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Being Human - Syfy: Being Human Shazam Sweepstakes

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Being Human Shazam Sweepstakes

January 17, 2011 – April 13, 2011

The Being Human Shazam Sweepstakes will begin on January 17, 2011 at 9:00 PM ET and end on April 13, 2011 at 11:59 PM ET.

Open only to permanent, legal United States residents who are physically residing in one (1) of the (50) U.S. or the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other U.S. territories), and who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the start of the Sweepstakes Period.

PRIZE: There will be three prizes awarded. One Prize will be awarded to each Winner. The Prize will be known as the “Being Human Prize Pack” and will consist of the following: 1) one Being Human Season 1 DVD set, and 2) one Being Human t-shirt. Estimated Retail Value of the Prize is seventy dollars ($70).

Click here for the official sweepstakes rules.

Fairly Legal - Ted on TV: USA Welcomes New Original Scripted Series

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FAIRLY LEGAL is USA's newest original scripted series premiering on Thursday, January 20 at 10/9c. It centers on Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi), a top litigator fed up with the endless bureaucracy and daily injustices of the system, who takes a hard turn to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator. Using her legal savvy, street smarts and pull-no-punches approach to resolving conflict, Kate finds the middle ground for a wide variety of adversaries, from Fortune 500 corporations to bitter divorcees.

Recurring guest stars include [Stargate SG-1's] Richard Dean Anderson in the role of David Smith, a man who has a mysterious connection to Kate’s late father; Ethan Embry portrays Spencer, Kate’s younger brother and a new father; and Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro, who has no tolerance for Kate’s lack of regard for the legal establishment. 

Other guest stars this season include Ken Howard as a clothing magnate whose son is due to inherit the family business; Peter MacNicol, one of the many judges that Kate comes in contact with during her many mediations; Belita Moreno, who was the trusted secretary to Kate's late father; and [Warehouse 13's] Eddie McClintock, the star of a cooking show, who finds himself in a dispute about his famous barbeque sauce. FAIRLY LEGAL also stars Michael Trucco, Virginia Williams and Baron Vaughn.

Fairly Legal - Video: Royal Pains and Fairly Legal - Hank and Kate: Back-to-Back

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Royal Pains and Fairly Legal - Hank and Kate: Back-to-Back

Watch Royal Pains and the series premiere of USA Network's newest series Fairly Legal back-to-back starting Thursday January 20th at 9/8C!

Stargate Universe - Stargate Planet: Peter Kelamis Interview

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Photo courtesy of MGM

Interview with Peter Kelamis

... Who's your favorite director on Stargate Universe and why?

PK: I really have been blessed with working with a great bunch of people...but I auditioned for the role with Andy there is a special relationship there...Also, Peter DeLuise is a blast. Interaction with other SGU characters – who are Adam Brody's favorites and why?

PK: Volker and him are is Park. Truth be known, there are great friends in real life also.

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii 50 - Video: "He Kane Hewa'ole" Sneak Peek

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Hawaii Five-0 - He Kane Hewa'ole - Sneak Peek

Five-0 joins the Honolulu Police Department in a high-speed police chase that ends with the driver fatally injured, and a gruesome discovery by the team on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, Jan. 17 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS!

Jamil Walker Smith - Video: "Make a Movie Like Spike" Trailer

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Make a Movie Like Spike

Armed with dreams that extend beyond their block, Luis and Ronald, two best friends from Los Angeles, videotape their last 36 hours before shipping off to Afghanistan. One hundred days before Obama's inauguration, these young men have joined the Marines together to face the obstacles and circumstances that seem to overwhelm their passage into manhood. Luis wants to be a filmmaker and Ronald wants to travel the world and raise a family. Through the lens of Luis's video camera, they capture their friends, family members and places they call home - to remember who they are and where they come from. In their darkest hour, they turn on the video camera for the last time and document the final moments of their journey home. They soon realize that their dreams and promises of a new life mean nothing in a place called War.

Directed and written by Stargate Universe's Jamil Walker Smith [who also co-stars]. Cast includes Malcolm Goodwin, Michael Trotter, Bradley Stryker, Eddie Ruiz, Justin Shenkarow, Christine Dunford, Aisha Alese, Diana Toshiko and Mike Polli.

An independent film, it premieres at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 3 at 8pm, February 4 at 10am, and February 5 at 1pm.

For more information on "Make a Movie Like Spike" click here for the Facebook site.

Primeval - Video: Series 4 Episode 4 Next Time Trailer - Airs Jan 22

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Primeval: Series 4 Episode 4 Next Time Trailer

Matt attempts to help the mystery woman find the murderous member of her group, while the team tries to save a group of students stuck in a Saturday detention from a vicious therocephalian that's loose in their school.

Airs Saturday, January 22 at 9pm on BBC America.

Morena Baccarin - V: Video - "Laid Bare" - Sneak Peek #1

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V - "Laid Bare" - Sneak Peek #1

Lisa's body undergoes changes; Anna dispatches Ryan to find Agent Malik after she goes missing. Guest stars include Jane Badler, Michael Patric and Christopher Rosamond.

Airs Tuesday, January 18 on ABC 9/8c.

Zachary Levi - Chuck: Video - "Chuck Versus The Balcony" Sneak Peek

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Chuck - "Chuck Versus The Balcony" Sneak Peek

CHUCK PLANS A SECRET MISSION WHILE ON ANOTHER SECRET MISSION IN FRANCE — When an assignment brings him to a French vineyard, Chuck (Zachary Levi) juggles tracking down a nano-chip with trying to create the perfect romantic getaway for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). Back at the Buy More, Lester (Vik Sahay) comes to Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) for his own romantic problems. Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, Bonita Friedericy and Adam Baldwin also star.

Airs Monday, January 17 at 8pm on NBC.

Pioneers of Television - TV Guide: Matt's Picks: January 18

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Matt's Picks: January 17-20

Jan 17, 2011
by Matt Roush

... Pioneers of Television (Tuesday, 8/7c, PBS)

The second season of this nostalgic documentary series divides its four weekly chapters into genre tributes, including Westerns, crime dramas and local kids' TV. First up: science fiction, looking back at visionaries including Twilight Zone's Rod Serling and Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry, who famously used fantasy to tell allegorical morality plays that have held up over the decades. DVR alert: If you want to see how far fantasy TV has evolved, check out AMC's marathon replay of the acclaimed six-episode zombie survival thriller The Walking Dead, which begins Tuesday (8/7c) and concludes Wednesday. The first season had the feel of a gripping miniseries, so it should be interesting to see how it plays in this format.

Being Human - TV Guide: Roush Review: Remakes and a Retread

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Roush Review: Remakes and a Retread

Jan 17, 2011
by Matt Roush

Does no one have an original idea in TV land anymore? Judging from tonight's latest batch of mid-season offerings, it hardly appears so. Programmers have either gone to England for inspiration, rarely improving on the source material, or back to the drawing board of tried-and-true formats like the courtroom drama, resulting in an unhappy epidemic of deja view viewing.

The best of tonight's premieres is Syfy's remake of Being Human (9/8c), and even it is a pale imitation of the provocative British original. Given the relatively limited reach of BBC America, and the inexplicable reluctance in some corners to embrace anything with a European accent, I get why Syfy would snap up and adapt this fetching premise for the American audience. In terms of production and casting, though, it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

For the unacquainted, this is the story of three supernatural roommates sharing a house in working-class Boston: an immortal and broodingly Byronic vampire (Sam Witwer, who comes the closest to embodying the spirit of the thing), a mild-mannered werewolf still awkwardly adjusting to his monthly curse (Sam Huntington, whose rhythms are a bit too sitcom-like) and a female ghost (shrill Meaghan Rath) who can't leave the house in which she died under mysterious circumstances. If all of this is new to you, the appealing mix of humor and horror may very well hook you. If you've already fallen in love with the British version, as I have, this uneven carbon copy will seem wildly unnecessary. And like me, you'll just find yourself counting the days until BBC America begins airing new episodes later this year...

The Cape - Slice of SciFi: James Frain Audio Interview

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Slice of SciFi #299: A Conversation with James Frain of “The Cape”

We’ve got an interview with James Frain, who stars on NBC’s new series “The Cape.”


Being Human - Collider: Mark Pellegrino Interview

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Mark Pellegrino Interview BEING HUMAN

by Christina Radish Posted: January 17th, 2011

On the new SyFy television series Being Human, adapted from the popular British series of the same name, actor Mark Pellegrino plays Bishop, a powerful vampire who is over 300 years old. He is the leader of a vicious vampire legion in Boston, but no amount of power will satisfy him until he lures Aidan (Sam Witwer), who has sworn off killing humans for blood, back into his fold of thirsty blood hunters.

While at the SyFy portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Mark Pellegrino, who is best known for playing Jacob on Lost and Lucifer on Supernatural, talked about the appeal of this new character, his decision not to watch the original series before developing his role, finding the balance between the darkness and the humor on the series, and how close the cast has become. He also shared his favorite memory from his time on Lost...


... Question: Who is the guy that you’re playing?

MARK PELLEGRINO: His name is James Bishop, and he’s a vampire. He’s about 300 years old. At the time that we see him, he’s the vampire boss of Boston. All the vampire clans are organizing their families, and there are heads of these families, kind of like the mafia system. Bishop has positioned himself in the Boston Police Department, as a Lieutenant. He also has a stake in this funeral home, which is where the vampire business takes place. He basically operates out of there and is trying, from the very beginning, to bring Aidan back into the fold. Aidan has been the rebel. He’s the prodigal son, so to speak. Bishop is trying to bring him back into the family business.

Fairly Legal - Entertainment Weekly: Tonight's Best TV Jan 20

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Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide To Notable Shows

Fairly Legal


The by-the-numbers legal dramedy is given a needed boost by its incredibly likable star Sarah Shahi (Life). She plays Kate Reed, a lawyer-turned-mediator at her deceased father's firm. Adding to Reed's daily stress? Her evil stepmother (Virginia Williams) is now her boss. It's all pretty obvious stuff, aside from some weird Wizard of Oz references. However, the vivacious Shahi makes it feel at least fairly fresh. Bottom line: The show may be guilty of cliché assault, but Shahi is more victim than perp. B- —Tim Stack

Fairly Legal - Yahoo TV: What To Watch - Weekly Top 10

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What To Watch - Weekly Top 10

Yahoo TV picks the week's top 10 must-watch shows.

Fairly Legal

Series Premiere: Thursday at 10pm on USA

USA adds to its already impressive roster of light dramas with this new legal series. Sarah Shahi ("The L Word") stars as lawyer Kate Reed, who gets so fed up with the legal system that she quits to become a mediator. She's a whiz at resolving disputes in the courtroom... in her personal life, not so much. On tonight's premiere, Kate helps her family's law firm settle a dispute between a rich clothing magnate and his son.

Richard Dean Anderson - Sleuth Channel: MacGyver Season Six Marathon Sat Jan 22 '11

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MACGYVER - Season Six Marathon Saturday, January 22, 2011 on Sleuth Channel

MacGyver starred Richard Dean Anderson (Stargate SG-1) and Dana Elcar.


6:00 AM Tough Boys

A group of young vigilantes is taking explosive measures to blow away the crack ring gripping the neighborhood.

Guest stars include Garvin Funches, Dale Wilson, Jason Scott, Richard Roundtree and Gerry Bean.

7:00 AM Humanity

MacGyver is taken hostage when an elite corps still loyal to Romania's Ceausescu sabotages a plan to uncover his files.

Guest stars include Brooks Gardner, Larry D. Mann, Alan Scarfe and Andrew Kavadas.

8:00 AM The Gun

A gun used in an assassination 20 years ago and in a present-day cop killing is sought by MacGyver, who needs it to clear a friend.

Guest stars include Jerry Wasserman, Jay Brazeau, Alec Burden and Vincent Gale.

9:00 AM Twenty Questions

MacGyver tries to get a young friend accused of murder to admit she has a drinking problem

Guest stars include Mayim Bialik, Claire Brown, Cavan Cunningham and Jackson Davies.

10:00 AM Tough Boys
11:00 AM Humanity
12:00 PM The Gun
1:00 PM Twenty Questions

Medium - Yahoo TV: What To Watch - Weekly Top 10 - Jan 21

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What To Watch - Weekly Top 10

Yahoo TV picks the week's top 10 must-watch shows.


Series Finale: Friday at 8pm ET on CBS

After a seven-season, 130-episode run on NBC and CBS, it's case closed for psychic crime-solver Allison Dubois. (Although perhaps it's just as well: We'll never look at this show the same way after watching real-life "Medium" inspiration Allison Dubois embarrass herself on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.") The series finale marks a new beginning for Allison: She starts a new career as a lawyer, while her husband Joe lands a new job as well.

Being Human - Entertainment Weekly: Tonight's Best TV Jan 17

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Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide To Notable Shows

... Being Human


A vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf share an apartment. Of course, the real beast will be sorting out the cleaning schedule.

Being Human - Yahoo TV: Watch to Watch - Weekly Top 10

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Being Human Cast

What To Watch - Weekly Top 10

Yahoo TV picks the week's top 10 must-watch shows.

... Being Human (Syfy)

Series Premiere: Monday at 9pm on Syfy

We've always liked the offbeat U.K. series "Being Human," which features three supernatural flatmates trying to fit in with normal society. Now Syfy introduces its own version of "Human," with vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington), and ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) sharing a Boston brownstone and keeping their unusual abilities a secret. The premiere sees Aidan and Josh vow to look out for each other after a brutal -- and bloody -- night out.

(Note: also on Yahoo TV's Monday's Picks list.)

Charlie's Angels (TV Series) - Sleuth Channel: Season One Marathon Jan 25 '11

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CHARLIE'S ANGELS -Season One Marathon Tuesday, January 25, 2011 on Sleuth Channel

Cast included Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and David Doyle.


The Angels enter a women's prison farm to investigate an inmate's disappearance.

Guest stars include David Huddleston, Anthony James, Christina Hart, Kim Basinger and Neva Patterson.


The Angels become the targets in a series of bombings and shootings.

Guest stars include John Horn, Tom Selleck, Michael Bell, John Agar and Irene Tedrow.


The drowning of a journalist draws the Angels (Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith) to a posh resort.

Guest stars include Robert Loggia, Joseph Ruskin, Hugh Gillin and Frank Maxwell.


The autistic child Kelly's tending stumbles upon a gun left at a murder scene---and shoots her.

Guest stars include Robert Donner, Craig Ludwin, John Zaremba and Lee Bryant.


Being Human - TV Guide: Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Jan. 17, 2011

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Being Human Cast

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Jan. 17, 2011

... Being Human

9/8c Syfy

So, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost decide to become roomies in a Boston townhouse.... If you're waiting for a punchline, there isn't one. That's the premise of this Americanized version of the BBC drama. In the likable series premiere, a gruesome night out prompts two male monsters to seek a common address, and they find a rental property with an otherworldly amenity.

— Michael Chant