Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hell on Wheels - AMC TV: Jennifer Ferrin Interview

Source: AMC TV [follow link for complete interview]

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Q&A – Jennifer Ferrin (Louise Ellison)

Jennifer Ferrin, who plays Louise Ellison on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about her character’s connection to Amelia Earhart and the challenges of riding a horse while wearing a corset...

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... Q: Did you get any tips from cast members on how best to deal with “roughing it” on the set?

Jennifer Ferrin: "Anson’s [Mount] first email to me was: “Be prepared for anything,” meaning weather-wise. It could literally be 80 degrees in the morning and 40 at night and it could snow or rain at any point… But shooting exterior is amazing in so many ways. I mean, you have this natural, beautiful landscape that you get to work with that’s so dynamic. The challenge becomes that it’s a time when electricity didn’t exist, so you’re dealing with candlelight, sunlight, and moonlight, but we have the most incredible Director of Photography, Marvin Rush, that I’ve ever worked with. He’s the most incredible DP on this planet."

Q: What’s it been like wearing the big, heavy period costumes?

Jennifer Ferrin: "That was definitely an adjustment. I haven’t worn a corset since drama school, and I definitely had never worn a corset while riding a horse. The layers upon and layers were great when it was cold, and a little less comfortable now that it’s gotten warm..."

Hell on Wheels season three airs on a new night - Saturday - at 9/8C on AMC TV. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO SNEAK PEEK OF 'THE GAME,' AIRING AUGUST 24, 2013.

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