Friday, December 31, 2010

Doctor Who - BBC America: Video: Where's The Tardis Contest

Source: BBC America

Transcend Time and Space - Where's The Tardis? -

Are you tired of being stuck in the same old time and place? Sick of relying on boring old books to learn about history? Have you been consumed by a crack in the universe and erased completely from existence? Build your own TARDIS and transcend time and space. Enter your TARDIS at to win a special Doctor Who screening for you and 50 friends and a collection of over 100 Doctor Who DVDs!

Contest ends May 15, 2011. Contest rules.

Warehouse 13 - TV Squad: In Character - Eddie McClintock Video Interview In Character

Source: TV Squad [follow link for text article]

In Character: Catching Up with Warehouse 13's Pete Lattimer