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Bones - Starry Constellation Magazine: Executive Producers Hart Hanson & Ian Toynton Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

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by: Lynsey Tamborello
August 2013

... Q) So, you're going into season nine. When did it click as a television show creator that this had legs and was going to go somewhere?

Hart Hanson: "We were doomed at one point. We weren't going to make it to Christmas. We were the last pilot ordered. We were the last pilot commissioned. I wrote the script extremely quickly! And we weren't supposed to last until Christmas and our numbers weren't great. I think it was when we came back in season two when everybody came. Our insanely loyal, loud, opinionated, angry audience came with us. There are people that remember when we boxed from night to night and people just showed up. Our people followed us and we knew we had something that was (sadly for us) bulletproof. If they moved us to Friday nights they'd follow us."

Q) Will there be any new intern characters?

Hart Hanson: "We always think we're going to lose the people that play our interns. We're really lucky in keeping them and they're all amazing! We have a couple of intern replacements in our pockets when that inevitably happens. My favorite in early stages is an extremely obnoxious difficult surly handicapped person in a wheelchair who uses the wheelchair to get what they want. Thus far, knock on wood, we're getting to keep everybody. We've just gotten new contracts with everybody and I have no interest in firing any of them. They are just amazing."

Ian Toynton: "There are a couple of new characters coming in who will do more than one episode, so I understand. One is an ex-military padre and the other is a C.I.A. colleague of Booth. We'll see those more than once..."

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(Ian Toynton and Hart Hanson)

Bones season nine premieres on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 8/7c on FOX. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO FALL PREVIEW FROM FOX.

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