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Longmire - Collider: Katee Sackhoff Interview

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COLLIDER: Katee Sackhoff Talks LONGMIRE Season 2 Finale, Hopes for Season 3, and Nervousness About Playing the Female Lead in RIDDICK

by Christina Radish
August 26, 2013

The Season 2 finale of the A&E drama series Longmire premieres on August 26th and things are sure to be explosive. Detective Fales (Charles Dutton) returns with warrants, forcing Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) to face what happened in Denver, while Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) will have to deal with what she’s been running from.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Katee Sackhoff talked about how excited she was to really sink her teeth into Vic’s journey this season, why she thinks Vic and Walt are able to trust each other, what’s it’s been like to work with co-star Robert Taylor, that the finale will wrap up some storylines while raising new questions, that she hopes to hear about whether Season 3 might happen early enough that they can avoid shooting in New Mexico during the hottest time of the year, and that she loves the serialized aspect of the show and is hoping for more of that, in the future. She also talked about why she’s nervous about the reaction to her work in Riddick, and how great it was to get to be a part of the “Women Who Kick Ass” panel at this year’s Comic-Con...

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... Collider: This is a really unusual crime show, in the sense that it’s found a balance between serialized and procedural, and work life and personal life for the characters. Is that the best of both worlds, for you, and is that something you’d really fight for the show to keep?

Katee Sackhoff: "I actually love the serialization of the show. I hope that it goes more that direction. I think that it holds an audience and it keeps them coming back for the next week because they’re dying to know what happens to these characters. So, I love that. The procedural stuff, for me, is the most difficult because the dialogue becomes a bit more difficult to memorize."

Collider: Is it fun to also get to do something that’s part cop show and part modern-day Western, with horses hanging around?

Katee Sackhoff: "It’s weird because I’ve never ridden a horse. There was a scene, in Episode 7 [Sound and Fury], where they wanted me to do some of the stuff that Henry was doing with the horses, and they asked me how comfortable I was with horses. I’m willing to do a lot of my own stunts. I do most of my own stunts. But, when something has a mind of its own and I don’t understand the horse, at all, it’s not something I’m comfortable with, and they didn’t have the time to teach me how to do everything and get comfortable with it. So, they gave it all to Lou Diamond Phillips, which was totally fine with me..."


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