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The Outer Limits ('95) - Chiller TV: Season 4 Marathon Schedule Sep 18 '13

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Outer Limits 1995


06:00 AM Monster

A group of talented psychics are gathered together in an underground bunker for a military project. But then some kind of mysterious assailant begins to murder them one by one.

Cast includes Harry Hamlin, Nicole de Boer, Aaron Pearl, Bridget O'Sullivan, Robert Guillaume, David Lloyd Austin, Ron Selmour and Scott Swanson.

07:00 AM Sarcophogus

A amber-like cocoon mass found in ancient burial chamber begins to affect a man imprinting him with the last memories of a long suspended alien and begins to affect his life and decisions.

Cast includes Lisa Zane, David Cubitt, Peter Wilds, Eli Gabay, Stargate Atlantis' Robert Picardo, Falling Skies' Doug Jones and Patricia Dahlquist.

(Time out for The Ghost Whisperer]

09:00 AM Nightmare

Men on a mission to deploy a doomsday device against an alien planet are captured an psychologically tortured. One escapes and deploys the device finding too late that he had returned back to earth.

Cast includes Steven Bauer, Maurice Dean Wint, Kerry Sandomirsky, Brandy Ledford, Cameron Graham, Garry Chalk, Robin Shou, Danny Wattley and Adam Harrington.

10:00 AM Promised Land

In a future earth a group of alien settlers and group of escaped human slaves battle the environment and each other. As the casualties pile up, can they set aside their misunderstandings and learn to co-exist?

Story by Brad Markowitz and Stargate's Brad Wright; teleplay by Brad Markowitz.

Cast includes Caroline Goodall, Joseph Kell, Susan Hogan, Star Trek: Deep Space 9's Rene Auberjonois, Jessica Harmon, Jane Sowerby, Lachlan Murdoch, Paul Magel, Kristian Ayre, John Tench and Devin Douglas Drewitz.

11:00 AM Balance of Nature

Dr. Noah Phillips (Maurice Godin) develops a cellular rejuvenation machine that he uses to cure his wife's cancer, however she dies shortly thereafter. Moving to a small town he continues to work on it and finds himself attracted to a much older woman.

Cast includes Maurice Godin, Harve Presnell, Lisa Maris, Fiona Loewi, Andrew Airlie and Barbara Rush.

12:00 PM Origin of Species

Dr. Ira Nodel (Ron Rifkin) has his body altered to communicate with aliens who have seeded Earth with their genetic material. He is joined on an alien spaceship by son Paul (Ryan Reynolds), girlfriend Hope (Kathleen Duborg), and six students who are individually absorbed into the ship.

Story by Stargate SG-1's Jonathan Glassner and CSI's Naren Shankar; teleplay by Naren Shankar.

Cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Kathleen Duborg, William deVry, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Kirby Morrow, Clare Lapinskie, Terri Lynn Ibisoglu, Silvio Pollio and Ron Rifkin.

01:00 PM Phobos Rising

The possible destruction of Earth triggers uncertainty in rival military bases on Mars, where both sides debate launching preemptive strikes.

Directed by Helen Shaver.

Cast includes Chuck's Adam Baldwin, Barbara Eve Harris, Gordon Currie, Kevin McNulty, Joan Chen, Jennifer Copping, Robert Luft, Mina E. Mina, Brendan Stitchman, Winston Brown, Rob Freeman and Darryl Scheelar.

02:00 PM Black Box

Lt. Col. Brandon Grace (Ron Perlman) returns to civilian life and is haunted by memories of his previous mission, attempt to reconcile with his estranged from his daughter and a feeling that someone is stalking him.

Cast includes Sons of Anarchy's Ron Perlman, Maria del Mar, Chris Mulkey, Michael David Simms, Belinda Metz, Peter DeLuise, Julie Patzwald, Terence Kelly, Julie Fitzgerald, Nancy Kerr and Donny James Lucas,

03:00 PM In Our Own Image

An android capable of emotions and supposedly cannot kill humans, is injured, escapes from the laboratory and kidnaps a female technical to repair him. The woman begins to fall for him and tries to convince him to return.

Cast includes Star Trek: Deep Space 9's Nana Visitor, Nicholas Lea, Timothy Webber, Bill Dow, Tim O'Halloran, Dana Pemberton and John Wardlow.

04:00 PM The Alien Radio (season 5)

A skeptical radio show host, who loves to shoot down his listener, reports of alien encounters and one of his listeners, who claims to be possessed by an alien, set himself on fire in front of him.

Cast includes Joe Pantoliano, Leslie Hope, Malcolm Stewart, Alex Diakun, Barry W. Levy, Eric Keenleyside, Cynthia Nixon, Daryl Shuttleworth, Allan Zinyk and Charles Payne.

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