Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Psych - Video: "Dead Bear Walking" Sneak Peak # 1 Airs Dec 15

Source: USANetwork You Tube channel

Scene #1 from Psych - "Dead Bear Walking" 12/15

Airs Wednesday, December 15th at a special time -- 9/8c on USA Network! After the zoo's polar bear trainer is murdered unexpectedly, officials are quick to point the finger at the polar bear, but Shawn believes the animal to be innocent, resulting in Shawn becoming an advocate for the bear and embarking on a desperate search for the real murderer.

Guest stars include April Bowlby, Brian Klugman, Michael Gross, Don Lake and Kurt Fuller.

The Muppets - Video: Ringing of the Bells

Source: Muppets Studio You Tube channel

The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells

Star Trek - Video: Kirk Meets Spock's Parents

Source: CBS

Star Trek - Kirk Meets Spock's Parents

On the way to the Babel Conference, Kirk finds out that Ambassador Sarek from Vulcan and his human wife Amanda are Mr. Spock's parents (Journey to Babel).

The Big Bang Theory - Video: "The Justice League Recombination" Episode Trailer

Source: CBS

The Big Bang Theory - The Justice League Recombination

The guys find a "super" use for Penny's new boyfriend, Zack, when they enter a costume contest as the Justice League on the next episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Smallville - Video: January Preview

Source: The CW You Tube channel

Smallville - January Preview

Don't miss a moment of the final season! Smallville returns Friday, February 4, 2011!