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Stargate Universe - My Fanbase: Elyse Levesque Interview

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STARGATE UNIVERSE - MY FANBASE: Elyse Levesque Interview

"Stargate Universe" ended this month with the finale of the second season. We had the chance to interview Elyse Levesque, who plays Chloe, shortly before that and she talks about her thoughts and working on the show. With David Blue she's the second person from the main cast of this scifi show we could talk to...


... My Fanbase: Playing in a scifi show can probably be very demanding for actors. Is there something you wouldn't say or do in terms of storyline even in a high quality program?

Elyse Levesque: There are moments every now and again, where what is scripted doesn't ring true to the character. We were fortunate that our writers and producers were open to hearing our thoughts, and collaborating with us...

Red Faction: Origins - Syfy Video: "Make This Easy" Sneak Peek - Premieres June 4 '11

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Red Faction: Origins 4

RED FACTION: ORIGINS - SYFY VIDEO: "Make This Easy" Sneak Peek - Premieres Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 9/8C

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Red Faction: Origins." Premieres Saturday June 4 9/8C.

Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) and Kate Vernon (Battlestar Galactica) star in Red Faction: Origins, based on the hugely successful Red Faction video game franchise. Twenty-five years have passed since Alec Mason (Patrick) led the Martian Colonies to freedom and 12 years since vengeful enemies killed his wife, kidnapped his daughter Lyra (Tamzin Merchant), and left a broken hero in their wake. Jake Mason (Smith), Alec's only son and an officer in the Red Faction Militia, has his world turned inside out when he discovers that now, 12 years after her kidnapping, his sister is still alive. As a powerful new enemy swarms across the planet, Jake goes out to find her, only to learn that his lost sister is one of them -- a cold-blooded soldier sworn to destroy the Red Faction. Vernon portrays The Matriarch, leader of the tribal Marauders sect.

Cast includes Robert Patrick, Brian J. Smith, Tamzin Merchant, Kate Vernon, Devon Graye, Gareth David-Lloyd, Danielle Nicolet and Gordon Kennedy.

Alphas - Syfy Video Series Promo: "Top Secret" - Series Premieres July 11' 11

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ALPHAS - SYFY VIDEO SERIES PROMO: "Top Secret" - Series Premieres Monday, July 11, 2011 at 10/9C

Genetically superior, socially awkward and officially top secret. Alphas series premiere Monday July 11 at 10/9c.

Alphas follows a team of ordinary citizens whose brain anomalies imbue them with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Taking the law into their own hands, the unlikely team, led by Dr. Leigh Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Oscar nominee David Strathairn) investigates cases that suggest other Alpha activity to uncover what the CIA, FBI and Pentagon have not been able, or willing, to solve. These gifted individuals must balance their quirky personalities and disparate backgrounds with their not always visible powers as they work to solve crimes, stop the ticking time bomb and catch the enemy.

Alphas also stars Malik Yoba, Warren Christie, Laura Mennell, Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada, and is a production of Universal Cable Productions and BermanBraun Television. Executive Producers are Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein for BermanBraun, Zak Penn and Ira Steven Behr.

Hollywood Treasure - Syfy Video: "Packrats, Robots and Oz" Sneak Peek - Premieres June 1

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Hollywood Treasure

HOLLYWOOD TREASURE - SYFY VIDEO: "Packrats, Robots and Oz" Sneak Peek - Season 1.5 Premieres Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 10/9c

Watch a sneak peak of the season premiere of Hollywood Treasure. Wednesday June 1 at 10/9c.

Doctor Who - SFX Magazine: Matthew Graham Interview ("The Rebel Flesh")

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Doctor Who May 22

DOCTOR WHO - SFX MAGAZINE: Matthew Graham Interview ("The Rebel Flesh")

Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes writer Matthew Graham makes a return to Doctor Who this [past] weekend with the first part of the new two-parter, “The Rebel Flesh”. In this exclusive SFX.co.uk interview he discusses the story’s origins....


Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan from "The Rebel Flesh"

... SFX: How did you find writing for Matt Smith?

Matthew Graham: "Writing for Matt is great. Easy actually. Relatively easy. As it was writing for David. Because the characters that they’ve created have such a clear idiom. For me it felt like a very easy fit: the sort of hyperactive nutty professor locked too long away in the laboratory and just allowed out at the last minute. That was the pitch that Steven gave the writers for writing for Matt, and that served me very well. So I nailed, well I felt that I nailed, the character very quickly, and I loved writing for Matt.

You really do try to write for the character, not just a generic Doctor. Obviously, it was slightly easier for me writing for season six, because I’d already seen a whole season of Matt Smith. It would have been harder, obviously, for the writers of season five. But also, they sent me a couple of Steven’s scripts, I think it must have been one and two, just to show me how Steven was writing the Doctor this season.

But no, you can’t just write any old dialogue and hope Matt will make it sound like him. You try very hard to put in Mattisms, if you see what I mean. But you also try not to overdo the Mattisms. It’s a balance. Sometimes you get it right; sometimes you think, “Maybe I’ve overdone the Mattisms here.” But with a dark story like “The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People” – I mean, “The Rebel Flesh” is kind of cranking it up, and “The Almost People” drops us over the other side – it’s pretty intense, so it’s really important to try to find moments of proper humour and silliness for Matt. You consciously try to do that..."

Doctor Who's "The Almost People" airs in the US on BBC America, Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 9/8C!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Reelz Channel: Ian McShane Video Interview

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Ian McShane talks about taking on the role of Blackbeard.

Cast includes Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Keith Richards and Richard Griffiths.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides | Ian McShane | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review

Game of Thrones - HBO Video: "You Win or You Die" Episode Trailer Airs May 29 '11

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Game 2

GAME OF THRONES - HBO VIDEO: "You Win or You Die" Episode Trailer Airs Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 9/8C

With conflict looming, Tywin urges Jaime to preserve the Lannisters' future; Ned presses Cersei about the death of Jon Arryn; Jon takes his vows at Castle Black, though he's preoccupied by Benjen's disappearance; Drogo is enraged by a threat to Daenerys; Robert hopes for a smooth transition at King's Landing.

Guest stars include Charles Dance, John Bradley, Aidan Gillen, Yosun Goral, Roxanne McKee, Conleth Hill, Jack Gleeson and Alfie Allen.

Doctor Who - BBC America Video Featurette: Doctor Who Insider - "The Rebel Flesh"

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Doctor Who May 22

DOCTOR WHO - BBC AMERICA VIDEO FEATURETTE: Doctor Who Insider - "The Rebel Flesh"

Does Rory fancy another woman? This exclusive interview with Doctor Who stars Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill plus Doctor Who Executive Producer/Lead Writer Steven Moffat gives another inside look at the making of "The Rebel Flesh" written by Matthew Graham, writer of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes. Don't miss all-new episodes of Doctor Who Saturdays at 9/8c only on BBC America.

Game of Thrones - HBO Video Featurette: Inside the Episode "The Golden Crown"

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Game 2

GAME OF THRONES - HBO VIDEO FEATURETTE: Inside the Episode "The Golden Crown"

Go Inside The Episode with Game of Thrones Executive Producer's/Writer's, David Benioff and D.B Weiss and Director Daniel Minahan. Make sure to catch all new episodes of "Game Of Thrones" every Sunday night at 9pm only on HBO.

Stargate Universe - Media Blvd Magazine: Patrick Gilmore Interview

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MEDIA BLVD MAGAZINE: Patrick Gilmore on 'The Killing' and The End of 'Stargate Universe'

By Kenn Gold
Monday, 23 May 2011

Patrick Gilmore is at an interesting point in his career, with one high profile fan favorite, Stargate Universe, recently ending and a meaty recurring role in AMC’s hot new series The Killing. In Stargate, Gilmore played Dr. Dale Volker, a role that grew significantly since the start of the show. And on The Killing he plays billionaire Tom Drexler. Also in the can, and in post production are Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods, which has set on the shelf for two years, but may be nearing release in 3-D with the popularity of Chris Hemsworth, who has a part in the film. Meanwhile, Sunflower Hour, a mocumentary indy film about the dark underbelly of puppeteering finds Gilmore playing a truly unique character.

Patrick recently gave MediaBlvd an exclusive interview in which he spoke about the end of Stargate, and the fans involvement both in supporting that series and his career, as well as a small group of anti-fans who made a bad situation worse. He also spoke at length about The Killing, and his other upcoming roles.

The Killing airs on AMC on Sunday nights, and the 1st season finale is set for June 19th, 2011.


... MediaBlvd> Dale was kind of in the background in the start, but has been becoming more and more a part of things. I think my favorite episode of the entire series was just a few weeks ago where you saw the epilogue that the character would have died if he’d stayed on the planet. That hit me really hard watching that sequence. Was it always intended for him to have this bigger role, and grow into it?

Patrick> I think that just happened as it went along. A lot of the secondary cast members just auditioned for this general scientist character. Then they picked four or five, gave them names, and said, “Let’s see what they bring.” You had different actors that brought different things; Mark Burgess playing Franklin, Peter Kelamis playing Brody. They didn’t know who was really going to develop. An interesting little side fact and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything now that the show is over, but it was originally intended for Volker to sit in the chair instead of Franklin. And just by a twist of fate, or a slim vote, I made it out of the chair and was able to develop through season one, and get a stronger presence in season two. It was just kind of a wait and see as far as who Volker was going to be. They started really writing for our voices after the pilot, in Darkeness and Light, the 4th and 5th episode. Once they started getting to know us, and saw what we could bring, the more they started giving us. We were fortunate...

Wizard World: Morena Baccarin Video Interview

Source: Wizard World

WIZARD WORLD: Morena Baccarin Video Interview

From V and Firefly, Morena Baccarin talks about what it’s like to play a strong woman in the world of sci-fi while at Big Apple Comic Con. See V fans and Firefly fans ask her honest questions about her experiences on V and plans since the shows cancellation.

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Syfy Video: "Carentan" Episode Trailer Airs June 6 '11

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SANCTUARY - SYFY VIDEO: "Carentan" Episode Trailer Airs Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10/9C

Sanctuary returns Monday June 6 at 10/9c with Episode 318 'Carentan'.

A colleague vanishes amid unexplained disappearances in Normandy, France, where Magnus and her team run into a military blockade during their investigation.

After hearing of mysterious disappearances in a small town called Carentan, Magnus and the rest of the Sanctuary crew take a trip to investigate; Magnus and Will make their way inside of Carentan and experience a puzzling phenomenon.

Guest stars include Andrew Halliwell, Jordana Largy, Robert Lawrenson and Elysia Rotaru.

Kyra Sedgwick -The Closer - TNT Video: "An Ugly Game" Recap - Season 7 premieres July 11

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THE CLOSER - TNT VIDEO: "An Ugly Game" Recap - Season Seven Premieres July 11, 2011 at 9/8C

The Closer cast includes Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett, G.W. Bailey, Michael Paul Chan, Jon Tenney, Anthony John Denison, Phillip P. Keene and Raymond Cruz.

Watch a recap of The Closer season finale, "An Ugly Game," which aired January 3.

Category 6: Day of Destruction - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks May 24 '11 - Syfy 7/6C

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Category 6

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Tuesday, May 24, 2011

... Category 6: Day of Destruction

7:00 PM, SYFY

"The Day After Tomorrow" took a serious topic (climate change) and turned it into a preposterous but fun showcase of impressive special effects. This TV knockoff, on the other hand, is soft-core weather porn, a perfect storm of unconvincing special effects, cliches and the kind of careless casting that gives a pair of American actors a TV son with a thick Canadian accent. Dianne Wiest escapes with her dignity intact, but co-star Brian Dennehy has trouble staying awake, while Thomas Gibson just looks miserable.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Starz Video: New Series Extended Trailer - Premieres July 8 '11

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Torchwood Miracle Day July 11

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - STARZ VIDEO: Starz Video: New Series Extended Trailer - Premieres Friday, July 8, 2011 at 10/9C

An Original Series by STARZ

One day, nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep aging — they get hurt and sick — but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight.

With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four month's time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as C.I.A. agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British institute. As Rex keeps asking “What is Torchwood?", he’s drawn into a world of adventure, and a threat to change what it means to be human, forever.

Torchwood,” premiering July 8, stars John Barrowman (“Torchwood”, “Desperate Housewives”) as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles (“Torchwood”, “Little Dorrit") as Gwen Cooper, Mekhi Phifer (“ER”, “Lie to Me”) as Rex Matheson and Bill Pullman (While You Were Sleeping, Independence Day) as Oswald Danes.