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The Walking Dead - The AV Club: Steven Yeun Interview

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Steven Yeun is okay with being fans’ 2nd favorite Walking Dead character

by Kyle Ryan
August 29, 2013

When Steven Yeun meets fellow actors in social situations, he feels obligated to downplay his story, because anyone who’s struggled for years to make it would probably have to suppress the urge to take a swing at him. After performing for several years in Chicago as part of The Second City, Yeun (pronounced “yunn”) moved to Los Angeles in 2009, where he promptly landed his first gig, a television adaptation of the popular comic-book series The Walking Dead. In three seasons, The Walking Dead has become one of television’s most popular shows, escaping the gated community of basic cable to beat some of network TV’s highest rated series. (Even The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick’s post-episode talk show, beats Game Of Thrones.) It has become a phenomenon, if an occasionally troubled one, as it brings on its third showrunner in four seasons. Viewers haven’t seemed to care, though, as Yeun tells The A.V. Club, the producers would do well to keep Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon alive. We chatted with him briefly ahead of the (kind of insane) DVD release of season three...

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... AVC: When the show first started, there was obviously a larger ensemble, but as it has progressed, Glenn has become more of an integral character and less of a supporting player. How aware of it have you been?

Steven Yeun: "I think the joy of this show is that it is an ensemble show, and I think what’s great about this particular season is that we’re really going to delve into the world and really delve into people that you might not have seen, and open up things that have already been established. There is taking on more, there is a part of that, but then there’s also taking a step back and letting other characters breathe as well, so I’m excited for people to see this season, especially. I think this is going to be the “taste-making” year."

AVC: Your most memorable scene in season three is your fight with the walker after you were strapped to the chair. Didn’t you accidentally hurt the guy who was playing the zombie?

Steven Yeun: "Yeah, I feel bad. It was Russell [Towery], our stunt coordinator, and I smacked him in the head a couple of times really bad. He just got beat up. [Michael] Rooker, when he was holding him with that little choke, that choke pole, it’s like a pincher arm, so he would accidentally pinch Russell’s throat skin, so I can only imagine that hurts really bad. That’s why I’m in the chair and he’s doing the stunts..."

The Walking Dead season four premieres Sunday, October 13 at 9/8C on AMC TV.


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