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Stargate Universe - Patrick Gilmore Video: A Laptop Chat Part 2

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PATRICK GILMORE: A Laptop Chat Part 2

Stargate Universe's Patrick Gilmore (Dr. Dale Volker) and Ivon Bartok (Stargate DVD Video Featurette Director) continue to answer your questions.

Stargate | Star Trek - The SciFi Guys: Contest Jan 26 - Win Tickets to SF Ball 17 (UK)

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To celebrate this evening's Sci Fi Guy Shirtie Awards 2010 results and their sponsorship of the Best Returning Show category, SFB Events are proud to offer one lucky person a pair of VIP tickets* to their upcoming SFBALL 17 event.

The event this year will feature guests appearances from Torri Higginson (Stargate Atlantis), Nana Visitor (Star Trek DS9), Lolita Fatjo (Star Trek DS9), David Bedella (The Rocky Horror Show) and Ian McNeice (Doctor Who). This fantastic charity event in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust, takes place in the seaside town of Bournemouth [UK] and this year will be running from Friday 11th-Sunday 13th February 2011.

The winner of this fantastic prize will receive a pair of VIP tickets to the event, which will entitle them to attend the opening ceremony on the Friday night, the subsequent parties throughout the weekend (meal on the Saturday evening not included), priority seating at all of the weekends talks, advanced entry to the autograph sessions and they can also take part in the events various activities. As if that wasn’t enough both winners will receive a fantastic, exclusive VIP goodie bag filled with film and TV promotional items that are not available in the shops and an event guide signed by all our star guests! “This a fantastic chance to experience one of the UKs last and best fan run events,” comments DTRN spokesman Stuart Claw.

In order to win all people have to do is tweet ( or email (, “I want to be an SFB VIP” and then listen to The Sci Fi Guy Shirtie Awards 2010 results show on tonight from 8pm [GMT] and sometime during the evening's show the winner will be chosen and announced.

Of course for those who do not win and want to attend this phenomenal event, then they can take part in a exclusive offer that is open to members of the DTRN community which allows them to purchase day tickets for the event for half price! All people who wish to take advantage of this fantastic offer have to do is use the promotional code DTRN SFBall, alternatively special vouchers will be available on the SFBALL website ( soon.

For more on The SFBALL please visit and for more information on this competition please email

* SFB Events has the right to substitute the prize for a similar item of equal or higher value. SFB Events or DTRN will not provide transport or accommodation for the winners and will not reimburse the winners for said expenses. This ticket does not include the dinner on Saturday night. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Tickets can be upgraded to Gold Tickets for an extra payment and further tickets can be purchased through the SFB Events Website.

Pioneers of Television - Access Hollywood Video: Stefanie Powers, Linda Evans & Angie Dickinson Interview

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ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: The Ladies Of The ‘Pioneers Of Television’

Stefanie Powers, Linda Evans and Angie Dickinson are proud to be a part of PBS’ series, “Pioneers Of Television,” which chronicles the major impact that each of them had on TV for women’s issues. Plus, which one of them dated Larry King back in the day?

"Pioneers of Television" next episode's theme is "Crime Dramas," and airs Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 8/7C on PBS. Some of the series that the episode discusses are "Dragnet," "I, Spy," and "Police Woman."

Sanctuary - SciFi and TV Talk: Robin Dunne Answer Your Questions, Part One

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Sanctuary April

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Sanctuary's Robin Dunne Answers Your Questions - Part One

By Steven Eramo

Here it is, folks! Sanctuary's Robin Dunne (a.k.a. Dr. Will Zimmerman) recently found a window in his very busy schedule to tackle the first half of the questions that SciFiAndTvTalk readers sent in. If your question is not below, fear not, Robin's answers to the remaining questions are still to come. For now, sit back and enjoy the answers below (and trust me, you will enjoy them)!


... Hey, Robin, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this. And thanks to Steve, as well! My question for Robin is - you're a writer as well as an actor. Is there a certain story line for a Sanctuary episode you've been wanting to write? If so, could you tell us what that story line might involve? On a less serious note, after the grand Holden McPhillips scandal with Martin Wood, care to share any thoughts on who your next prank victim may be? Promise we won't warn them. (from Puffandruffle)

RD - I love to write, and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to do both in my career. Writing on Sanctuary would be a lot of fun (except for the fact that I would then need to work in close proximity with Damian, who likes to write wearing nothing but a pink unitard and a silver sequin cowboy hat – not a pleasant sight). The difficulty is the timing. We are under such a crazy schedule when we’re doing the show that it’s just not possible. That and any storyline I would pitch would more resemble Jackass than Sanctuary.

Primeval - Total SciFi Online: Andrew-Lee Potts Interview

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TOTAL SCIFI ONLINE: Andrew-Lee Potts: Hat Trick!

Andrew-Lee Potts is back as dino-geek Connor Temple in the fourth series of Primeval, which can currently be seen on ITV1. He also plays The Mad Hatter in Alice, the two-part reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, which premieres on Syfy UK this week. “My heart lies in things which are a bit out there,” he tells Matt McAllister...


... Matt McAllister: How do you think Connor’s changed in the new series?

Andrew-Lee Potts: "Hannah [Spearritt] and I really approached it differently this year – the show’s evolved every year, and we really need to evolve as characters too. I don’t want to lose the relationship between Abby and Connor that works, I don’t want to lose the jokey side of Connor, but it was important for us to show they’ve grown up – as our fans have grown up with us.

It’s like in that first episode – we’re a bona fide couple and have been a couple for a year-and-a-half, surviving Bear Grylls-style in the Cretaceous period, which is an incredible feat! We’re like this uber-unit now I suppose – we’re in love, so we’d do anything for each other. We’re pretty skilled too; she’s taught me kickboxing, I’ve taught her everything I know about dinosaurs. We’ve become this force to be reckoned with! So there are a lot of changes, a lot of maturity in the characters, but we wanted to keep the level of fun needed..."

Alice: Part 1 airs on SyFy UK on 27 January 2011. Part Two airs on 3 February 2011. Primeval is currently airing on Saturday nights on ITV1.

Primeval airs on BBC America on Saturday at 9/8C.

Vampire Diaries - Fanbolt: Ian Somerhalder Interview

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Vampire Diaries

FANBOLT: Interview: Ian Somerhalder From 'The Vampire Diaries'

Submitted by Emma on January 25, 2011

I visited the set of The Vampire Diaries a few weeks back, and had the opportunity to speak with several members of the cast about what the rest of the season had in store for our favorite characters. I have all those interviews coming your way now that The Vampire Diaries is returning this Thursday!

The hardest cast member to grab a couple minutes with was Ian Somerhalder, and while I didn't get as much time with him as I did the rest of the cast - he was able to spare a couple minutes to answer some questions. It was the day after his birthday, which he revealed he had enjoyed immensely while being basically naked all day in a bubble bath with a beautiful woman.


"I was here on set all day... basically naked. I was naked in a shower scene, and then I took about a 3 and half hour bubble bath with a beautiful woman on set.... Pretty much naked. And then munched on her a little bit and then I was brought an amazing gigantic cake by the crew, and sang to as I'm in a bubble bath with a beautiful woman. I also launched my foundation which is just the coolest thing. It really was such a memorable day. The energy floating around was just so palpable...," Ian commented.

Castle - Keeping It Reel: Rueben Santiago-Hudson Audio Interview

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KEEPING IT REEL: Rueben Santiago-Hudson and Brian White Audio Interviews



Black Reel Award-winning screenwriter will discuss his role as New York City Police Captain Roy Montgomery in the ABC series Castle.


Hot young busy actor who co-stars in the independent film, The Heart Specialist and also on TNT's Men of a Certain Age.


Being Human - Syfy Video Featurette: Being Human in :60 - There Goes The Neighborhood Part 2

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Being Human

SYFY: Being Human in :60 - There Goes The Neighborhood Part 2

Watch a recap of what you missed on Episode 102 'There Goes The Neighborhood Part 2'.

Game of Thrones - HBO Video Featurette: The Buzz - HBO Series in Production

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Game of Thrones

The Buzz: HBO Series in Production, January 2011 (HBO)

The Buzz gives you a sneak peek of all the HBO series that are currently in production. For more information, log onto

Video includes behind-the-scenes views of Game of Thrones (premiering April 17, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Treme (second season premiere in April).

Being Human - Syfy Video Featurette: "Relatable Issues"

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Being Human

SYFY: Relatable Issues - Being Human : Season 1

Learn how the issues facing Aidan, Josh and Sally are relatable outside of the show.

Smallville - Video Featurette: Erica Durance - Midseason Preview

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Smallville - Erica Durance - Midseason Preview

"Smallville's" Lois Lane talks about what to expect when new episodes return Friday, February 4, 2011 at 8/7C on The CW!

The Cape: Video: "Scales" 2 Minute Replay

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The Cape


Green Hornet (TV Series) - Syfy (US) Marathon Feb 9 '11

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GREEN HORNET - Marathon on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 on Syfy (US)

08:00 AM The Hunters And The Hunted

The Hornet investigates a band of hunters who are killing the city's top racketeers

Guest cast includes Charles Bateman, Robert Strauss, Bill Walker and Frank Gerstle.

08:30 AM Deadline For Death

Reid tries to clear Mike Axford, who has been jailed on a murder charge.

Guest cast includes James Best, Jacques Aubuchon and Lynda Day George.

09:00 AM The Secret Of The Sally Bell

The Hornet must recover narcotics from a freighter undergoing demolition.

Guest cast includes Warren J. Kemmerling, Beth Brickell, Ann Rexford, Jack Denbo and Timothy Scott.

09:30 AM May The Best Man Lose

The Green Hornet must outwit a paid assassin, whose next target is the DA.

Guest cast includes Linden Chiles, Harold Gould, William Phipps and Stuart Nisbet.

10:00 AM Freeway To Death

The Hornet aids Mike in a probe of a construction-company racket.

Guest cast includes Jeffrey Hunter, John Hubbard and David Fresco.

10:30 AM Seek, Stalk & Destroy

Three ex-soldiers plan to use a tank to bust a buddy out of prison.

Guest cast includes Ralph Meeker, Raymond St. Jacques, Paul Carr and E.J. André.

11:00 AM The Hornet And The Firefly

The Green Hornet and Kato try to stop an arsonist who is terrorizing the city.

Guest cast includes Gerald S. O'Loughlin and Russ Conway.

11:30 AM Corpse Of The Year - Part I

Reid tries to expose the culprit who's posing as the Green Hornet.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova, Celia Kaye, J. Edward McKinley and Barbara Babcock.


12:00 PM Corpse Of The Year - Part II

The Hornet tries to nab his impostor, whose crimes include murder.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova and Celia Kaye.

12:30 PM Ace In The Hole

Britt Reid dons his Hornet mask to cause a gangland double-cross.

Guest cast includes Richard Anderson, Richard X. Slattery, Percy Helton, Tony Epper and Bill Couch.

01:00 PM Bad Bet On A 459 - Silent

The Hornet, wounded by a bullet, must get medical attention without revealing his identity.

Guest cast includes Bert Freed, Brian Avery, Nicolas Coster and Barry Ford.

01:30 PM Trouble For Prince Charming

Prince Rafil is given a choice: abdicate or his fiancée faces murder.

Guest cast includes Edmund Hashim, Susan Flannery, Alberto Morin, James Lanphier.

02:00 PM Alias The Scarf

The Hornet searches for a strangler who uses a white scarf to kill his victims.

Guest cast includes John Carradine, Patricia Barry, Brenda Benet and Jack Garner.

02:30 PM Hornets Save Thyself

Reid tries to prove that he did not gun down an old enemy.

Guest cast includes Michael Strong, Frank Marth, Marvin Brody and Ken Strange.

03:00 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part I

The Hornet tries to stop an electronics wizard from using an H-bomb to conquer the world.

Guest cast includes Lloyd Haynes, Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides and Christopher Dark.

03:30 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part II

Dr. Mabouse gains possession of an H-bomb

Guest cast Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides, Christopher Dark and Brett King.


Tom Selleck - Blue Bloods: Yahoo TV: Wednesday Pick's Jan 26 '11

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Blue 2

Yahoo TV: Wednesday's Picks: What to Watch Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites ...

... Blue Bloods

Wednesday at 10pm ET on CBS

Not all families are as tight-knit as the Reagans. Danny learns that the hard way tonight when he investigates the death of a Russian gangster's son killed at his own engagement party. Plus, Erin finds herself thrust into the spotlight while prosecuting a high-profile corruption case.