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Masterpiece Mystery! - TV Guide: Sunday's Playlist Sep 15 '13 - Foyle's War - PBS 9/9C

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TV GUIDE: The Weekend Playlist: Foyle's Cold War, A Second Look at Orphan Black

Sep 13, 2013
by Matt Roush

... One war makes way for another as the incredibly durable Foyle's War, in its seventh Masterpiece Mystery! season on PBS, transitions from post-World War II intrigues to the ethically murky spy games of a burgeoning Cold War. "I haven't got the requisite capacity for deceit," grumbles former police DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen, radiating crisp intelligence and decency), who once again is denied his dreams of retirement when MI5 spooks reel him in, fresh off the boat from America.

We're now in the post-atomic era of 1946, with the Soviets the new menace and London still struggling with food shortages — "Sometimes I wonder whether we actually did win the war," declares Foyle's former driver, Sam (the delightful Honeysuckle Weeks), whose husband Adam (recast, now played by Daniel Weyman) is considering a run for Parliament on the Labour ticket. In The Eternity Ring, the first of three new Foyle mystery movies (Sunday at 9/8c, check listings), Foyle is drawn into the investigation of a rumored Soviet spy ring, with Sam caught in the web of suspicion because of her association with her current employer, a physicist who witnessed the A-bomb testing a year earlier in New Mexico. Who are the real traitors in a world on the cusp of potential nuclear annihilation? Can Foyle trust anyone, even his enigmatic and manipulative new bosses?

The world may have changed, but Foyle has lost none of his brusque appeal, even though he appears sulkier than usual to be drawn back into the shadows to protect pawns in an increasingly deadly conflict. It's great to have him back. (Because Sundays are ridiculously busy, if you miss Foyle on Sunday, episodes will be available online the next day at and www.Acorn.TV, which also offers past seasons of this smart and absorbing series.)


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