Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mistresses - Milling About: John Schneider Audio Interview

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September 3, 2013

John Schneider is doing double duty on the nighttime soap scene with Tyler Perry's The Haves And The Have Nots and Mistresses. In the former John stars as Jim Cryer, king of the haves, sowing his married oats and gluttonously taking whatever he can have. It's Tuesday night's guilty pleasure on OWN.

John joins host Robin Milling from Baton Rouge, Louisiana which serves as the home of his production company, John Schneider's Fairlight Films named for himself of course, and his regal standard poodle. It is also close proximity to Atlanta where the show shoots and Savannah, where his daughter attends college. John tells Robin he can relate to the riches his character possesses having once owned a jet for the convenience of shuttling himself from Thousand Oaks, California to Vancouver during Smallville so he could be home with his kids in time for sports Saturday. The similarities end there as John is a much happier person but says he's having a hell of a time portraying him.

The season finale airs tonight but will resume shooting in October. John says, 'Tyler knows how to write a cliffhanger like nobody I've ever seen. When you see this show you will be cringing until you get to see more of them!'

During his hiatus, John is busy editing Smothered, his first feature under his production banner which he describes as a 'horromedy.' Starring famous movie serial killers, John says he feels like the champion of the disenfranchised masked killers because he's given them an opportunity to appear without a mask or some weird disguise in his film. Of course the release date will be next December, Friday, the 13th.

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