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Haven - Syfy: July 2011 Schedule

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Haven July 15


[NOTE: Updated July 8, 2011]

Haven cast includes Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Nicholas Campbell and Eric Balfour. Jason Priestly will guest star in a four episode story arc and also direct episodes in season two.



08:30 AM Welcome To Haven

FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is dispatched to track a federal prison escapee who mysteriously dies shortly after reaching his hometown of Haven, Maine, in the opener of the supernatural-drama series inspired by Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid."

Guest stars include Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Nicole de Boer, Patrick Garrow, Maurice Dean Wint, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Kevin Jubinville and Zach Tovey.


09:30 AM Butterfly

As she tries to adapt to her new life in Haven, Audrey joins Nathan in a probe of the destruction of a local bar, which is soon followed by other strange events.

Guest stars include Stephen McHattie, Caroline Cave, Ricardo Hoyos, Daniel Lillford and Andy Smith.


10:30 AM Ball And Chain

Duke's life is in danger after Audrey and Nathan link his lover to cases in which men succumbed to rapid aging after sleeping with her.

Guest stars include Jennie Raymond, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Sandi Ross, Laura Kohoot, Joe Zanetti, William Parsons, Carrie Neville, Matthew Nette and Joshua Young.


11:30 AM Fur

Nathan and Audrey probe animal attacks on hunters.

Guest stars include Anne Caillon, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Fiona Reid, Hal Tatlidil, Mark A. Owen, Tina Prinsenberg and Rhys Bevan-John.


12:30 PM Sketchy

A bent and broken body is discovered, kicking off inexplicable events that may be linked to a troubled person who can hurt people from afar.

Guest stars include Anne Caillon, Devon Bostick, Mary-Colin Chisholm, David Rossetti, Molly Dunsworth, David Christoffel, Hugh Thompson, Brian Heighton, Nancy Regan and Trina Corkum.


01:30 PM As You Were

Audrey's new Haven friends throw a surprise birthday party for her at a local hotel, but the celebration sours when the group learns that a predatory shape-shifter has replaced one of the party-goers.

Guest stars include Michelle Monteith, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Leslie Carlson and Gay Hauser.


02:30 PM The Hand You're Dealt

Duke helps Audrey investigate the Colorado Kid case; Nathan and Audrey track a killer loose in Haven, but they find a woman at each crime scene who claims to be trying to prevent the deaths she has foreseen.

Guest stars include Michelle Monteith, Cynthia Preston, Max Topplin, Elizabeth Murphy, Bill Carr, Hans Pettersen, Bradley Bailey and Rachael Whitzman.


03:30 PM The Trial Of Audrey Parker

Agent Howard visits Haven to question Audrey about her strange behavior as a local policewoman, but the interrogation is derailed when two of the town's criminals hijack Duke's boat with Howard, Audrey and Duke aboard.

Guest stars include Maurice Dean Wint, Michelle Monteith, Jefferson Brown and Jonas Chernick.


04:30 PM Resurfacing

A skeleton recovered from a shipwreck kicks off an investigation that may involve a poltergeist.

Guest stars include Angela Vint, Tom Barnett, Jacob Robertson, Holly Deveaux, Carol Sinclair, Annemarie Cassidy, Lee J. Campbell, Elizabeth Richardson, Brian Downey, Shayne Douglas Taylor and Glen Matthews.


05:30 PM Spiral

A criminal with surprising links to most of the cast arrives in Haven while the cracks and fissures that have troubled the town multiply in the Season 1 finale.

Guest stars include Stephen McHattie, Michelle Monteith, John Bourgeois, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Gary Levert and Kathleen Munroe.


2 Audreys

Jul 15 10:00 PM A Tale Of Two Audreys
Jul 15 12:30 AM A Tale Of Two Audreys

A duplicate Audrey Parker arrives in Haven amid a series of bizarre events that are similar to Biblical plagues in the Season 2 premiere.

Jul 16 09:00 AM A Tale Of Two Audreys
Jul 17 04:00 AM A Tale Of Two Audreys
Jul 19 02:00 AM A Tale Of Two Audreys


Jul 22 10:00 PM Fear & Loathing
Jul 22 12:00 AM Fear & Loathing

The residents of Haven have their worst fears come to life while Nathan's "trouble" seems to vanish.

Jul 26 02:00 AM Fear & Loathing


Jul 29 10:00 PM Love Machine
Jul 29 12:00 AM Love Machine

The town's docks start attacking people while the other Audrey Parker probes Audrey's identity crisis.

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Love Machine - Sneak Peek - Haven : Episode 203

Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Haven. Friday at 10/9c.

Warehouse 13 - Syfy: July 2011 Schedule

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Warehouse 13 July 11


NOTE: Updated July 8, 2011 - The July 25th episode '3 . . . 2 . . . 1' was moved to August 8 and 'Love Sick' is now scheduled.

Warehouse 13 cast includes Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Genelle Williams, Allison Scagliotti and CCH Pounder.



08:00 AM Secret Santa

Pete and Myka investigate robberies linked to a malevolent Santa Claus while Artie reunites with his father (Judd Hirsch) on Hanukkah.

Guest stars include Judd Hirsch, Kristi Angus, Jamie Bloch, Marjorie Chan, Tyler Hynes, Jameson Kraemer and Mark Wilson.


09:00 AM Time Will Tell

MacPherson absconds with his prize from the warehouse's bronze sector, a car crash puts Mrs. Frederic in the hospital, and Pete and Myka set off for London to gather clues about MacPherson's scheme in the second-season premiere.

Guest stars include Roger Rees, Jaime Murray, Tyler Hynes, Jean Pearson, Jung-Yul Kim and Jane Moffat.


10:00 AM Mild Mannered

Myka and Pete are sent to Detroit after a seemingly invulnerable vigilante begins using extraordinary means to thwart criminals. Meanwhile, Artie, Leena and Claudia try to get past recent events while improving conditions at the warehouse

Guest stars include Roger Rees, Firefly's Sean Maher, Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite, Conrad Coates, Kyra Harper and Aaron Berg.


11:00 AM Beyond Our Control

Gladiators, cowboys, sci-fi robots and beach-storming marines are unleashed after an artifact arrives in the next town instead of the warehouse, and the team turns to the inventor of television to make things right.

Guest stars include Paula Garcés, Nolan Gerard Funk, Mark Sheppard, Camelot's Philip Winchester, Kyra Harper, Dwight Ireland and Jean Yoon.


12:00 PM Age Before Beauty

Myka and Pete go undercover to infiltrate the fashion world after young models age 50 years overnight.

Guest stars include Tawny Cypress, Phillip Rhys, Nolan Gerard Funk, Salvatore Antonio, Natalie Krill, Robin Kasyanov, Erica Cox and Shauna MacDonald.


01:00 PM 13.1

Douglas Fargo leaves Eureka for a trip to Warehouse 13 to update the facility's computer system, which doesn't go as planned. Rene Auberjonois ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine") guest stars.

Guest stars include Neil Grayston, Nolan Gerard Funk, Rene Auberjonois, Paula Garcés and Zack Ward.


02:00 PM Around The Bend

Pete has a secret assignment, and runs into a former flame (Tia Carrere), which may result in him betraying the team.

Guest stars include Tia Carrere, Mark Sheppard, J.P. Manoux, Andrew Hinkson and Ted Ludzik.


03:00 PM For The Team

An old foe helps Myka and Claudia investigate strange deaths on a college wrestling team, and Peter has to seek medical assistance from an unwilling source when Artie falls ill.

Guest stars include Spartacus: Gods of the Arena's Jaime Murray, Paula Garcés, Six Million Dollar Woman's Lindsay Wagner, Kamiran Aldabbagh, Christian Campbell, Robert Clark, Hamish McEwan and Scott Wickware.


04:00 PM Merge With Caution

Myka attends her high-school reunion while Pete enjoys some time with his girlfriend, but an artifact upsets their plans to enjoy a normal weekend, and Artie and Claudia take on a mission of their own.

Guest stars include Paula Garcés, Laura Harris, Cody Runnels, Desmond Campbell, Caden Douglas, Gary Douglas, Paul Essiembre and Tig Fong.


05:00 PM Vendetta

The team seeks a murderer in Russia who is using artifacts from Artie's past to kill, but H.G.'s offer to help complicates matters. Meanwhile, Claudia snoops into Todd's past and uncovers some disturbing information.

Guest stars include Tia Carrere, Nolan Gerard Funk, Simon Reynolds, Faran Tahir, Jaime Murray, Richard Alan Campbell and Gary Krawford.


06:00 PM Where And When

Pete and Myka travel to 1961 via H.G. Wells' time machine to stop a killer who is turning women into glass.

Guest stars include Roberta Maxwell, Jaime Murray, Armin Shimerman, David Anders and Tricia Braun.


07:00 PM Buried

A mysterious illness imperils Mrs. Frederic, and Pete, Myka and H.G. go to Egypt's Warehouse 2 in a bid to save her. Meanwhile, Claudia faces the truth about her future at Warehouse 13.

Guest stars include Jaime Murray, Paula Garcés, Mark Sheppard, Lindsay Wagner and Allen Altman.


10:00 PM Reset

The team chases after an artifact that is more dangerous than they originally thought; Pete's feelings for Kelly are put to the test; Claudia talks to Artie about her future, in the second-season finale.

Guest stars include Jaime Murray, Faran Tahir, Paula Garcés and Allen Altman.




09:00 PM The New Guy
02:00 AM The New Guy

A rock legend's guitar becomes a menace in Jersey City, N.J., and Artie and Claudia run into an ATF agent who has a knack for knowing when people are lying in the Season 3 premiere. Aaron Ashmore joins the series.

Guest stars include Nikki Grant. Aaron Ashmore, Jaime Murray and Angelica Lisk.

Jul 17 09:00 AM The New Guy
Jul 18 09:30 AM The New Guy


Jul 18 09:00 PM Trials
Jul 18 12:00 AM Trials

Pete and Myka are on the case when witnesses in a murder trial begin to quickly lose their memories; Claudia is tasked with pursuing a thief who may be using an artifact for good purposes.

Jul 25 09:30 AM Trials


Jul 25 09:00 PM Love Sick
Jul 25 12:00 AM Love Sick

Lindsay Wagner guest stars as Artie's not-so-secret crush returns in pursuit of a murderous cyber matrix. Warehouse 13 Monday at 9/8c.

Dr. Vanessa Calder (Lindsay Wagner) reunites with Artie for a case that requires some help from Calder's ex-flame; a mystery lands Pete and Myka in bed while Steve is missing.

Guest stars include Christopher Cordell, Lindsay Wagner, Bernadette Couture, Susan Horton, Anthony Lemke, Simon Northwood and Jeri Ryan.


11:00 PM The New Guy
12:00 AM Trials
01:00 AM Love Sick

Eureka - Syfy: July 2011 Schedule

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Eureka July 11


NOTE: Updated Jul 8, 2011

Eureka season four cast includes Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Erica Cerra, Joe Morton, Niall Matter, Neil Grayston and James Callis.

NOTE: Click here for the FATHER'S DAY SEASON 4.O MARATHON JUNE 19, 2011 Schedule.



11:00 PM A New World

A runaway project named "Tiny" causes a panic in town during the Founder's Day celebration while Carter, Henry, Lupo, Fargo and Allison adjust to the new time line, and a robotic law enforcer is back on the job.

Guest stars include Tembi Locke, Ty Olsson, Christopher Jacot, Jaime Ray Newman and Trevor Jackson.


12:00 AM All The Rage

An underappreciated scientist's anger may be contagious as blind rage consumes the staff at Global Dynamics.

Guest stars include Jaime Ray Newman, Tembi Locke, Barclay Hope and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton.


01:00 AM The Story Of O2

Eureka's Space Week Festival causes mayhem for Allison, who is also trying to relate to her son. Meanwhile, Carter hopes the Zoe he is set to visit at Harvard is the daughter he remembers.

Guest stars include Christopher Jacot, Barclay Hope, Adrienne Carter, Trevor Jackson, Jamie Kennedy and Stargate Atlantis' Kavan Smith.


02:00 AM Crossing Over

Carter enlists the help of Warehouse 13's Claudia Donovan when strange objects materialize in Eureka that could erase the town.

Guest stars include Tembi Locke, Olivia Cheng and Warehouse 13's Allison Scagliotti.


03:00 AM Momstrosity

Carter goes camping with Kevin, and Henry wants to come clean with Grace while a peculiar relationship threatens Eureka.

Guest stars include Tembi Locke, Christopher Jacot, Trevor Jackson and Stargate Atlantis' Kavan Smith.


04:00 AM Stoned

Tensions between Carter and Grant over Allison peak, Henry woos his own wife and Zoe deals with a secret love as something begins turning townsfolk into stone.

Guest stars include Tembi Locke, Christopher Jacot, Keegan Connor Tracy, Stephanie Belding, Olivia Cheng and John Reardon.


05:00 AM I'll Be Seeing You

A stolen Global Dynamics project brings Carter, Allison, Jo and Fargo together, and Grant's disappearance turns him into a suspect in the theft. Carter and Jo find evidence linking Grant to Beverly Barlowe before a catastrophe strikes.

Guest stars include Debrah Farentino, Noah Danby, Elias Toufexis and Michelle Harrison.




08:00 PM Liftoff
01:00 AM Liftoff

Guest stars include Tembi Locke.

Jul 17 03:00 AM Liftoff
Jul 18 10:30 AM Liftoff

Carter lands in an awkward situation after S.A.R.A.H. and Andy's nuptials hit a snag; Zane keeps harassing Jo for details; an unscheduled launch presents trouble for the gang.

Guest stars include Tembi Locke, Kavan Smith and Stargate Universe's Ming Na.


Jul 18 08:00 PM Reprise
Jul 18 11:00 PM Reprise

A rocket scientist arrives at Café Diem; a song prompts Fargo to display some fighting moves; Carter is tasked with minding Allison's kids while she leaves town for a medical conference.

Guest stars include Felicia Day, Marie Avgeropoulos, Trevor Jackson and Tembi Locke.

Jul 25 10:30 AM Reprise


Jul 25 08:00 PM Glimpse
Jul 25 11:00 PM Glimpse

Applicants swarm Fargo after he solicits volunteers for a space mission; persistent headaches plague Allison; Carter plans a getaway; Lupo is fitted with special lenses that help predict possible security threats and calamities. Wil Wheaton and Stan Lee guest star.

Guest stars include Graeme Duffy, Wil Wheaton and Stan Lee.

SEASON 4.5 MINI-MARATHON SUNDAY, August 1, 2011 02:00 AM Liftoff 03:00 AM Reprise 04:00 AM Glimpse

Game of Thrones - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jun 5 '11 - HBO 9/8C

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Game 2

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Sunday, June 5, 2011

... Game of Thrones

9:00 PM, HBOE

After Ned (Sean Bean) is captured, Arya and Syrio (Maisie Williams, Miltos Yerolemou) confront Lannister guards, and Cersei (Lena Headey) manipulates Sansa (Sophie Turner). Robb (Richard Madden) leads his father's northern allies to war against Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance). Jon (Kit Harington) battles a mysterious attacker from beyond the Wall, and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) forms an alliance with the hill tribes in the new episode "The Pointy End."

Doctor Who - BBC America Video: 'A Good Man Goes to War' Episode Trailer Airs Jun 11 '11

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Doctor Who May 22

DOCTOR WHO - BBC AMERICA VIDEO: 'A Good Man Goes to War' Episode Trailer Airs Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 9/8C - Mid-Season Finale!

Who is River Song? Can the Doctor call in all his debts across the cosmos to defeat his enemies? Don't miss the explosive all-new episode of Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes to War" -- the last new episode before the summer break, Saturday, June 11 at 9/8c only on BBC America.

The Doctor tries to raise an army and calls in favors from allies spread across the cosmos while River Song has something to tell him.

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Frances Barber, Christina Chong, Joshua Hayes, Damian Kell, Danny Sapani, Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart, Richard Trinder, Henry Wood, Dan Starkey, Simon Fisher-Becker, Hugh Bonneville and Oscar Lloyd.