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Game of Thrones - MTV News Video: George R. R. Martin Interview

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Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Talks Series End!

by Kara Warner

This one is for all of my fellow fans/readers of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series -- the source material upon which the upcoming HBO series "Game of Thrones" is based. We've been rolling out a few teaser interviews with "Thrones" (or "GoT" for short) cast members talking about tackling their challenging roles, the beloved source material and the tricky of sex scenes. Today I'm happy to present a little snippet from my chat with Mr. Martin himself, wherein I inquired about whether he's put the book series' long-awaited and highly anticipated ending to paper yet...

Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 17, 2011.

Fringe - Conference Call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd - Part 2

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FRINGE - Conference Call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd - Part 2

Mega Python v. Gatoroid - Syfy Video Featurette: Rivalry Premieres Jan 29

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Rivalry - Mega Python v. Gatoroid : Syfy Original Movie

Now it's a mega rivalry on steroids. Syfy original movie Mega Python v. Gatoroid premieres Saturday January 29 at 9/8c.

Cast includes Deborah Gibson, Tiffany, A Martinez, Kathryn Joosten, Kevin M. Horton, Carey Van Dyke, Micky Dolenz and Harmony Blossom.

The Mercury Men - Syfy Video: Series Trailer

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The Mercury Men - Trailer : Original Series

Watch the trailer for "The Mercury Men." Coming to on July 25!

The Mercury Men Syfy site

About the Series

Pittsburgh, 1975. Edward Borman, a lowly government office drone, finds himself trapped when the deadly men of Mercury seize his office building as a staging ground for their nefarious plot. Aided by Jack Yaeger, a daring aerospace engineer from a mysterious organization known as "The League," Edward must stop the invaders and their doomsday device, the Gravity Engine.

Drawing from the same retro serials that inspired such films as Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mercury Men reintroduces audiences to the great mystery, danger, and suspense the stories were originally known for. The series consists of 10 online episodes, each approximately 7 minutes in length.

The Mercury Men is created by Christopher Preksta, best known as the writer/director of Captain Blasto, for which he was nominated for two Streamy Awards. His short concept film The Mercury Men (filmed prior to the series) was featured at San Diego Comic Con (2008), the Brainwash Movie Festival (awarded Best Film, 2008), and the Action on Film Festival (awarded Best Science Fiction Film & Best Visual Effects, 2008).

Additional information from Syfy's BlastR:

Aided by Jack Yaeger (Curt Wootten/Captain Blasto, The Hidden Blade), a daring aerospace engineer from a mysterious organization known as "The League," and Grace (Amy Staggs/Friday Night Lights, Death Proof), who was only at the building to get a government form stamped, Edward must stop the invaders and their Doomsday Device, the Gravity Engine.

Fringe - Conference Call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd - Part1

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Fringe Conference Call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd - Part1

Press conference call with John Noble and Christopher Lloyd on the January 21 episode of Fringe, "Firefly."

Joe Flanigan - Video: "Ferocious Planet" Movie Trailer

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EDIT: Update Feb 15: The new name for this movie is now "Ferocious Planet" and will air on Syfy (US) on Saturday, April 9 at 9/8C.

Ferocious Planet • Trailer

Ferocious Planet from RHI Entertainment •••• It was a groundbreaking device designed to glimpse alternate universes and government commissioned by a brilliant physicist. But the machine malfunctioned on its first presentation, transporting a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension. The team quickly must use ingenuity and courage to outwit, outplay and outlast the native man-eating creatures of this bizarre new world while doing their best to repair the damaged machine. Even if they stay alive, without a working transport, they may never make it back home. •••• Starring Joe Flanigan (Stargate: Atlantis) John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings) and Catherine Walker (Leap Year) ••• Premieres on Syfy in 2011.

Cast includes John Rhys-Davies, Joe Flanigan, Chris Newman, Yare Michael Jegbefume, Dagmar Döring, Rob Soohan and Catherine Walker.

Ferocious Planet at IMDB.

RHI Entertainment Official Site

Vampire Diaries - Video Featurette: Candice Accola - Midseason Preview

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The Vampire Diaries - Candice Accola - Midseason Preview

Candice Accola shares an exclusive preview of what's to come as new episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" return on Thursday January 27th at 8/7c!

Stargate Universe - Syfy: Season 2 Marathon Feb 8 '11

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SGU - The Game Has Changed!

Send this video to your friends to spread the word about the upcoming SyFy marathon. This very well may be our last chance to save the show. If you're in the US, and you have a Nielsen box, please tune in live or DVR and watch back within 3 days of recording.

STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season Two Marathon Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stargate Universe case includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Ming-Na, Peter Kelamis, Julia Benson, Patrick Gilmore, Lou Diamond Phillips and Jennifer Spence.


08:00 AM Intervention

Rush devises a risky plan to use radiation from the binary pulsar to force the Lucian Alliance to cede control of Destiny. Meanwhile, a critically injured lieutenant Johansen dreams of a rustic life with her baby in the Season 2 opener.

Guest stars include Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Tygh Runyan, Alisen Down, Tobias Slezak, Robert Knepper and Haig Sutherland.


09:00 AM Aftermath

Rush has Destiny stop at a planet that was locked out of the ship's controls when food and water become scarce, and the Lucian prisoners become an issue.

Guest stars include Louise Lombard, Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Mark Burgess, Primo Allon, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Darcy Laurie and Robert Knepper.


10:00 AM Awakening

Destiny docks with a similar ship that is identified as a seeder of stargates. Lt. Scott boards the vessel with a team and finds that it may have enough power to open a stargate back to Earth.

Guest stars include Louise Lombard, Julie McNiven, Mike Dopud, Robert Knepper, Leanne Adachi and Darcy Laurie.


11:00 AM Pathogen

Chloe behaves in a bizarre way, prompting a search of her quarters, where Lt. Scott finds a journal penned in an alien language. Elsewhere, Eli copes with his mother's medical condition.

Guest stars include Reiko Aylesworth, Louise Lombard, Mark Burgess, Alisen Down, Robert Knepper, Mike Dopud and Glynis Davies.


12:00 PM Cloverdale

While surveying a new planet, Lt. Scott becomes infected by a plant-like creature. As he suffers hallucinations and falls in and out of consciousness, Tamara seeks a way to treat him.

Guest stars include Cole Humphrey and Mittita Barber.


01:00 PM Trial And Error

Col. Young has visions that warn of an impending alien attack.

Guest stars include Mark Burgess, Leanne Adachi, Darcy Laurie, Ryan Booth and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.


02:00 PM The Greater Good

Col. Young and Dr. Rush don spacesuits to board a derelict ship, and pent-up frustrations are unleashed when things go awry.

Guest stars include Julie McNiven, Robert Knepper, Kathleen Munroe, Leanne Adachi and Darcy Laurie.


03:00 PM Malice

Simeon makes a violent escape from the Destiny. Homeworld Command believes that Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth, spurring a manhunt on an alien world to capture Simeon alive.

Guest stars include Robert Knepper, Leanne Adachi, Darcy Laurie and Donovan Cerminara.

Being Human 3 (UK) - Total SciFi Online: Phil Trethowan Interview

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Phil Trethowan: Human Resources

Posted on Friday 21 January 2011

A former bus depot on Barry Island – hardly where you’d expect to find a ghost, a vampire and a whole collection of werewolves. But that’s where the new series of Being Human was shot last summer, following the show’s relocation from Bristol at the end of the second season. Paul Simpson visited during the penultimate week of shooting in September, and caught up with producer Phil Trethowan to set the scene for the new year…

Q: In story terms there’s a good reason for our heroes to move from Bristol to Cardiff, but why was it done in real life – to be part of the BBC Wales team in Cardiff?

Phil Trethowan: "It was both, to be honest. We were aware at the end of series one that things were gravitating towards Wales, and that the BBC saw that as the home for drama. We were fine with that, as long as we were able to storyline it. The worst case scenario is things suddenly relocate and you’re scrabbling to explain why you’ve moved with hindsight. We were given plenty of time, so we could storyline it properly.

At the end of series two, we leave the guys in the middle of nowhere, capable of going anywhere, and in story terms, they wouldn’t want to go into Bristol anyway. Mitchell has his private reason, because of the Box Tunnel Massacre, and it wouldn’t have felt right for the guys to go back to their house, because they’ve just lost Annie – and that was Annie’s house. It would feel almost macabre staying there with Annie gone, as was the status at the end of series two.

We used the move positively to give the show a new lease of life – not that it needed it, but what the heck? If you’re going to move, then do it with style, go for a bigger set and have fun with it. We totally embraced it..."

Being Human Series 3 begins on 23 January 2011 (BBC Three).

Premieres on BBC America on Saturday, February 19, 2011.

Warehouse 13 - QMx: Farnsworth Artisan Replica, Season One

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Warehouse 13

WAREHOUSE 13: Farnsworth Artisan Replica Available Monday!

(In stock and ready to ship to 100 lucky buyers.)

The Warehouse Is Calling!

For select Secret Service agents and individuals with impeccable taste, this limited-edition, screen-accurate Farnsworth Artisan Replica from Season One of the hit SyFy series, Warehouse 13, is a definite must-have.

When we say screen accurate, we're not kidding. This absolutely faithful replica of the famed communications device was created using the actual hero Farnsworth from the TV series. We collaborated closely with the Warehouse 13 production team, gathering the same components, and applying the same paint patterning and weathering. The show's propmaster personally reviewed and approved this replica, certifying it as an exact re-creation of the hero prop used in Season One.

The QMx Season One Farnsworth Artisan Replica features:

* An authentic metal case from the supplier of the original Farnsworth.
* A marbled paint effect, applied by hand, in the style of the original prop.
* A 2 mm-thick, solid-brass faceplate.
* Faceplate layout, lettering and markings scanned from the original prop.
* Precise viewscreen dimensions, scanned from the original.
* Red light dome, jacks and black knob sourced from the original suppliers.
* Center dial knob and black push button are first generation castings of the originals.
* Screen-accurate circular speaker grill and rectangular letterbox cutouts.

Our Farnsworth comes wrapped in a custom canvas cinch bag and packed in a handmade wooden crate. This splendid Season One Artisan Replica is being offered in a House Edition of just 100 pieces for $299.95 each.

There's no better way to "stay in touch" if Artie, Pete, Mika, Claudia or Mrs. Frederick happen to call!


Fairly Legal - Video: "Priceless" Episode Trailer Airs Jan 27 '11

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Fairly Legal

Fairly Legal on USA Network - "Priceless" 1/27 Promo

Airs Thursday, January 27th at 10/9c on USA Network!

Kate mediates a settlement between the State of California and Steve Jenks, a wrongfully convicted man who spent 22 years in prison. As Kate tries to put a price on the years he lost, Steve escapes into a prison of his own making, refusing to deal with the pain of his past -- until, when pushed, he explodes.

Guest stars include Tim Fellingham, Steve Jenks, Ethan Embry, Belita Moreno and Kristian Messere.

Visit the official site:

Fringe - Yahoo TV: Weekend Picks Jan 21 '11

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YAHOO TV - Weekend Picks - What to Watch This Weekend

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites airing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

... Fringe

Friday at 9pm ET on Fox

Fans of Fox's cult sci-fi series weren't thrilled to learn their favorite show had been shipped off to the TV graveyard, aka Friday nights. But the show seems to be taking the death sentence in stride. It returns tonight with a guest star familiar to sci-fi fans. Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future") plays an old musician hero of Walter's, whose life intersects with Walter's in strange ways. Plus, an Observer seeks out the Fringe team to remedy an error.

Patricia Arquette - Medium - TV Guide: Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

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TV GUIDE: Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

... Medium

8/7c CBS

After depicting crime-solving seer Allison DuBois' psychic sleuthing for seven seasons (five on NBC and two on CBS), the paranormal crime drama dematerializes for good. The series finale revolves around the transforming domestic dynamics in the DuBois family. Motherly ghost-buster Allison begins a new chapter in her life when she launches a career as a lawyer, all while Joe lands a new job as well. Yet these developments lead the couple in opposing directions — and will ultimately leave a lasting impact on the entire DuBois family.

— Dean Maurer

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii Five-0 - Yahoo TV: Weekend Picks Jan 23 '11

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Hawaii Five-O

YAHOO TV - Weekend Picks - What to Watch This Weekend

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites airing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

... Hawaii Five-O

Sunday at 10pm ET on CBS

With plenty of viewers sure to be glued to Sunday night's AFC Championship Game, CBS is taking advantage by slotting a new episode of its freshman hit drama right after the game. And this one should be a doozy: With a major tsunami headed for the island and thousands being evacuated, Steve and Danno try to track down the head of the Tsunami Warning Center, who's gone missing at the worst possible time.

Jericho - Syfy: Season Two Marathon Feb 2 '11

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JERICHO - Season Two Marathon Wednesday, February 2, 2011 on Syfy (US)

Jericho's cast included Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer, April Parker-Jones, Alicia Coppola, Pamela Reed and Bob Stephenson.

9:00 AM Reconstruction

Three months after the battle with New Bern tensions are still high between the towns, and Jake has set his sights on Constantino despite warnings from the militia leader; meanwhile, Hawkins meets up with an unexpected ally.

Guest stars include Richard Speight Jr., Bob Stephenson, Emily Rose, Chris Kramer and Esai Morales.

10:00 AM Condor

The self-appointed president from Wyoming visits town, providing Hawkins an opportunity to get information, but it puts both Darcy and Jake at risk.

Guest stars include Emily Rose, Kyle Bornheimer, Chris Kramer, Lance Guest, Esai Morales and Daniel Benzali.

11:00 AM Jennings & Rall

Dale returns from trading with news that the Hudson River Virus has crossed the Mississippi River, and when the town's vaccine supply is seized Jake coordinates a retrieval operation. Elsewhere, Hawkins is forced to show part of his hand to Beck.

Guest stars include Aasif Mandvi, Emily Rose, Kevin Fry, Esai Morales, Daniel Benzali and Sprague Grayden.

12:00 PM Oversight

Dale's smuggling route is threatened, Hawkins creates an elaborate ruse to get Beck away from his office, and an apparent accounting error found by Mimi has devastating consequences.

Guest stars include Richard Speight Jr., Emily Rose, Brad Fleischer, Esai Morales and Sprague Grayden.

1:00 PM Termination for Cause

Jake blockades the hospital to prevent another tragedy, New Bern comes calling for Heather, and Goetz may finally get his just dues.

Guest stars include David Meunier, Paul Terrell Clayton, Esai Morales, Sprague Grayden and Shoshannah Stern.

2:00 PM Sedition

Major Beck moves against the rangers in retaliation of Goetz's shooting, and Jake's surrender subjects him to extreme measures. Meanwhile, Hawkins decides to move the bomb, but a betrayal will put everything at risk.

Guest stars include David Huddleston, April Parker-Jones, Richard Speight Jr. and Bob Stephenson.

3:00 PM Patriots and Tyrants

Jake and Hawkins risk their lives to retrieve the bomb and prevent Texas from joining with Wyoming; back at home, Beck is faced with some unpleasant truths, and Constantino offers a partnership.

Guest stars include Timothy Omundson, Richard Speight Jr., Bob Stephenson and Chris Kramer.

Patricia Arquette - Medium - Yahoo TV: Weekend Picks Jan 21 '11

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YAHOO TV - Weekend Picks - What to Watch This Weekend

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites airing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

... Medium

Series Finale: Friday at 8pm ET on CBS

After a seven-season, 130-episode run on NBC and CBS, it's case closed for psychic crime-solver Allison Dubois. (Perhaps it's just as well: We'll never look at this show the same way after watching real-life "Medium" inspiration Allison Dubois embarrass herself on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.") The series finale marks a new beginning for Allison: She starts a new career as a lawyer, and her husband, Joe, lands a new job as well.

Fringe - TV Guide: Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

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TV GUIDE: Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

... Fringe

9/8c Fox

With Walter's well-known love for music and drugs, it figures that his Euterpean tastes tilt toward progressive and psychedelic rock. And prominent in his vinyl collection is a band called Violet Sedan Chair, so Walter is in for a treat when he meets Roscoe Joyce (Christopher Lloyd), the group's keyboardist. Also of note is the show's move to Friday, and the episode's title, "The Firefly," is likely a nod to Joss Whedon's sci-fi cult classic "Firefly" that floundered on Friday nights.

— Joe Friedrich