubinek.


Tue. Mar. 1 6:00 PM Hollow Pursuits

A crew member (Dwight Schultz) acts out his frustrations in the holodeck and endangers the Enterprise by neglecting his engineering duties.

Guest cast includes Dwight Schultz, Charley Lang, Colm Meaney and Whoopi Goldberg.

Tue. Mar. 1 7:00 PM Devil's Due

The Enterprise comes to the aid of the Ventaxians, who are faced with the prospect of fulfilling a diabolical contract made by their ancestors.

Guest cast includes Marta DuBois, Paul Lambert and Marcelo Tubert.

Tue. Mar. 1 8:00 PM Darmok

While initiating relations with the Tamarians, Picard and the Tamarian ship's captain (Paul Winfield) are transported to a planet where both face a fierce beast.

Guest cast includes Richard Allen, Colm Meaney, Paul Winfield and Ashley Judd.

Tue. Mar. 1 9:00 PM Imaginary Friend

The imaginary friend of a girl (Noley Thornton) comes to life when the Enterprise enters a section of space inhabited by a strange form of energy.

Guest cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, Noley Thornton, Shay Astar, Jeff Allin, Brian Bonsall and Patti Yasutake.

Tue. Mar. 1 10:00 PM Phantasms

Data's dream program begins to produce nightmares that dangerously affect his behavior---but that may hold clues to unusual occurrences aboard the ship.

Guest cast includes Gina Ravera, Bernard Kates and Clyde Kusatsu.

Thur. Mar. 3 6:00 PM Yesterday's Enterprise

A time rift alters history and reunites its crew with Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) and with a ship thought to have been destroyed more than 20 years ago.

Guest stars include Denise Crosby, Christopher McDonald, Tricia O'Neil and Whoopi Goldberg.

Thur. Mar. 3 7:00 PM The Offspring

In an unauthorized experiment, Data builds another android (Hallie Todd), which chooses to take the form of a human female.

Guest stars include Hallie Todd, Nicolas Coster, Whoopi Goldberg and Judyann Elder.


Tue. Mar. 1 1:00 AM When the Bough Breaks

The advanced but sterile race of Aldea decide to remedy their plight by kidnapping children from the Enterprise, including Wesley (Wil Wheaton).

Guest stars include Jerry Hardin, Brenda Strong, Jandi Swanson and Paul Lambert.

Wed. Mar. 2 1:00 AM Coming of Age

Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, while Picard's performance as a commander is evaluated.

Guest stars include Ward Costello, Robert Schenkkan, John Putch and Robert Ito.

Thur. Mar. 3 1:00 AM Heart of Glory

Worf finds himself torn between two leaders when he learns that fugitive Klingons rescued by the Enterprise are plotting to reestablish their warrior race and want Worf to join their side.

Guest stars include Vaughn Armstrong, Charles Hyman, David Froman and Robert Bauer.

Fri. Mar. 4 1:00 AM The Arsenal of Freedom

While the crew searches for a missing spacecraft on the planet Minos, site of a lost civilization, Picard and Crusher (Gates McFadden) disappear.

Guest stars include Vincent Schiavelli, Marco Rodríguez, Vyto Ruginis, Julia Nickson and George De La Pena.

Sat. Mar. 5 1:00 AM Skin of Evil

After crashing the shuttlecraft onto Vagra 2, Troi is held hostage by a sadistic creature that delights in taunting the rescue team.

Guest stars include Mart McChesney, Walker Boone, Brad Zerbst and Raymond Forchion.


Enterprise 2

Cast includes Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park and Connor Trinneer.

Wed. Mar. 2 6:00 PM SYFY Stigma

T'Pol's health is jeopardized by a rare illness associated with mind melders. Because that sect is ostracized by Vulcan society, she tries to keep her disease a secret, while Dr. Phlox researches methods of treatment. Also: Phlox reunites with one of his wives (Melinda Page Hamilton).

Guest stars include Melinda Page Hamilton, Michael Ensign, Bob Morrisey, Jeff Hayenga and Lee Spencer.

Fri. Mar. 4 8:30 AM SYFY The Breach

The rescue of a damaged transport prompts the Denobulan Phlox to confront his prejudices when he treats an Antaran (Henry Stram), whose people are sworn enemies of Phlox's. Other Denobulans are holed up in an underground cave, where Trip, Reed and Mayweather are dispatched to retrieve them.

Guest stars include Henry Stram, Mark Chaet, Laura Putney and D.C. Douglas.

Fri. Mar. 4 9:30 AM SYFY Cogenitor

Enterprise's first contact with the Vissian race proves mutually rewarding until Trip befriends an alien couple's congenitor---a being used for breeding purposes only.

Guest stars include Andreas Katsulas, F.J. Rio, Becky Wahlstrom, Laura Stepp, Larissa Laskin and Stacie Lynn Renna.

Fri. Mar. 4 10:30 AM SYFY Regeneration

Enterprise searches for a party of missing scientific researchers who vanished from the Arctic after discovering a crashed spacecraft and its dormant cybernetic crew.

Guest stars include Vaughn Armstrong, Jim Fitzpatrick, John Short, Bonita Friedericy, Christopher Wynne and Paul Anthony Scott.

Fri. Mar. 4 11:30 AM SYFY First Flight

Stunned by the death of a former Starfleet rival (Keith Carradine), Archer grudgingly recalls their competitive relationship to T'Pol as they probe a nebula during a shuttle voyage.

Guest stars include Brigid Brannagh, Vaughn Armstrong and Keith Carradine.

Fri. Mar. 4 12:30 PM SYFY Bounty

A crafty Tellarite tricks Archer into boarding his ship to collect a bounty from the Klingons; T'Pol's mating cycle is kick-started after she is contaminated by a stray microbe while exploring a desert planet.

Guest stars include Jordan Lund, Robert O'Reilly, Ed O'Ross and Michael Garvey.

Fri. Mar. 4 1:30 PM SYFY The Expanse

The Enterprise is recalled to Earth after a mysterious alien probe kills millions. Complicating matters are the machinations of a vengeful Klingon.

Guest stars include John Fleck, Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Daniel Riordan, Bruce Wright, Dan Desmond and Josh Cruze.

SciFi Daily - BBC America: Schedule Week Feb 28 '11 - Torchwood, The X-Files & Doctor Who

Source: BBC America

On BBC America, SciFi Daily beams in Torchwood at 3/2C, The X-Files at 4/3C and Doctor Who at 5/4C.

Schedule for week of February 28, 2011:



Cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori.

Mon. Feb. 28 3:00 PM Ghost Machine

When Gwen retrieves an alien object from a fleeing thug, she’s haunted by a vision of a lonely young boy. As the team track down the object’s elusive owner, Owen experiences an even more terrifying vision and a long buried crime resurfaces.

Tue. Mar. 1 3:00 PM Cyberwoman

In the basement of Torchwood, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret. As a doctor attempts to rescue the soul of a half-Cybernised woman, a quiet day in Torchwood quickly becomes a nightmare. Has Ianto unleashed a force that will destory his colleagues?

Wed. Mar. 2 3:00 PM Small Worlds

Supernatural forces stalk the suburbs: but are they friendly or malevolent? And what do they want with the seemingly normal Pierce family? As nightmares of his past haunt Jack, can his old friend help him prevent the tragedy brewing in the suburbs?

Thur. Mar. 3 3:00 PM Countrycide

Concerned that the space-time rift is spreading, Torchwood investigates a series of gruesome deaths in a village. What sort of creature could cause such shocking injuries? Stranded without communications, and isolated, the team confronts the enemy.

Fri. Mar. 4 3:00 PM Greeks Bearing Gifts

Toshiko is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other people’s thoughts. As the rest of the Torchwood team puzzle over a skeleton, the pendant forces Toshiko to question her commitment: is her new-found ability a blessing or a curse?


The X-Files

Season two cast includes David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi.

Mon. Feb. 28 4:00 PM Fresh Bones

An apparent suicide may involve voodoo and a mental battle between the man (Daniel Benzali) in charge of a holding facility and the leader of its inhabitants.

Guest stars include Bruce A. Young, Daniel Benzali, Callum Keith Rennie, Steven Williams, Kevin Conway, Roger R. Cross and Stargate Universe's Jamil Walker Smith and Peter Kelamis.

Tue. Mar. 1 4:00 PM Colony

A CIA agent (Tom Butler) claims that Russian-made clones are being killed. But his story is contradicted by an unimpeachable source. Part 1 of two.

Guest stars include Peter Donat, Brian Thompson, Dana Gladstone, Megan Leitch and Tom Butler.

Wed. Mar. 2 4:00 PM End Game

Conclusion. Samantha (Megan Leitch) discloses the pilot's mission, and Skinner helps try to save Scully when the pilot demands her in exchange for Samantha.

Guest stars include Steven Williams, Peter Donat, Brian Thompson, Megan Leitch and Stargate SG-1's Colin Cunningham.

Thur. Mar. 3 4:00 PM Fearful Symmetry

After an elephant goes on a rampage killing a construction worker, witnesses say they saw the force but not the source.

Guest stars include Jayne Atkinson, Lance Guest, Jack Rader, Bruce Harwood and Tom Braidwood.

Fri. Mar. 4 4:00 PM Dod Kalm

The lone survivor of a missing Navy destroyer has rapidly aged, as has his ship, which the agents find in the Norwegian Sea.

Guest stars include John Savage, Vladimir Kulich, Stephen Dimopoulos, Claire Riley and Medium's David Cubitt.


Doctor Who

Season one cast includes Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke.

Mon. Feb. 28 5pm Dalek

Deep beneath the Utah Salt Plains, a billionaire has created a secret museum of alien relics. Among the items in his collection is The Doctor's oldest and most lethal enemy.

Guest stars include Steven Beckingham, Corey Johnson, Anna-Louise Plowman and Bruno Langley.

Tue. Mar. 1 5pm The Long Game

The Doctor and Rose travel 200,000 years into the future only to discover that mankind has hardly advanced at all. Who is "The Editor," and why is he holding mankind back?

Guest stars include Bruno Langley, Colin Prockter, Christine Adams, Anna Maxwell Martin and Simon Pegg.

Wed. Mar. 2 5pm Father's Day

Rose and The Doctor travel back to the day her father was killed in a car accident. When Rose ignores the Doctor's warnings not to interfere with the past, she puts the entire human

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Robert Barton, Julia Joyce and Christopher Llewellyn.

Thur. Mar. 3 5pm The Empty Child

It's London during the Blitz, but Nazi bombs aren't the only things falling from the skies, and Rose and The Doctor aren't the only time travelers in town. Part 1 of 2.

Guest stars include Kate Harvey, Albert Valentine, Florence Hoath, Cheryl Fergison, Damian Samuels and John Barrowman.

Fri. Mar. 4 5pm The Doctor Dances

Rose, The Doctor, and Captain Jack join forces to try and save London and all of mankind from the ever-growing zombie army. Part 2 of 2.

Guest stars include Albert Valentine, Florence Hoath, John Barrowman, Luke Perry and Damian Samuels.

Stargate: TV Schedule Week February 28 '11

Stargate TV schedule for the week of February 24, 2011:

[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule. Please confirm with your local listings for correct times.]


STARGATE The Original Movie (1994)

Cast includes Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Leon Rippy, Djimon Hounsou, Erick Avari and French Stewart.

Fri. Mar. 4 4:30 AM HBO2


STARGATE SG-1 (please check local listings to confirm Showtime time slot)

Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges.

NOTE: Syfy has moved SG1 from its 6pm weekday rotation slot to 1am.

Wed. Mar. 2 1:00 AM SYFY Redemption - Part 1

O'Neill is ordered to replace a teammate, and alien Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) wants the job; tragedy strikes Teal'c (Christopher Judge); an unidentified power source disrupts the portal.

Corin Nemec joins SG-1 for season six in this episode as Jonas Quin. Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Christopher Kennedy, David Hewlett, Garry Chalk, Neil Denis, Tobias Mehler, David Palffy and Aleks Paunovic.

Thur. Mar. 3 1:00 AM SYFY Redemption - Part 2

O'Neill and his team concoct a desperate plan to thwart an alien scheme to turn the Stargate into a doomsday weapon.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Christopher Kennedy, David Hewlett, Garry Chalk, Neil Denis, Aleks Paunovic and Aaron Douglas.

Fri. Mar. 4 1:30 AM SYFY Descent

A salvage operation goes wrong, leaving O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and his team trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in an alien mothership.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, Colin Cunningham, John Shaw and Peter DeLuise (who also directed).

Sat. Mar. 5 1:00 AM SYFY Abyss

An amnesiac O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) awakens to find himself the prisoner of a mysterious lord, and the only hope of escape lies with the return of an unlikely rescuer.

Guest stars include Dorian Harewood, Cliff Simon, Michael Shanks, Teryl Rothery, Ulla Friis and Patrick Gallagher.

Sat. Mar. 5 8:00 PM SHOWB Dead Man Switch

A ruthless bounty hunter takes members of the Stargate team into custody.

Guest stars include Sam J. Jones and Mark Holden.

Sat. Mar. 5 8:45 PM SHOWB Demons

The Stargate team wanders into a medieval civilization, where they are mistaken for demons

Guest stars include David McNally, Alan C. Peterson and Laura Mennell.

Sun. Mar. 6 10:00 AM SHOWB Dead Man Switch
Sun. Mar. 6 10:45 AM SHOWB Demons



Cast includes Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachell Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, Robert Picardo, Amanda Tapping, Kavan Smith, Christopher Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins.

Tue. Mar. 1 2:00 AM SYFY The Last Man

Season 4 closes with Sheppard returning to a derelict Atlantis amid a sea of sand dunes thousands of years after his last search for Teyla, but a hologram of an aged Dr. McKay has a plan to set things right.

Guest stars include Christopher Heyerdahl, Connor Trinneer, Kavan Smith, Kate Hewlett, David Nykl, Robert Picardo, Andee Frizzell and Heather Doerksen.

Wed. Mar. 2 2:00 AM SYFY Search and Rescue

Season 5 premieres. A race against time pits Col. Carter's crew against Michael and his Wraith hybrids to recover the Atlantis team trapped in the rubble of Michael's facility.

Guest stars include Connor Trinneer, Mitch Pileggi, Kavan Smith, Martin Christopher, Amanda Tapping, Patrick Sabongui, Leela Savasta, Sharon Taylor and Rainbow Sun Francks.

Thur. Mar. 3 2:00 AM SYFY The Seed

Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) is revived from the stasis chamber after an alien organism incapacitates Dr. Keller and triggers a quarantine of the Atlantis team.

Guest stars include Paul McGillion, Linda Ko and Sharon Taylor.

Fri. Mar. 4 2:30 AM SYFY Broken Ties

Ronon endures a grueling ordeal after his former friend, Tyre (Mark Dacascos), captures and delivers him to the Wraith. Meanwhile, the team launches a rescue mission for their missing comrade.

Guest stars include Kavan Smith, Sean Campbell, Mark Dacascos, Tyler McClendon and Patrick Sabongui.

Thur. Mar. 3 5:00 PM UHD The Real World
Thur. Mar. 3 8:00 PM UHD The Real World

Dr. Weir has a rude awakening in a psychiatric hospital on Earth, where she is told that her memories of Atlantis are delusions. Richard Dean Anderson reprises his “Stargate SG-1” role as Gen. Jack O'Neill.

Guest stars include Richard Dean Anderson, Alan Ruck, John O'Callaghan and Christina Jastrzembska.

Weekend March 5/6 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - The Game

Sheppard and McKay compete in a real-time strategy game they've discovered on Atlantis, which may be more than a game.

Guest stars include Laura Harris, David Dayan Fisher, Kavan Smith and David Nykl.



Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.

NEW episodes of Stargate Universe return to Syfy on a new night, Monday, March 7, with "Deliverance."

SYFY: Season 2.0 Marathon Thursday, March 3, 2011

08:00 AM Intervention

Rush devises a risky plan to use radiation from the binary pulsar to force the Lucian Alliance to cede control of Destiny. Meanwhile, a critically injured lieutenant Johansen dreams of a rustic life with her baby in the Season 2 opener.

Guest stars include Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Caroline Cave, Tygh Runyan, Alisen Down, Tobias Slezak, Haig Sutherland, Robert Knepper and Primo Allon.

09:00 AM Aftermath

Rush has Destiny stop at a planet that was locked out of the ship's controls when food and water become scarce, and the Lucian prisoners become an issue.

Guest stars include Louise Lombard, Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Haig Sutherland, Mark Burgess, Robert Knepper, Darcy Laurie, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Primo Allon.

10:00 AM Awakening

Destiny docks with a similar ship that is identified as a seeder of stargates. Lt. Scott boards the vessel with a team and finds that it may have enough power to open a stargate back to Earth.

Guest stars include Louise Lombard, Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Robert Knepper, Leanne Adachi, Darcy Laurie, Ryan Booth and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

11:00 AM Pathogen

Chloe behaves in a bizarre way, prompting a search of her quarters, where Lt. Scott finds a journal penned in an alien language. Elsewhere, Eli copes with his mother's medical condition.

Guest stars include Reiko Aylesworth, Louise Lombard, Mark Burgess, Alisen Down, Robert Knepper, Mike Dopud, Glynis Davies, Leanne Adachi and Primo Allon.

12:00 PM Cloverdale

While surveying a new planet, Lt. Scott becomes infected by a plant-like creature. As he suffers hallucinations and falls in and out of consciousness, Tamara seeks a way to treat him.

Guest stars include Cole Humphrey, Mittita Barber and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

01:00 PM Trial And Error

Col. Young has visions that warn of an impending alien attack.

Guest stars include Mark Burgess, Leanne Adachi, Darcy Laurie, Ryan Booth and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

02:00 PM The Greater Good

Col. Young and Dr. Rush don spacesuits to board a derelict ship, and pent-up frustrations are unleashed when things go awry.

Guest stars include Robert Knepper, Kathleen Munroe, Leanne Adachi and Darcy Laurie.

03:00 PM Malice

Simeon makes a violent escape from the Destiny. Homeworld Command believes that Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth, spurring a manhunt on an alien world to capture Simeon alive.

Guest stars include Mike Dopud, Julie McNiven, Robert Knepper, Leanne Adachi and Darcy Laurie.

04:00 PM Visitation

Crew members who were left behind on an idyllic planet resurface amid strange circumstances, and Chloe prepares for the next stage of her life.

Guest stars include Tygh Runyan, Tobias Slezak, Camille Sullivan, Michelle Harrison and Vincent Gale.

05:00 PM Resurgence

The Destiny follows a remote energy signature to an area of space strewn with destroyed ships that are initially believed to be the remnants of an ancient battle. Elsewhere, Eli grapples with how he's going to tell his mother what really happened to him.

Guest stars include Mike Dopud and Jacob Blair.

Weekend March 5/6 - Syndicated (check local listings for channel and time) - Lost

Fairly Legal - Richard Dean Anderson Tweets Feb 27 '11

Source: Richard Dean Anderson Twitter

Fairly 2

Richard Dean Anderson is portraying the recurring character of David Smith in USA's Fairly Legal (Airs Thursday, 10/9C). On Sunday, February 27, 2011, Mr. Anderson tweeted about his participation in Fairly Legal:

I'll try hanging a picture on my Tweety Wall, soon-ish. First, however, I want KR to have...what an amazingly loyal friend.

What an amazingly loyal friend: Answers: Yes, I miss cold weather (Minn.)

I miss cold weather. I shot 4 (?) ep.s of Fairly Legal. Short stay for me; terrific story twist. Fun group

Beautiful cast, delicious crew; wonderful creative energy surging thru the house. I've not seen episodes.

Thanks for staying up, you Sun. morn. folk. Let's go to bed now; no sleep leaves me sleepless.


Richard Dean Anderson and Sarah Shahi from Fairly Legal's "The Two Richards"

NOTE: Richard Dean Anderson has appeared in the Fairly Legal episode "The Two Richards" and according to IMDB, is scheduled to appear in "Coming Home" (scheduled to air on March 3) and "Ultravinyl" scheduled to air on March 10 (10/9C) on USA.

Camelot - Starz: Series Promo

Source: Starz You Tube channel


CAMELOT - STARZ: Series Promo

The new Starz original Series Camelot premieres April1st with double feature eps 1 & 2 beginning 10pm e/p.

Cast includes Jamie Campbell Bower, Tamsin Egerton, Joseph Fiennes, Claire Forlani, Eva Green, Peter Mooney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Clive Standen and Philip Winchester.

NCIS - CBS Video: Behind The Scenes: Michael Weatherly

Source: CBS You Tube channel


NCIS - CBS VIDEO: Behind The Scenes: Michael Weatherly

Go behind the scenes with Michael Weatherly ("Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo") as he Directs the next episode of NCIS entitled "One Last Score", airing Tuesday March 1, 2011 at 8/7c only on CBS!

Battle of Los Angeles - Syfy (US) Movie Premiere Mar 12 '11

Source: Syfy schedulebot

BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES - SYFY Movie Premiere Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 9/8c


Part of Syfy's "Day of Space Action" movie marathon on March 12, the "Battle of Los Angeles," written and directed by Mark Atkins, premieres at 9/8C. Cast includes Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples, Gerald Webb, Dylan Vox, Theresa June Tao, Tim Abell, Darin Cooper, Edward DeRuiter, Michele Boyd, Stephen Blackehart and Robert Pike.

Synopsis: In February 1942 US forces engaged an unidentified flying object above Los Angeles. Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned, and humanity's survival depends upon two soldiers who must breach the mother ship and destroy it from within.