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Absolutely Fabulous - BBC America Video: Marathon Promo Jan 1 '12

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Cast includes Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks.

A caustic and clever Britcom about two neurotic gal pals who are dedicated followers of fashion. Edina's (Jennifer Saunders) in PR, while Patsy's (Joanna Lumley) a magazine editor, though work isn't something they do very often. Drinking is, however, as is man-chasing (sometimes literally). Costar Jennifer Saunders created the series.

(Times are PDT.)

4:20 AM Fashion

Edina hits a bottleneck in her attempt to give up drinking: She doesn't want to quit.

Guest stars include Nickolas Grace.

5:00 AM Fat

Edina weighs the possibility of exercise to shed pounds.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Alexandra Bastedo, Anthony Asbury and Russell Kilmister.

5:40 AM France

With a suitably chosen wardrobe, Edina and Patsy go on vacation to Provence, where they find the language barrier is the least of their problems.

Guest stars include Geoffrey McGivern, Juliette Mole and Robert Ripa.

6:20 AM Iso Tank

Edina's new isolation tank seems to be the perfect remedy for life's problems, except for one thing: she hates being alone.

Guest stars include Tim Woodward, Torchwood's Naoko Mori, Lisa Coleman, Adrian Ross Magenty and James Lance.

7:00 AM Magazine

Patsy's jealousy over Edina's new boyfriend results in a plan to split them up---and an appearance on a television show.

Guest stars include Dawn French, Kathy Burke, Harriet Thorpe and Helen Lederer.

7:40 AM Birthday

Saffron learns that planning a surprise birthday party for her mother is no piece of cake.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Adrian Edmondson, Mo Gaffney, Christopher Ryan and Gary Beadle.

8:20 AM Hospital

Edina enters the hospital for minor surgery and Patsy joins her for moral support---and a facelift.

Guest stars include Kathy Burke, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Jennifer Piercey, Naoko Mori, Fringe's Orla Brady, Helena Bonham Carter, Richard E. Grant and Germaine Greer.

9:00 AM Death

Saffron is devastated by her grandfather's death, while Edina can only think about her own mortality.

Guest stars include Gwen Humble, Christopher Ryan, Mark Tandy, Natascha McElhone and Ciaran McIntyre.

9:40 AM Morocco

Saffron joins her mother and Patsy for a photo shoot in Morocco---and winds up being sold to white slavers.

Guest stars include Harroun Hanif, Karim Skalli and John Wells.

10:20 AM New Best Friend

A visit by an old friend of Edina's triggers a competition between Edina and Patsy---to see who can find the better best friend.

Guest stars include Britt Ekland, Lulu, Zandra Rhodes, Jo Brand, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe and Miranda Richardson.

11:00 AM Poor

Edina's forced to cut expenses, but a jaunt to the grocery store could cost more than she bargained for.

Guest stars include Mark Wing-Davey, Christopher Malcolm, Miranda Forbes, Hugh Ross and Helena McCarthy.

11:40 AM Birth

Edina, Patsy and Saffron are trapped in a room, where they imagine their own births.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Wolf Christian, Jane Galloway, Mari MacKenzie, Mia Soteriou, Suzy Aitchison, Eleanor Bron and Philip Franks.

12:20 PM Door Handle (My favorite episode - the scene with Patsy in the kitchen is not to be missed)

Edina can't decide how to redecorate her kitchen after a fire, while Patsy takes an interest---for once---in her health.

1:00 PM Happy New Year

Edina's New Year's Eve plans with Patsy are spoiled first by the presence of Justin and Oliver, then the arrival of Patsy's equally fashion-conscious sister (Kate O'Mara).

Guest stars include Kate O'Mara, Christopher Malcolm, Gary Beadle, Christopher Ryan and Rebecca Front.

1:40 PM Sex

Edina and Patsy resort to desperate measures to improve their love lives, but their efforts may cause embarrassment for Saffron.

Guest stars include James Dreyfus, Ian Gelder, Luther's Idris Elba, Andrew Loudon and Naoko Mori.

2:20 PM Jealous

Edina goes all out to win a coveted public-relations award, while Saffron contemplates an affair---with a married professor.

Guest stars include Celia Imrie, Naomi Campbell, Simon Stokes, Paul Reynolds and Peter Richardson.

3:00 PM Fear

Saffron (Julia Sawalha) finally moves out, leaving Edina lonely---especially after a fight sends Patsy to New York.

Guest stars include Kathy Burke, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Lulu and Naoko Mori.

3:40 PM The End

The season three finale finds the friends going separate ways: Patsy to New York---and Edina to a commune.

Guest stars include Kevin Allen, Mossie Smith, Kathy Burke, Ruby Wax and Suzanne Bertish.

4:20 PM Parralox

Edina asks Twiggy to appear on a TV show produced by her company; Patsy injects her face with “parralox,” an antiwrinkle treatment; and Saffy interviews for a government job.

Guest stars include Bob Barrett, Twiggy, Antony Cotton and Naoko Mori.

5:00 PM Fish Farm

Edina takes a fancy to a young gardener (Crispin Bonham-Carter), whom Patsy insists comes from a wealthy family and Edina must pursue.

Guest stars include Dora Bryan, Tim Wylton and Crispin Bonham-Carter.

5:40 PM Paris

Patsy can't wait to reminisce about her modeling days when she, Edina and Saffy are invited to Paris to be in a fashion spread. But Patsy soon discovers that she can't turn back time.

Guest stars include Tilly Blackwood, Dave Gorman, Erin O'Connor, Annegret Tree, Daphne Selfe, Sacha Distel and Christian Lacroix.

6:20 PM Donkey

In a bid to be thin, Edina decides to join a military fitness program. Meanwhile, Saffy runs into a schoolmate, who may be trying to use her.

Guest stars include Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Robin Cope, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Andrea Gillie.

7:00 PM Small Opening

Edina sees red and tries to take action when she learns that Saffy's autobiographical play is going to be produced.

Guest stars include Naoko Mori, Lill Roughley, Miles Western, Emma Pierson and Josh Neale.

7:40 PM Menopause

Patsy enters menopause and misbehaves more than usual; Bubble e-mails Edina's client list to her archrival,

Guest stars include Twiggy, Christopher Ryan, Mo Gaffney, Harriet Thorpe, Helen Lederer and Antony Cotton.

8:20 PM Happy New Year
9:00 PM Door Handle
9:40 PM Sex
10:20 PM Jealous
11:00 PM Fear
11:40 PM The End
12:20 AM Hospital
1:00 AM Death
1:40 AM Morocco
2:20 AM New Best Friend

Merlin - Syfy: Season Four January 2012 Schedule

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Merlin Friday 2012


Merlin's cast includes Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head and Richard Wilson.

[NOTE: Updated January 23, 2012]


Jan 6 10:00 PM The Darkest Hour - Part 1
Jan 7 12:00 AM The Darkest Hour - Part 1

In the Season 4 premiere, Morgana (Katie McGrath) summons Callieach (Gemma Jones) to rip apart the fabric between the worlds of the living and dead, unleashing creatures that kill anyone whom they touch. Arthur (Bradley James) and his knights set out to save the kingdom while Merlin (Colin Morgan) attempts to return order to the world.

Guest stars include Rupert Young, Adetomiwa Edun, Emilia Fox, Zee Asha, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper and Santiago Cabrera.


Jan 13 10:00 PM The Darkest Hour - Part 2
Jan 14 12:00 AM The Darkest Hour - Part 2

Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera) rushes the dying Merlin (Colin Morgan) to Camelot in hopes that Gaius (Richard Wilson) can save him, but their journey is interrupted by strange creatures called Vilia (Sarah Beck Mather). Arthur (Bradley James), meanwhile, continues his mission to vanquish the Dorocha.

Guest stars include Santiago Cabrera, Rupert Young, Adetomiwa Edun, Tom Hopper, Eoin Macken, Sarah Beck Mather, Nathaniel Parker, Michael Cronin and Gemma Jones.


Jan 20 10:00 PM The Wicked Day
Jan 21 12:00 AM The Wicked Day

The mighty citadel is buzzing in anticipation of the prince's birthday celebrations. But Arthur's (Bradley James) old adversary, Odin, promises to ensure this is one party Camelot will never forget. For amongst the assembling guests lurks a deadly assassin, set to strike. As the dust settles, Camelot is left devastated. But just how far is Merlin (Colin Morgan) prepared to go to put things right? Would he really risk everything and reveal his secret?

Guest stars include Philip Davis, Phil Holden, Rupert Young, Tom Hopper, Adetomiwa Edun, Nathaniel Parker, Eoin Macken and Michael Cronin.


Jan 27 10:00 PM Aithusa
Jan 28 12:00 AM Aithusa

The mysterious Julius Borden (James Callis) arrives in Camelot with news of a magical secret that threatens to change the landscape of the kingdom forever. He has located the final part of the key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: the last remaining dragon's egg. Merlin (Colin Morgan) is understandably drawn in by Borden's news, and promises to help him. But just who is the enigmatic stranger and, more importantly, what does he really want with the egg?

Guest stars include Battlestar Galactica's James Callis, Trevor Sellers, Nathaniel Parker, Tom Hopper, Adetomiwa Edun, Rupert Young and Eoin Macken.

Epic Adventue Movie Marathon - Syfy: Jan 10 '12

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05:00 PM Troy

An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved.

Cast includes Julian Glover, Brian Cox, Nathan Jones, Brad Pitt, John Shrapnel, Brendan Gleeson, Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Game of Thrones' Sean Bean, Julie Christie, Peter O'Toole, The Mentalist's Owain Yeoman and Saffron Burrows.


08:00 PM Casino Royale

Daniel Craig is aces in his first go-round as British secret agent James Bond, who tries his hand at outwitting a terrorist banker (Mads Mikkelsen). Ripping spy jinks with Eva Green as the Bond girl and Judi Dench as M.

Cast includes Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Caterina Murino and Simon Abkarian.

Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon

11:00 PM Lost Treasure Of The Grand Canyon

A quest to save an elderly archaeologist pits his daughter and his students against an Aztec god.

Cast includes Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks, Shannen Doherty, Toby Berner, Rob McConachie, Luis Javier, Peter New, and Stargate alums JR Bourne, Heather Doerksen, Duncan Fraser, Byron Chief-Moon, Alan C. Peterson, Peter Kent and Darcy Laurie.

Fantasy Movie Marathon - Syfy: Jan 9 '12

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05:00 PM Angels & Demons

Tom Hanks returns to the role of Robert Langdon in this sequel to "The Da Vinci Code." Langdon uncovers the existence of the Illuminati, a secret sect thought to be defunct that plans to destroy the Catholic Church. Langdon joins forces with an Italian scientist (Ayelet Zurer) on a globe-trotting quest to stop the plan before it can come to fruition. Directed by Ron Howard.

Cast includes Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgård, Pierfrancesco Favino, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Armin Mueller-Stahl.


08:00 PM Troy

An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved.

Cast includes Julian Glover, Brian Cox, Nathan Jones, Brad Pitt, John Shrapnel, Brendan Gleeson, Diane Kruger, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Game of Thrones' Sean Bean, Julie Christie, Peter O'Toole, The Mentalist's Owain Yeoman and Saffron Burrows.


11:00 PM Odysseus: Voyage To The Underworld

The classic hero from ancient Greece faces bloodsucking creatures on an island ruled by a beautiful goddess.

Cast includes Arnold Vosloo, Stefanie von Pfetten, Randal Edwards, Leah Gibson, Sonya Salomaa and Stargate SG-1 alums Steve Bacic and JR Bourne.

Peter Brown - Laredo - Encore Western Channel: Marathon Schedule Dec 31 '11

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'Laredo' the 1965 TV series that ran for two seasons on NBC, is premiering on the Encore Western Channel with a marathon on Saturday, December 31, 2011, and then will transition to daily broadcast.

A band of Texas Rangers deal with rustlers, bank robbers, and their own wild schemes, always getting in and out of trouble under their Captain named Parmalee.

The cast includes Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Philip Carey, and Robert Wolders (who joined the series in season two).

Laredo begins its weekday rotation on Encore Western Channel at 12pm on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

5:00 AM Lazyfoot, Where Are You?

Disguised as prospectors, the Rangers are sent to keep tabs on an elusive Indian raider.

Guest stars include Burgess Meredith, Beverly Garland, Mario Alcalde and Leo Gordon.

6:00 AM I See by Your Outfit

The Rangers are sent to a border town to check on reported Mexican raiders.

Guest stars include James Farentino, John Marley, Vito Scotti, Carlos Romero, Ric Roman and Star Trek's James Doohan.

7:00 AM Yahoo

The Rangers set out to capture an Indian raider with the help of Easterner Clendon MacMillan (Martin Milner).

Guest stars include Martin Milner, Cliff Osmond, Shelley Morrison, Dub Taylor and X Brands.

8:00 AM Rendezvous at Arillo

While tracking an outlaw gang, the Rangers become involved in a widow's land dispute.

Guest stars include Julie Harris, Battlestar Galactica's Donnelly Rhodes, Bruce Dern and Woodrow Parfrey.

9:00 AM Three's Company

Chad's (Peter Brown) former sweetheart shows up in Laredo with her railroad-baron father.

Guest stars include Myrna Fahey, David Brian, Estelita Rodriguez and Richard Reeves.

10:00 AM Anybody Here Seen Billy?

Chad (Peter Brown) comes up against trickery and murder in an attempt to deliver a prisoner to El Paso.

Guest stars include Joan Staley, Robert F. Hoy, Mickey Finn and John McCann.

11:00 AM A Question of Discipline

As punishment for brawling, Reese (Neville Brand) and Chad (William Smith) are ordered to escort a seemingly valueless cargo: foul-smelling buffalo hides.

Guest stars include Marlyn Mason, Barbara Nichols, Barbara Werle, Douglas Fowley and Eddie Little Sky.

12:00 PM The Golden Trail

Reese (Neville Brand) is sent to Red River to pick up a secret shipment---rumored to be $100,000 in gold.

Guest stars include Jeanette Nolan, Dallas' Jim Davis, Adair Jameson, Arthur Hunnicutt and Tom Reese.

1:00 PM A Matter of Policy

A stage carrying Parmalee (Philip Carey) and a state senator (Robert F. Simon) to Laredo is held up along the way.

Guest stars include Holly Bane, Mickey Finn, Charles H. Gray, Jon Locke, Hal Needham, Gil Perkins and Robert F. Simon.

2:00 PM Which Way Did They Go?

Reese (Neville Brand) gets involved with a librarian (Eve Arden) who gives cross-country cultural lectures.

Guest stars include Eve Arden, Lane Bradford, Lyle Talbot and Rita D'Amico.

3:00 PM Jinx

Cletus Grogan (Albert Salmi) is persuaded to join the Rangers---despite the fact that Grogan has a way of attracting disaster.

Guest stars include Albert Salmi, John Abbott, Richard Devon, X Brands and Shelley Morrison.

4:00 PM The Land Grabbers

When new territory is opened up, the Rangers are sent to protect a homesteaders' land run.

Guest stars include Audrey Dalton, Fred Clark, Alan Napier and Keith Jones.

5:00 PM The Pride of the Rangers

The Rangers offer a month's pay to any member who will fight the cavalry's self-appointed boxing champ.

Guest stars include George Kennedy, Henry Gibson, Robert Cornthwaite, James Griffith and Mike Mazurki.

6:00 PM The Heroes of San Gill

The Rangers uncover a bandit plot when they follow Parmalee (Philip Carey) to a fiesta in Mexico.

Guest stars include Lonny Chapman, Doodles Weaver, Theodore Marcuse and Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.

7:00 PM A Medal for Reese

The Rangers match tactics with an unusual gang of payroll hijackers.

Guest stars include Robert Boon, Pete Dunn, Émile Genest, Stacy Harris and Robert Phillips.

8:00 PM The Calico Kid

After they wipe out an outlaw gang, Chad (Peter Brown) and Joe (William Smith) are idolized by the citizens of Guarded Wells.

Guest stars include George Chandler, Wesley Lau, Mimsy Farmer and Harry Hickox.

9:00 PM Above the Law

Jab Heller (Jack Lord) is hired to clear a convicted man before he is hanged for murder.

Guest stars include Hawaii Five-0's Jack Lord, Lola Albright, John Kellogg and Myron Healey.

10:00 PM That's Noway Thataway

Two penniless English actors plan to raise cash by bringing religion to Whiskey Flats.

Guest stars include the 60's rock folk duo Chad & Jeremy Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde, Mission: Impossible's Peter Graves, Marlyn Mason, Arch Johnson, Tom Reese and M.A.S.H.'s Jamie Farr.

11:00 PM Limit of the Law Larkin

Buckmeister (Claude Akins) risks a breach-of-promise suit when he returns salvaged court records to a Texas town.

Guest stars include Claude Akins, Jacques Aubuchon, Whit Bissell, Joan Marshall, John Hoyt and Dub Taylor.

12:00 AM Meanwhile, Back at the Reservation

The Rangers adopt a teen-age Indian boy (Kurt Russell) who does not want to return to the reservation.

Guest stars include J. Pat O'Malley, K.L. Smith, John Harmon, Ray Kellogg, Jon Lormer and Kurt Russell.

1:00 AM The Treasure of San Diablo

Reese (Neville Brand) and Buckmeister (Claude Akins) defend a Mexican town against two vicious outlaws.

Guest stars include Claude Akins, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Carmen Phillips, George J. Lewis and Lane Bradford.

2:00 AM No Bugles, One Drum

Outlaw Linda Little Trees (Shelley Morrison) captures Joe (William Smith)---and tries to press him into marriage

Guest stars include Hill Street Blues' Michael Conrad, Richard Devon, Ralph Manza, Holly Bane and Shelley Morrison.

3:00 AM Miracle at Massacre Mission

Reese (Neville Brand) escorts two nuns to an old Indian mission where two priests have been murdered.

Guest stars include Barbara Rush, Christopher Dark, Henry Brandon, Kristina Holland and Eddie Little Sky.

4:00 AM It's the End of the Road, Stanley

Three outlaws capture Reese (Neville Brand) and take over Martha's (Jeanette Nolan) stage stop

Guest stars include Fernando Lamas, Jack Weston, Jeanette Nolan, Sheilah Wells and Hogan's Heroes' Warren J. Kemmerling.

Clint Eastwood - Rawhide - Encore Western Channel: Marathon Schedule Jan 1 '12

Source: Encore Western Channel


Steve Raines, Clint Eastwood, Raymond St. Jacques, James Murdock and Paul Brinegar


Cattlemen drive their herds across the Great Plains in this iconic Western. Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) was the trail boss, assisted by Rowdy Yates (a breakout role for Clint Eastwood), with a great theme sung by Frankie Laine.

Cast includes Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar, Steve Raines, Eric Fleming, James Murdock, Rocky Shahan, Robert Cabal, Sheb Wooley and William R. Thompkins.

Rawhide begins its weekday rotation on Encore Western Channel at 5pm on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

(These are uncut episodes without commercial interruption.)

5:00 AM Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon

Two outlaws kill their lawman escort in Favor's (Eric Fleming) camp, saddling the trail boss with the responsibility of bringing them in for trial.

Guest stars include John Larch, Tom Conway, Frank Wilcox and Maurice Manson.

6:00 AM Incident at Alabaster Plain

While stopping at a church Rowdy (Clint Eastwood)meets an old army buddy, Buzz (Troy Donahue) who is marrying the daughter of wealthy rancher and is invited to the reception. On the way there they meet Cardin's embittered stepson who wants what he claims is right.

Guest stars include Peter Mark Richman, Martin Balsam, Troy Donahue, Joe De Santis and Suzanne Lloyd.

6:50 AM Incident With an Executioner

The drovers invite trouble when they shelter a group of terrified stagecoach passengers being stalked by a professional gunman (Dan Duryea).

Guest stars include Dan Duryea, Martin Milner, Marguerite Chapman, James Drury, Jan Shepard and William Schallert.

7:40 AM Incident of the Widowed Dove

Gil (Eric Fleming) breaks his own rule, costing one drover his life & putting Rowdy (Clint Eastwood) in the gun-sights of a jealous marshal. The boys go wild in a town with a crooked roulette wheel and the marshal's young wife desperately seeking any way to escape.

Guest stars include Sally Forrest and Jay C. Flippen.

8:30 AM Incident on the Edge of Madness

Lon Chaney portrays a Southern aristocrat who lures the drovers to his home---to set up a new Confederate empire.

Guest stars include Lon Chaney Jr. and Marie Windsor.

9:20 AM Incident of the Power and the Plow

The Comanche people and rancher Jed Reston (Brian Donlevy) are in a battle over land. Gil and Rowdy are forced to chose sides, when they choose the Comanche because they keeps their cattle safe, trouble brews for Gil.

Guest stars include Brian Donlevy, Rodolfo Acosta, Dick Van Patten and Michael Pate.

10:10 AM Incident at Barker Springs

Rowdy and Favor are drawn into the vendetta of a man who joined the drive to avenge his brother's death.

Guest stars include June Lockhart, Star Trek's DeForest Kelley and Bill Hale.

11:05 AM Incident West of Lano

Gil finds the killer of a steer is head of a female Wild West show, stranded he invites them to travel with the drive, to the delight of all. Gil's pushing cattle to cross a river before it deepens, but so are a crew of leather men.

Guest stars include Martha Hyer, Robert H. Harris, Nancy Hadley, James Anderson, Abby Dalton, Jacqueline Mayo and Ron Soble.

12:00 PM Incident of the Town in Terror

Disease hits Rowdy and some cattle, fearing anthrax, the citizens refuse to attend to Rowdy, but a feisty nurse escapes to help. Gil has to prevent his cowboys from fleeing, while the townsmen keep the cattle quarantined.

Guest stars include Margaret O'Brien, Harry Townes, James Gavin and Dan White.

12:50 PM Incident of the Coyote Weed

A band of Mexican bandits send a spy to join the cattle drive and poison the drovers with coyote weed so they can swoop in and steal the herd.

Guest stars include Combat's Rick Jason, Buzz Martin, James Gavin, Kem Dibbs and Garry Walberg.

1:40 PM Incident of the Chubasco

A dangerous, wind-swept pass is the scene of a showdown between Favor and a tyrannical rancher whose wife has taken refuge with the drovers.

Guest stars include George Brent, John Ericson, Noah Beery Jr., Olive Sturgess and Stacy Harris.

2:30 PM Incident of the Curious Street

In a remote ghost town, Favor and Rowdy play a deadly game of cat and mouse as they try to free two women from an outlaw gang.

Guest stars include Mercedes McCambridge, James Westerfield, Whitney Blake, Dennis Cross and Ralph Moody.

3:30 PM Incident of the Dog Days

Thirst and pressure take their toll on the drovers when Favor risks his reputation---and his herd---to lead a drive across a waterless plain.

Guest stars include Don Dubbins, R.G. Armstrong, Addison Richards and Ross Elliott.

4:30 PM Incident of the Calico Gun

Trouble mounts when three menacing outlaws---on the lam after a robbery---take refuge in the camp.

Guest stars include Hawaii Five-0's Jack Lord, Gloria Talbott, Myron Healey, Gene Collins and Steve Mitchell.

5:30 PM Incident of Fear in the Streets

Favor and Rowdy's frantic efforts to find a doctor for Nolan are hampered by Jed Mason (Gary Merrill) and his sons, who have imprisoned an entire town.

Guest stars include Gary Merrill, Bobby Driscoll, Corey Allen, Edward Faulkner, Guy Stockwell, Whit Bissell and Ed Nelson.

6:30 PM Incident of the Dry Drive

With their cattle dying of thirst, the drovers face an added threat from an aging tyrant who denies them access to his abundant water supply.

Guest stars include Victor Jory, Jean Inness, Ron Hagerthy and Chris Alcaide.

7:20 PM Incident of the Burst of Evil

A half-crazed man warns that Comancheros are preparing to attack the drovers.

Guest stars include The High Chaparral's Linda Cristal, H.M. Wynant, Elisha Cook Jr. and Charles Bateman.

8:10 PM Incident of the Day of the Dead

Iron-willed Luisa Hadley (Viveca Lindfors) tries to lure Rowdy to her ranch to break a stallion that already killed several riders.

Guest stars include Viveca Lindfors, Alexander Scourby, Nancy Hadley, Ron Soble and William Fawcett.

9:05 PM Incident of the Roman Candles

Rowdy and Nolan unwittingly inerfere with a youth's attempt to save his father from an ambush.

Guest stars include Richard Eyer, Beverly Garland, Robert Ellenstein and Will Wright.

10:00 PM Incident of the Thirteenth Man

Jurors Wishbone (Paul Brinegar) and Rowdy are marked for death when they cast dissenting votes in a fixed murder trial.

Guest stars include Get Smart's Edward Platt, The Rifleman's Paul Fix, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's Terry Becker, The Avengers' Patrick Macnee and Iron Eyes Cody.

11:00 PM Incident of the Valley in Shadow

Bounty hunters try to enlist the drovers' aid in snatching a white woman from her Indian captors.

Guest stars include Combat's Rick Jason, Fay Spain, Leo Gordon and Arthur Batanides.