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David Boreanaz - Bones - FOX Video: "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 4 Airs Feb 10 '11

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Bones 2

BONES - FOX VIDEO: "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 4 Airs Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9/8C

Catch BONES on THU at 9/8c!

Stargate Universe - The SciFi Guys: LIVE From SF BALL 17! Fri Feb 11 8pm [GMT]

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The Sci Fi Guys Live This Weekend From SFBALL 17 on!!

The Sci Fi Guys in association with SFB Events and are proud to announce a weekend of live radio from one of the UKs last remaining fan run conventions, The SFBALL.

Celebrating its 17th year, The Ball takes place in the Carrington House Hotel in seaside holiday resort of Bournemouth and every year provides fans with access to a whole array of guest talks, games, parties and of course the annual Saturday night ball.

This year the guests include Torri Higginson (Stargate Atlantis), Nana Visitor (Star Trek DS9), Lolita Fatjo (Star Trek DS9), Rakie Ayola (Doctor Who), David Bedella (The Rocky Horror Show) and Ian McNeice (Doctor Who).

The event this time will also feature for the first time, The Sci Fi Guys broadcasting live from the heart of the event in a special live studio! “It’s a unique opportunity to bring our listeners access to one of the highlights of the UKs convention season,” comments Sci FI Guy producer Stuart Claw.

The live shows will be spread over the course of the weekend (See below for the broadcast schedule) and will feature the guys talking about the events as they happen at the event as well have discussions on all the current Sci Fi, Cult TV, Movie news and a whole lot more.

Also to celebrate this great weekend, there will be special airings of a second interview with Stargate Universe actor Lou Diamond Phillips! The interview, conducted last year on the Sunday of the event, was originally done for members of the Balls patron programme and features Lou Diamond Phillips talking in depth about other aspects of his career including musicals and his time on the US version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! For more information see the broadcast schedule below.

Apart from the live broadcasts, the weekend will also see Sci Fi Guys Michael McDonald and Stuart Claw take to the stage for an EXCLUSIVE panel on the forthcoming Sci Fi Guys game that features never before released information, artwork and much more! The panel which will take place on Sunday from 12:45-1:30pm will only be seen by attendees to the event, tickets for which are still available on the day and more information can be found on this by visiting

The anarchy and fun starts on Friday from 8pm live and free on "

For more on The SFBALL please visit

Live Broadcast Schedule:

Friday: 8pm-9pm
Saturday: 12pm-1pm & 4pm-5:30pm
Sunday: 11:30am-12:30pm & 7:30pm-8:30pm
Lou Diamond Philips SFB Extra Airing: Saturday 5:30pm and Sunday from 7pm


David Boreanaz - Bones: FOX Video "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 3 Airs Feb 10 '11

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BONES FOX VIDEO - "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 3 Airs Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9/8C

Catch BONES on THU at 9/8c!

Syfy Creature Features Marathon Saturday Feb 12 '11

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10:30 AM SS Doomtrooper

Corin Nemec stars in this horror film set in World War II, in which American forces must battle monstrous super-soliders created by the Nazis.

Cast includes Corin Nemec, James Pomichter, Marianne Filali, Ben Cross, Kirk B.R. Woller and Harry Van Gorkum.


12:30 PM Arctic Predator (Original title: Frost Giant)

An explorer and his team encounter an alien creature that feeds on energy.

Cast includes Dean Cain, Erbi Ago, Velizar Binev, Lucy Brown, Louisa Clein and Laia Gonzàlez.


02:30 PM Bone Eater

A highway crew accidentally unleashes a deadly creature tied to Native American mythology that leaves boneless victims in its wake.

Cast includes Babylon 5's Bruce Boxleitner, Chuck Hansen, Clara Bryant, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's Gil Gerard, Veronica Hamel, Michael Horse, William Katt and Star Trek's Walter Koenig.


04:30 PM Splinter

A young couple and an escaped convict are trapped in an isolated gas station by a parasite that transforms its still-living victims into deadly hosts. [I hate when that happens.]

Cast includes Charles Baker, Jill Wagner, Paulo Costanzo, Shea Whigham, Rachel Kerbs and Laurel Whitsett.


06:30 PM Eyeborgs

FBI Agent Gunner Reynolds (Adrian Paul) battles an army of weaponized security cameras that have been hacked by terrorists. The determined agent must convince the president to shut down his surveillance program before the machines take over.

Cast includes Adrian Paul, Megan Blake, Luke Eberl and Tim Bell.


09:00 PM Syfy Original Movie PREMIERE Iron Invader

Two brothers desperate to keep the family business afloat soon find their prayers answered when a Russian satellite dislodges from orbit and crashes into the middle of a nearby field. Unaware the satellite carries a mysterious alien substance, the brothers sell the satellite to a local artist who uses the wreckage in his giant sculpture. But soon the substance brings the giant sculpture to life; creating an iron monster whose only mission is to kill.

Cast includes Nicole de Boer, Chelah Horsdal, Jesse Moss, Merritt Patterson, Colby Johannson, Eureka's Chris Gauthier, Battlestar Galactica's Donnelly Rhodes and Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion and Kavan Smith.


11:00 PM Triassic Attack

Three dinosaurs wreak havoc on a a small town and a local university after the owner of a kitschy roadside museum accidentally brings three fossils to life.

Cast includes Steven Brand, Raoul Trujillo, Kirsty Mitchell, Jordan Bonev, Nathalie Buscombe and Emilia Clarke.

01:00 AM Iron Invader


03:00 AM Transmorphers: The Fall Of Man

In this present day prequel, the robot invaders attack the Earth, forcing a small band of humans to seek refuge below the surface of the planet.

Cast includes Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin, Shane Van Dyke, Alana DiMaria and Russ Kingston.

CSI - CBS Video: "All That Cremains" Sneak Peek Airs Feb 10 '11

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CSI - CBS VIDEO: "All That Cremains" Sneak Peek Airs Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9/8c

A thrift store donation turns gruesome when a dead body is found in a box; meanwhile, Langston's wife pays a surprise visit to the crime lab, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, Feb. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS!

David Boreanaz - FOX Video: "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 2 Airs Feb 10 '11

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Bones 2

BONES - FOX VIDEO: "The Daredevil In The Mold" Sneak Peek # 2 Airs Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9/8C

Catch BONES on THU at 9/8c!

Warehouse 13 - Syfy: February Schedule - Season Two Encores

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Warehouse 13

WAREHOUSE 13 - Syfy: February Schedule for Season Two Encore Episodes


Feb 14 10:00 PM Beyond Our Control

Gladiators, cowboys, sci-fi robots and beach-storming marines are unleashed after an artifact arrives in the next town instead of the warehouse, and the team turns to the inventor of television to make things right.

Guest stars include Paula Garcés, Nolan Gerard Funk, Mark Sheppard, Philip Winchester, CCH Pounder, Kyra Harper, Dwight Ireland and Jean Yoon.


Feb 21 10:00 PM Around The Bend

Pete has a secret assignment, and runs into a former flame (Tia Carrere), which may result in him betraying the team.

Guest stars include Tia Carrere, Mark Sheppard, CCH Pounder and J.P. Manoux.


Feb 28 10:00 PM Where And When

Pete and Myka travel to 1961 via H.G. Wells' time machine to stop a killer who is turning women into glass.

Guest stars include Roberta Maxwell, Jaime Murray, Armin Shimerman, David Anders and Tricia Braun.

Stargate Universe - Syfy: NEW Episodes Resume March 7 '11

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Latest update: March 21 for "Hope"

SYFY - STARGATE UNIVERSE - NEW Episodes Resume March 7, 2011

Mar 7 10:00 PM Deliverance - Written by Paul Mullie and directed by Andy Mikita
Mar 8 12:00 AM Deliverance

The final 10 episodes pick up from December’s jarring cliffhanger, where the Destiny encountered two warring races and an ally thought dead returned. In the Season 2.5 premiere, ‘Deliverance,’ the Destiny is now locked in a battle with a Drone Command Ship and surprised by the arrival of the aliens that abducted Rush and Chloe.

From TV Guide: Chloe contacts her alien abductors to buy the Destiny time to circumvent attacking drones; Volker and Brody tend to Destiny's damaged shields.

From IMDB, guest star is Tobias Slezak as Peter (also appeared in Visitation and Intervention).

From SciFi and TV Talk's interview with Brian Jacob Smith:

... The show’s cast and crew have been shooting the mid-season episode Deliverance, in which Scott faces an uncertain future with regard to his relationship with Chloe Armstrong. Part of this episode requires some of our heroes to put on spacesuits, a task that always proves memorable for all those actors involved.

“It can be very, very hard when you’re in the spacesuits all day long,” admits Smith, stepping out into an especially warm July afternoon in Vancouver during a break in filming. “That must be what it feels like to be old, really old; you can’t move, you’re always hot and uncomfortable, your freakin’ back hurts, and so do your shoulders, but you look really cool in those suits,” says the actor with a smile. “I’ve been in those suits, though, so many times that you just have to go to your happy place and think, ‘OK, these things look terrific onscreen.’ That’s all you can ask for.”

From Blastr:

Stargate Universe returns with an explosive midseason premiere called "Deliverance" tonight at 10 p.m., which will kick off the final 10 episodes of the series. "I'm pretty happy with the whole back 10," said co-creator and executive producer Brad Wright. "I think we come back from the break very, very strong, with some really, really moving episodes and actually some big action stuff. 'Deliverance,' which is the second part of the two-parter, has a ton of action in it."


Mar 14 10:00 PM Twin Destinies - Written by Brad Wright, Directed by Peter DeLuise
Mar 15 12:00 AM Twin Destinies

Eli may have found a way home, but Rush believes the plan could go catastrophically wrong. After experts on Earth decide in favor of Eli's plan, Rush announces his intention to remain on the ship and calls for volunteers to stay with him.

EDIT: Synopsis update - Source: Titan TV:

The Destiny crew grows excited when Eli informs them that he may have discovered a way to dial the Stargate to Earth, but Rush returns from the future and warns them that attempting to abandon Destiny would have disastrous results.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

Source: You Tube

From Blastr:

The next episode after "Deliverance" is "Twin Destinies," said Wright. "It's actually a very big story too. It's got a ton of scope and a significant amount of action, as well. ... It sets up a huge story arc that will follow up the rest of the season. And I don't really want to spoil it beyond that. I just want to say that there's something that is initiated that takes place and carries on through the rest of the story."

According to Wright, "Twin Destinies" is a pivotal episode especially because crew finally comes to a realization. "There's some fairly compelling scenes between Rush and the rest of the crew that make everybody realize that 'We need to be here.'"


Mar 21 10:00 PM Alliances - Written by Linda McGibney
and directed by Peter DeLuise. According to IMDB guest stars include French Stewart (the original Lieutenant Ferretti in the Stargate feature film)
Mar 22 12:00 AM Alliances

An attack on Homeworld Command traps Greer and Wray.

Mar 8 update Source: Titan TV Synopsis:

When an alien ship crashes into Homeworld Command, Greer and Wray find themselves in the middle of an alien attack; Senator Michaels [Kathleen Quinlan] and Dr. Covel board [French Stewart] Destiny in order to discover from Rush the viability of another Icarus base.

From Blastr:

Then, in "Alliances," the Lucian Alliance threat against Earth comes to a head, which leads to a Greer/Camile Wray story. That episode is followed by "Hope" and "Seizure."

Source: You Tube

Mar 28 10:00 PM Hope - Written by Carl Binder
Mar 29 12:00 AM Hope

Another consciousness finds it’s way into Chloe’s body through the stones while Volker succumbs to an illness Tamara may not be able to treat.

Update March 11 source: TV Guide Synopsis:

Ginn resurfaces in Chloe via the communication stones, creating a dilemma for Eli and Rush to solve; Greer becomes a kidney donor after Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease.

From Blastr:

"'Hope' is a beautiful character story by Carl Binder, some of his best work. And we see what the repercussions are of not having a doctor and medical training. And it puts T.J. really in the forefront of things. There's also an interesting stones-related story that has repercussions that we move on into 'Seizure.' And in 'Seizure,' we try again essentially to investigate at least the possibility of dialing Destiny from another place in the Milky Way galaxy, because what we feel what we desperately need the most is a supply line. Even though we can't go home, if we had support and help and resources from Earth, that would be fabulous. And that leads into the beginnings of the arc that takes us into the last episodes, which I don't want to give away. We meet beings who we have a lot in common with. I'll just leave it at that..."

EDIT: Update March 21 '11 Source: SciFi And TV Talk : Stargate Universe Writers' Room - Carl Binder

... The writer’s third script for this season, Hope, is a medical drama that was shot in August 2010 after the summer production hiatus. “Rob Cooper had an idea about what would our characters do if they had a serious medical emergency onboard Destiny,” says Binder. “This episode follows one in which there is a problem with the communication stones and they lose contact with Earth for a while. Now we have a situation in which one of Destiny’s crew needs a major operation, but without the stones there’s no way to connect to Earth and get a doctor to take over and perform the operation, so TJ [Alaina Huffman] has to do it. Meanwhile, there’s a second story unfolding at the same time involving a member of the Lucian Alliance and something that happened in an earlier story this season, Malice...”

Source: You Tube


Source: You Tube


Episode synopses courtesy of SPACEChannel

Timothy Olyphant - Justified - FX Video Featurette: Cantina

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Justified, All New Season, Premieres Wednesday, February 9 at 10PM ET/PT only on FX.

Outcasts - BBC1 Video: Episode 3 Sneak Peek

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OUTCASTS - BBC1 VIDEO: Episode 3 Sneak Peek

During a whiteout of unprecedented strength that threatens to destroy Forthaven, Cass leaves the settlement on a rescue mission that no one believes he can survive.

BBC's new series, "Outcasts," premiered on Monday, February 7 at 21:00 on BBCOne, and will also air in the US on BBC America [premiere date pending].

Timothy Olyphant - Justified - TV Guide: Roush Review: Justified

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete column]


TV GUIDE: Roush Review: Dim Sunshine, Glorious Justified, FNL Farewell

Feb 9, 2011
by Matt Roush

Some very significant Wednesday night comings and goings in what has turned out to be an incredibly busy TV week. We welcome back an old sitcom Friend with conflicted emotions, but there's no doubting our enthusiasm for the return of a certain soft-talking, fast-shooting U.S. Marshal, and there's no hiding our sorrow as we bid farewell to a modern classic about small-town Americana and the game of life (also: football).

... The best news of the night — besides the return of "Clive Bixby" on Modern Family, as Phil once again attempts to woo Claire with his suave alter ego — is on cable, as FX launches a second season of Kentucky fried shenanigans with its very best current series: Justified, the wry, dry and my-oh-my-is-it-fun crime drama that's so riveting it could curl your whiskers.

Buoyed by the effortless charisma of Timothy Olyphant's star turn as the laconic but lethal Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, this series is a twisted triumph. You want Mom and apple pie? Meet Mags Bennett (the terrific Margo Martindale), the fearsomely frumpy matriarch of a pot-peddling crime clan, who serves up apple-laced moonshine. Occasionally with a side of poison.

In the season opener, Raylan steps into a hornet's nest of folksy malice while tracking down a sex offender in the Bennetts' employ named Jimmy Earl Dean — "Three first names, triple winner right off the bat," Raylan muses. As he crosses paths with these casually sadistic backwoods Borgias (including Lost's Jeremy Davies), we know no good can come from this. Only good TV.

When he isn't felling felons and trying to avoid the paperwork, Raylan is busy juggling heaps of personal baggage, including a crooked dad (Raymond J. Barry) on house arrest, an amorous ex-wife (Natalie Zea) who says, "That's what a girl wants to hear for pillow talk: regret," and childhood friend-gone-wrong Boyd Crowder (the electrifying Walton Goggins), who appears to have gone straight. But for how long?

Justified is expert at taking the audience by delightful surprise, lulling you with its laid-back attitude, only to jolt you off the couch with a shock of grisly mayhem. But unlike many of its dramatic FX peers, the tone isn't gloomy or nihilistic or cynical. It's a blast...

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: FX Video Featurette: Sky

Source: JustifiedFX You Tube channel



Justified, All New Season, Premieres Wednesday, February 9 at 10PM ET/PT only on FX.

NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS Video: "Empty Quiver" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 15 '11

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NCIS: LOS ANGELES - VIDEO: "Empty Quiver" Episode Trailer Airs Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 9/8C on CBS

Suspicious of an undercover venture involving a deal between corrupt cops and military personnel, Callen and Sam try to expose the illegal operation by posing as California highway patrol officers on the next episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Guest stars include Desiree Hall, Lewis Tan, Ted Wallof, Sophina Brown, Johnny Sneed, and Eureka's Ed Quinn and Star Trek: Enterprise's Connor Trinneer.

Mark Harmon - NCIS: Video - "Defiance" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 15 '11

Source: CBS


NCIS VIDEO: "Defiance" Episode Trailer Airs Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 8/7C on CBS

Following the attempted assassination of the Belgravian defense minister, the team is assigned to protect his daughter, who is studying in the U.S.; and Gibbs investigates the death of the marine who sacrificed his life to protect the defense minister.

Guest stars include Elena Satine, Ray Laska, Christopher Redman, Lorraine Toussaint, Sarah Edwards and Kevin Cahoon.

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: MSN TV - Tonight's Picks Feb 9 '11

Source: MSN TV [follow link for complete column]


JUSTIFIED - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks, Wednesday, February 9, 2011

... Justified

10:00 PM, FX

As a new season premieres for the critically acclaimed drama series, Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) tangles with a ruthless Harlan County crime family while pursuing a sex offender on the lam. Series creator Graham Yost and novelist Elmore Leonard, whose books inspired the series, co-wrote the story for the new episode "The Moonshine War." Actor Adam Arkin directed.

Morena Baccarin - V: Video - "Siege" Episode Trailer Airs Feb 15 '11

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V: VIDEO - "Siege" Episode Trailer Airs Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 9/8C on ABC

Anna wants to wipe out the Fifth Column with Ryan's help; Father Travis asks Jack to leave the church; Lisa meets her grandmother for the first time.

Guest stars include Oded Fehr, Jay Karnes and Charles Mesure.

Mark Valley - Human Target: Yahoo TV - Wednesday's Picks Feb 9 '11

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Human Target

Yahoo TV: Wednesday's Picks: What to Watch Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites ...

... Human Target

Season Finale: Wednesday at 9pm ET on Fox

Fox's explosive action series ends its second season tonight on a major cliffhanger. As Chance investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Ilsa's husband, he uncovers a web of lies that has major repercussions for him and Ilsa. Will his team be split apart forever? And will "Target" fans even get a Season 3 so they can find out?

Outcasts - BBC1 Video: Behind the Scenes of Episode Two

Source: BBC You Tube channel


Behind the Scenes - Episode 2 - Outcasts - BBC One

Eric Mabius and Ashley Walters go behind the scenes on a tour of the set and reveal secrets about filming on Outcasts.

BBC's new series, "Outcasts," premiered on Monday, February 7 at 21:00 on BBCOne, and will also air in the US on BBC America [premiere date pending].

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: Entertainment Weekly Tonight's Best TV Feb 9 '11

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tonight's Best TV - Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Daily Guide To Notable Shows by Clark Collis

... Justified


My favorite line of dialogue this week? ''We're reefer farmers, Raylan. We don't consort with sexual deviants!''

Mark Valley - Human Target - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Feb 9 '11

Source: MSN TV [follow link for complete column]

Human Target

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Human Target

9:00 PM, FOX

Chance's (Mark Valley) investigation into the past of Ilsa's (Indira Varmi) husband reveals a web of deception that could destroy the team forever in the season finale, "Marshall Pucci." Jake Weber and Steven Brand guest star; Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley and Janet Montgomery also star.

Being Human - Syfy Video: "The End of the World As We Knew It" Sneak Peek Airs Feb 14 '11

Source: Syfy

Being Human

BEING HUMAN - SYFY VIDEO: The End of the World As We Knew It - Sneak Peek Airs Monday, February 14, 2011 at 9/8C

A dead patient wakes up in the hospital's morgue; Aidan tells Ray he has to leave; Sally has a disturbing flashback about Danny; Josh and Ray transform together.

Guest stars include Sarah Allen and Gianpaolo Venuta.

Jeremiah - Syfy (US): Season One Marathon Feb 18 '11

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Banner courtesy of Online TV Database

JEREMIAH - Season One Marathon Friday, February 18, 2011 on Syfy (US)

Season one cast includes Luke Perry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Peter Stebbings, Ingrid Kavelaars and Byron Lawson.

08:00 AM . . . And The Ground, Sown With Salt

Jeremiah and Kurdy are taken captive by a power-hungry leader who threatens to murder other prisoners unless Jeremiah tells him what he knows about Thunder Mountain.

Guest stars include Jason Priestley, Kirsten Robek, Magda Apanowicz, Neil Grayston and Paul Lazenby.

09:00 AM To Sail Beyond The Stars

Jeremiah becomes involved with a woman who has been stockpiling gasoline in hopes of sailing her boat off to see “what's on the other side.” Also, mysterious black-hooded commandos, known as “burners,” are following Jeremiah and Kurdy.

Guest stars include Missy Crider, G. Michael Gray and Jason Gaffney.

10:00 AM The Bag

Jeremiah and Kurdy uncover a phony doctor who uses an experimental medical treatment on a dying boy in an effort to develop a Big Death vaccine.

Guest stars include Mike Dopud, Christian Campbell, Erin Karpluk, Jake Busey and Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins.

11:00 AM City Of Roses

An assault on a woman sends Jeremiah off to seek a mysterious vaccine, while Kurdy discovers some surprising secrets about his past.

Guest stars include Kandyse McClure, Suzy Joachim, Karen Malina White, Katelyn Wallace and Michael Adamthwaite.

12:00 PM Firewall

A captured adult survivor of the Big Death reveals secrets about Markus and the Valhalla Sector.

Guest stars include Suzy Joachim, John Ralston, Michael Rooker, Leah Graham and Alex Zahara.

01:00 PM The Red Kiss

After their vehicle is carjacked, Jeremiah and Kurdy wind up in an abandoned amusement park peopled with children who believe that Jeremiah has been sent to save them.

Guest stars include Aleks Paunovic, Vincent Gale, Tobias Mehler, Pablo Santos and Shawn Macdonald.

02:00 PM Journey's End In Lovers Meeting

Jeremiah and Kurdy join a group of pilgrims headed to the ocean, where a miracle is expected to occur. Trouble develops when Kurdy flies in the face of the sect's code of nonviolence.

Guest stars include Krista Rae, Alessandro Juliani and Haydn Wazelle.

03:00 PM Thieves' Honor

Jeremiah and Kurdy search Clairfield for Elizabeth, who's been kidnapped by Theo's thugs. Also, there's a search for the traitor who's been leaking info about Thunder Mountain.

Guest stars include Kimberly Hawthorne, Kandyse McClure, Ben Bass, Zak Santiago and Stargate Universe's Haig Sutherland.

Timothy Olyphant - Justified: Yahoo TV - Wednesday's Picks Feb 9 '11

Source: Yahoo TV [follow link for complete column]


Yahoo TV: Wednesday's Picks: What to Watch Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites ...

... Justified

Season Premiere: Wednesday at 10pm on FX

Saddle up for Season 2 of FX's critically acclaimed neo-Western, starring Timothy Olyphant as a throwback deputy U.S. marshal dispensing old-fashioned justice in a lawless Kentucky town. Last season ended with a fierce gunfight that left local baddie Bo Crowder dead. But now a new wave of criminals is rushing in to fill the void.