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Emily Deschanel - Bones - TV Guide: Monday Playlist Sep 16 '13 - Season 9 Premiere FOX 8/7C

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TV GUIDE: The Monday Playlist: Sleepy Hollow, Bones, Dome Finale, Dancing, a New Daytime Queen

Sep 16, 2013
by Matt Roush

... A BONE TO PICK: Before the missing skull (the Horseman's), there are the usual assortment of cracked noggins and mutilated body parts that constitute another grisly day in the life of the forensic crime-solvers on Fox's Bones (8/7c). The ninth season opens with a chill settling in, now that Booth (David Boreanaz) has seemingly broken his beloved Bones' (Emily Deschanel) heart by refusing to marry her — acting on secret orders of the omniscient hacker fiend Pelant, who in last season's cliffhanger threatened to kill innocents if Seeley revealed to Temperance why he wasn't walking her down the aisle. Got that? (Even by TV standards, this emotional blackmail scheme is a bit out there.)

"Everybody's miserable," growls AUSA Caroline (Patricia Belcher), and that's true enough. Angela's turning a cold shoulder to Booth, who's pouring his heart out in confession to an ex-priest/military buddy-turned-bartender (Zather Mickel, who turns up later this season in Showtime's excellent Masters of Sex), while the ever-pragmatic Bones frets at the illogic of Booth's actions. When told to have faith in her man, this mistress of cold hard facts is put in an existential quandary: "I believe in patterns and sequences, and this sequence doesn't end well unless something disrupts the pattern." Let's hope something disrupts this pattern soon, because I know I'm not the only one sick of Pelant and this storyline. And yes, of course there is a murder to solve, involving a victim who ends up in "the world's biggest body blender" (a hotel's AC unit) and whose identity brings Booth in contact with a CIA agent and another former Army buddy, played by Freddie Prinze Jr., the sort of casting that signifies he's likely to play a bigger part in the season to come...

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