Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ghost Shark - Starry Constellation Magazine: Richard Moll & Griff Furst Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

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... Q) How did you come up with the concept of Ghost Shark?

Griff Furst: "Before we actually settled on the story that you have seen, there were three very, very different ideas for it. So, we knew what we wanted the villain to be when we first came up with the idea, but we weren’t too sure about the story. So, we worked together with Syfy for probably about six months just on the treatment phase and came up with three different stories. And finally the third one, the guys at Syfy thought we nailed it, and we proceeded with the screenplay from there. So, it was a bit of a lengthy process, but it was definitely for the best because the stories were very, very different before we actually nailed the right one. So, it was just a little bit of trial and error, and they were all good stories, but finding the one that was perfect took a little doing."

Q) And what was the snake story that you or Richard mentioned earlier?

Griff Furst: "Oh, that was just the actual shooting conditions."

Richard Moll: "That or a small alligator. I don’t think it was a bad as we like to paint it. We like to get melodramatic about things, but there were a few swampy areas and you wanted to be careful where you’re planting you feet, but when you’ re going at a dead run through the swamp, it’s hard to make those choices sometimes at midnight. But anyway, it was fun. In the film, when you hear a character say, “Watch out for snakes,” that was kind of our inside joke because the place was filled with snakes. So, we shot about two weeks after Hurricane Isaac came through and it brought a lot of water inland and made our beaches a little more swampy than we had hoped, and the water moccasins were quite fond of our set. So, we had people in boots with rakes and shovels trying to scare snakes away as best they can, but yes, we were dealing with a lot of snakes on the set..."

Ghost Shark airs Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 9/8C on Syfy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MOVIE TRAILER

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