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Sleepy Hollow - Starry Constellation Magazine: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie & Orlando Jones Interview

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by: Lynsey Tamborello
August 20, 2013

... Q: Could you give a little introduction about your characters?

Tom Mison: "I'm Ichabod Crane, who people will recognize from the stories. But then from 250 years in the future, where everything he knew has gone except for the one thing he doesn’t want [to be there]: the Headless Horseman. And not only that, the Headless Horseman has a shotgun and is even more of a threat. And Ichabod thinks everyone around him is a maniac. That's the fun thing, he's from 250 years ago and he thinks everyone's insane now! He just thinks “this technology is just stupid!” I can't wait until the episode where he first listens to Lady Gaga."

Orlando Jones: "Who is awesome."

Tom Mison: "Yes, who is awesome!"

Orlando Jones: "Is the most awesome."

Nicole Beharie: "I play Detective Abbie Mills. I work with Sleepy Hollow Police Department. And basically, Ichabod's telling me this stuff about 250 years ago and that we have some mission, when I'm like “I got a job to do.” This changes my life. And she has kind of a dark past, which we’ll find out more about as the series progresses."

Q: Nicole, your character finds out that she is intrinsically woven into the mythos of good versus evil in the story in a way that you didn't even realize when you first met, i.e. part of that whole spell. Is that kind of daunting for you as actor? How will it be for your characters to have to learn to grow around each other?

Nicole Beharie: "As an actor, I think it's really great stuff to play with and work with! My character realizes that, for instance, there’s a monster in the woods that she saw when she was seven years old that was actually real. Freaky stuff."

Tom Mison: "And there's an apocalypse coming and only we can stop it."

Nicole Beharie: "Only two of us."

Tom Mison: "I will say this, the amount of information you find out in just the pilot is vast. And you've got another 12 episodes. There's more that we could find out that’s every bit as exciting as 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming...'

Sleepy Hollow cast includes Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones and Katia Winter.

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Sleepy Hollow premieres Monday, September 16, 2013 at 9/8C on FOX. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO PREVIEW!

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